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  1. It was a toss-up between Lumme and Salo for me, the both played nearly a decade for the Canucks. Lumme was great offensively, but Salo was fantastic defensively. I got to watch Salo a lot more and always thought he was so underrated. Nominating Cliff Ronning
  2. We almost acquired PK Subban twice, once in 2016 and at this recent trade deadline. Kesler to Pittsburgh for Sutter, Pouliot, and likely a first round pick but Pitts backed out. Nearly identical package as the one we got from Anaheim (we traded Bonino for Sutter, Sbisa and Pouliot ended up being waiver level dmen, and McCann was selected two spots after Kapanen). Given we went out and got Sutter and Pouliot later means Benning was probably pushing this deal. I heard one rumour that Burke really wanted Rick Nash. The offer was Mattias Ohlund and a pick (not sure if it was a 2nd that year or a first the following year) but it was for the 2nd overall pick to Atlanta. Bouwmeester was the #1 ranked player and it is never a bad idea to build a team around a well rounded stud dman. Nearly acquired Vincent Damphousse at the 2003 trade deadline.
  3. From guys who played in the 2000s onward: Roman Cechmanek - put up some insane numbers. .921, .921. 925 save percentage before a weak season on a bad kings team and disappearing. Best shutout per game ratio in the modern era. Tied 6th all time in career save pct and the best Flyers goalie since Ron Hextall. Martin Straka - finished fourth in scoring one year for 95 points. Over 700 NHL points in his career. Close to a point per game player two years straight then had an off 41 point 65 game campaign Glen Murray - 5th in the league in goals one year, 44 during the dead puck era to go along with a couple of 30+ goal seasons Marc Savard - from 2003-2009 he was likely top 5 in points per game. 97, 96, and 88 point seasons when healthy. Ray Whitney - over 1000 NHL points. I don't remember him putting up 77 points in 82 games on the Coyotes. Lubomir Visnovsky - lead the Kings in scoring one year with 67 points then followed it up with 18 goals 58 points in 69 games. Was a + player on a bad Kings team. Steve Sullivan - was a really good offensive player - had some great seasons but never seemed to earn the respect of other guys putting up similar numbers
  4. Assuming Edler, Tanev, Stecher, Benn are gone in a couple of years, I think we look solid on the left side with Hughes, Rathbone, and one of Juolevi or Tryamkin filling the final spot. Rafferty will be ready next year, Rathbone needs 1 more year then likely straight to the NHL. I think we need to acquire another vet on the right side: Hughes Rafferty Rathbone Myers Juolevi/Tryamkin Woo
  5. What kind of salary would we expect? He signed 3 x 4.8 as an RFA coming off of 34 points. 6x6? At least he would probably we worth it, unlike Loui
  6. The reason why Baertschi isn't playing is because he doesn't replicate the game of said grinders, but he is still a better player. Definitely better than Graovac Schaller Eriksson MacEwen Beagle Motte Arguably better than (again I identify the fact he plays a different game) Roussel Sutter Leivo Could potentially generate more offence in a top six role than Ferland Gaudette Virtanen
  7. Unless we get a comparable prospect (Lias Andersson, Jesse Pulijujarvi, Michael McLeod, Cal Foote) there is no point in trading Juolevi. What do we get for him? A 3rd or 4th round pick? He still has a lot of potential and has looked good at times since we drafted him. The issue is his injuries - knee and hip. Hopefully the season stoppage and the offseason give him a chance to rehab and recover. Given his fragility I wouldn't mind to seeing him called up and just hanging around as a 7th dman when there is an injury and playing the occasional game. Right now the biggest hurdle is staying healthy vs traditional player development.
  8. Looking at the Backes trade - retaining 25%, including a late 1st round pick, and getting a good value player in Kase back got me thinking to another possible scenario. I heard that Miles Wood in New Jersey is a guy that might be on the trade block as he isn't quite living up to his contract. He is a speeder who plays with an edge and would fit well in our system. Our 2nd round pick would likely be a mid-round (12-18 spots later than Boston's first), so I was wondering if a trade like this would work: To New Jersey Eriksson (25% retained - after bonus paid) 2nd round pick To Vancouver Miles Wood Rationale for New Jersey - They are in a rebuild mode and unlikely to compete in the next two years - They have a tonne of cap space - Miles Wood is owed $6 million in actual cash, they would only have to paid Loui $3.75 for the remainder of his contract So in short New Jersey plugs a different bottom 6 player into their non playoff lineup and gives up 1.75 million in cap space for two years in exchange for a mid-2nd round pick and a cash savings of 2.25 million. Vancouver gets a younger, faster, more physical player in need of a change of scenery and some valuable cap space.
