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  1. Think 2X Loui Eriksson. Double the risk and double the reward. Tavares signed for 11 million and apparently took a paycut from what he was offered by the Sharks because he wanted to come to Toronto. A norris calibre RHD like Karlsson is even rarer than an elite first line center. Tavares was 9th in points amongst centres when he signed. Karlsson tied 7th for RHD and played only 53 games. Karlsson also plays about 5 minutes more per game. So by 2X Loui Eriksson think 12 x 12 for Karlsson (or max contract for 9 years) to bring him to Vancouver. If he performs, it doesn't even guarantee we make the playoffs (look at Ottawa). If he ends up sucking after a few years this is the type of contract that could destroy our franchise. When it comes to free agent signings, I believe there are four approaches, and this is really how Gillis approached free agency: 1. Find missing pieces but don't build your core around a big free agent signing. Don't overpay and don't let those free agents get too old. 2. Moneyball. Find guys who were under-utilized, sign them cheap, give them a bigger role, and see if they flourish. 3. Sign older vets to big money, short term contracts (1-2 years tops). If you can trade them at the deadline that is ideal. 4. Don't spend on role players (3rd and primarily 4th liners, bottom pairing dmen). Sign guys for cheap to create competition with call-ups. Right now the Canucks really don't have any missing pieces. It is just the pieces they have aren't very good, and free agency isn't the best way to upgrade. The centre position is more than locked up. They have three LW making at least 3 million (Baer, Pearson, Roussel) who fill in the 1-2-3 spot. On RW unless there is zero hope in Virtanen, Leivo, or Goldobin playing a 2nd line role then this could be a spot to fill. That said you also have 6 million dollar man Loui Eriksson floating around somewhere. Left side D we are good to go with Edler/Hutton/Hughes securing spots plus call-up guys in Juolevi/Saunter/Brisebois. Right side is a bit dicier: RHD Tanev Stecher Biega/Schenn (re-sign) Biega and Schenn both had awesome seasons and deserve to be back. Stecher is awesome. The problem here is actually Tanev and the fact he is injured all the time. The reason being is Stecher is an awesome 2nd pairing, Biega and Schenn can hold the fort on the bottom pairing but those guys really shouldn't be moving up the lineup. Now for RHD I don't really like the class this year. The next free agent class for RHD is MUCH deeper, better to wait until then. There are also guys who we could realistically get. So, with all that said here are my free agent targets: Defenseman - only one guy I see being a top 4, others would be depth given Tanev's injury and add more of an offensive flair (given Schenn/Biega are more defensive & physical). They are a bit older but still in their 20s, have shown great ability in the AHL but have had limited opportunity in the NHL. 1. Anton Stralman - 1 year 6.5 million (trade both him and Tanev at the deadline if we are out). Would likely be on our top pairing. 2. Tim Heed - 1 year 2 million. Offensive dman who has scored at close to a 30 point per 82 game pace in the NHL. Still youngish at 28, hasn't really settled in to the NHL but has solid numbers in the SHL and AHL. 3. Jesse Virtanen - 1 year 1.5 million. Who? For starters it would be hilarious having two J Virtanens on the team. Second, he is a 27 year old SHL defenceman who was fourth in the AHL in scoring, lead all defenseman and lead his team in points. He has been a consistent producer in the SHL and SM-liiga. Might be worth seeing if any of that translates to the NHL. If not, send him back to Sweden and terminate his contract if he doesn't report to Utica. 4. Chris Wideman - 1 year, 1 million (15 points last 41 games, 76 points over his last 94 AHL games) 5. Jan Rutta - 1 year 2 million Forwards - we should bring back Leivo. Try to move Granlund and Goldobin's rights for minor league depth. 1. Brett Connolly - Still just 26. Wouldn't mind taking a chance on him for the same deal we gave Roussel. 2. Smith-Pelly - Can be a piece of crap to play against and might be hungry after getting sent down to the AHL. Still young, showed flashes of offensive potential, and has cup experience. at 1 year / 1 million he might be worth taking a look at. 3. Jamie McGinn - 1 year 2 million - Injuries this year but a decent reclamation project. Physical 15 type of player who could maybe be flipped for a 4th round pick at the deadline. 4. Patrick Maroon - See Jamie McGinn 5. Thomas Vanek - 1 year / 2 million. Every year I want to sign Vanek. The one year we did he was a great signing for us! Had chemistry with Boeser and seemed to be a solid veteran presence. Even as a forward who is in and out of the lineup he could provide some offense up front when we hit injuries. 6. Jannik Hansen - 1 year, 700K - He was awesome in Vancouver. Wouldn't mind giving him one last shot. 7. Mark McNeil - 1 year / two way contract - Still on the younger side at 26. Only 2 NHL games but a former first round pick with size, plays all forward positions, and is a Langley boy to boot. Wouldn't hurt having him down in Utica. So in short, the only two free agents we should go hard for are Stralman (short term) and Connolly (longer term). Outside of those guys I really like Tim Heed. Not too excited about the forwards although Smith-Pelly could be an interesting cheap pick-up
  2. I wouldn't mind seeing us go after some older players on one-year, high pay contracts that would give us the option to flip at the deadline if we are out of the playoffs. We have the cap space short term and should avoid long term contracts. Bouwmeester, Hainsey, Methot for 1 year, roughly 4-5 million bones is what we should be looking to do.