  9. Our 7th round picks are far out performing the 5 players we picked in rounds 4-6. Goes to show the value of getting more picks in the later rounds. From the first round -> second round there is a massive drop, and another significant drop again from the second round -> third round but after that it is basically a crap shoot. If you add McDonough to the list of 10 NCAA players drafted in the top two rounds he ranks 6/11, which is impressive given a lot of those ahead of him were the top prospects in the draft (Turcotte, Caufield, Zegras, Newhook). The other player Pinto (32nd overall) has just one more point in two additional games played.
  10. I don't mind giving him a shot, but he probably is at best a Baertschi level player who we have sitting in the minors (a move I am very much against). In the case of Baertschi he is an average NHL player and better than arguably 8-10 forwards who have played more than him this year. The issue with Baertschi is his health and he doesn't provide a grit factor (even though I find he gets physically involved for a smaller player). Baertschi has a lot of creativity in the offensive zone and Goldobin is a fantastic passer but neither skill set is enough to keep them on the team. I always felt with Baertschi that if he could develop a stronger wrist shot and improved his acceleration he could have been a Naslund level talent. Neither Goldobin or Baertschi are particularly fast. The way the team is built each forward must have at least one: 1. above average speed 2. above average physicality 3. be a defensive specialist. Now this is where Brome gets interesting. Reading scouting reports and watching clips he is a speedster who plays a 200ft game. I don't see him being a huge offensive talent in the NHL but if he plays like say Carl Hagelin, is there room for a player like that on our roster?
  11. Does anybody remember when we traded Juraj Simek for the legend that was Shane O'Brien?
  12. One idea I had is to flip Eriksson for a cap dump centre and then drop Sutter off to a team like Ottawa or LA who could probably get a decent return for him at the deadline. The list : Kyle Turris - 6 Million with four years remaining (28 million in salary) Victor Rask - 4 million with two years remaining (8 million in salary) Alex Wennberg - 4.9 million with three years remaining (16 million in salary) After his bonus is paid Eriksson is owed only 5 million cash. When you account for the term length and total salary to be paid remaining on the contract it might be worthwhile for Nashville or CBJ to bounce from those contracts to save money and open up cap space sooner. Both teams are in good shape from a cap perspective.
  13. What a great find by our scouting staff. I remember all the griping about wasting a contract spot on him because he looked destined to be in the AHL now he is a very intriguing prospect. He obviously has size and toughness but the skill level is there as well. Plus he can lineup at wing & centre. At worst I see him as a 13th forward who slots in where needed but I think he has second line potential in the mould of a Kassian or Ferland.
  14. This is a great proposal. Dumba would be an awesome fit in Vancouver. He is having a bit of a down year but scored 50 points two years ago and was around that pace last season. He is under a good contract, still young at 25, shoots right and plays with a bit. Given the fact he is having a down year a trade across for Boeser might be plausible. Given Brock is from Minnesota he could be a local hero to build their new team around. I like where you are coming from on the goalie swap but from a cap perspective it might be difficult. Now the question is - what happens to Tanev? It is a toss-up between signing in Vancouver or Toronto. If we lose him in the offseason our defense is messed up. If we have Dumba we could let him walk. If we kept both that would be great. Looking at this season it makes sense to include Stecher in the deal as we would be upgrading that position, but it might not hurt to have him as depth either. I get where you are coming from with the goalie but it might be hard to pull off from a cap perspective. Here is what I could see: To Minnesota Boeser Stecher Baertschi To Vancouver Dumba Galchenyuk Galchenyuk gives us another RW option in our top 6 for this season. Miller Pettersson Virtanen Pearson Horvat Galchenyuk Roussel Gaudette Ferland Sutter Beagle Eriksson Hughes Tanev Edler Dumba Tryamkin Myers Benn or Fantenberg