  3. Hughes isn't projected to be an amazing 1st overall pick (more comparable to Hischier than Matthews). I wouldn't do that deal because we can still get a good player at 10, plus we would lose our recent 5th overall pick, our starting goalie, and take on an atrocious contract.
  4. It would probably be 10th overall, Juolevi/Hutton, Markstrom, for 1st and Schneider. Maybe more. Taking on Schneider’s contract is a big piece. I wouldn’t do the trade. I’d rather we take Boldy/Soderstrom.
  5. 10th + Demko/Markstrom + Juolev/Huttoni for 1st + Schneider?
  6. I agree with you here. Boldy projects well, could be a great fit with Petey and Boeser in a couple of years.
  7. At the end of the day this looks like a win-win trade with a team in a different conference. Tanner Pearson scored 9 goals in 61 games at the time of the trade and already has 7 in 17. If Pearson can put up 25-20 in a second line role he for sure salvages this mess. On top of that, we got Luke Schenn who is a lower minute version of what we expected Gudbranson to be. He so far is an upgrade offensively, defensively, and physically at 1/5 the salary. Not only that but we gained a small asset when acquiring him.
  8. Who are some players you are thinking of? I was thinking Julius Honka. He is a pretty good player, still young, who struggles to get into the Stars lineup. What about Hutton + 3rd for Honka + 2nd + 5th?
  9. I’d like him to have a spot but probably best to start in the AHL. I think Ashton Saunter Has shown he can be a #8 guy and we can drop Pouliot. I wouldn’t mind moving Hutton for the right return and bringing in a cheaper option to create some competition. Ideally we would find a way to bring Tram back.
  10. Erik is playing for Pittsburgh how he was expected to play in Vancouver when we acquired him. He had three years to prove his worth and was playing at a replacement level for 4 million per year. Pearson isn't worth the money he is paid but is better than a handful of other forwards we have on our team.
  11. I really like Baertschi, he is criminally underrated. That said, his injury problems are worrisome and he should not slot into the 1st LW role. Anders Lee would be an amazing fit but I don't see him leaving the Islanders. Outside of him there are a number of awesome UFA left wingers who are on the younger side: 1. Panarin 27 2. Ferland 27 3. Dzingel 27 4. Skinner 27 Ferland would bring sandpaper and some protection alongside EP and Boeser but I worry about his longevity and actual talent level. That said, I think we need to go all-in and try to get Panarin. Can you imagine him with EP and Boeser Plus he is the type of player who can still be a good top 6 for another decade based on the way he plays.
  12. Well if you think that having 7.4 million dollars locked up on two 30+ year old forwards with a combined 15 points and -20 is good roster management we can agree to disagree.
  13. Those players I puke-faced add up to a severe issue. Beagle is too old and his contract is too big. Sutter we gave up too much, signed him for too much, and is always injured. Both have negative trade value. No matter how you shake it, they were poor acquisitions. The team has clearly been in rebuild mode. Instead of giving up picks and dolling out massive contracts to bottom six guys the focus should have been on adding veterans on cheap, short term contracts OR taking advantage of our cap space by acquiring over-priced players from other teams to gain futures. Now imagine, one of the biggest needs of this team is a top line LW. We walk into free agency barely above the cap floor and have a good selection of prime-aged legit first line wingers on the market. Now would be the time to start building around our young guys. The planning that went behind assembling this current roster is atrocious. We drafted Gaudette with the 5th round pick Gillis received for Diaz. Benning has thrown away so many picks. 5th round pick with Kassian for Prust, 5th round pick for Larsen, 3rd round pick for Pedan etc. Over time those do add-up.
  14. To be honest do we even need to sign anyone? This doesn't even include guys in Utica: LW Baertschi (1st line) Roussel (2nd line) Leivo RFA (3rd line) Eriksson (4th line) Schaller Granlund RFA RW Boeser (1st line) Goldobin RFA (2nd line) Pearson (3rd line) Virtanen (4th line) Motte RFA C Pettersson (1st line) Horvat (2nd line) Gaudette (3rd line) Beagle (4th line) Sutter Spooner UTICA Boucher Gaunce MacKewen LD Edler Hutton Hughes Pouliot RFA Juolevi RD Tanev Stecher Biega Schenn UFA (wouldn't mind bringing him back) UTICA Sautner McEneny Brisebois That is 10 million dollars worth of guys who might not even make the opening night roster when healthy! We need a 1st line left wing and a top pairing RD yet have so much money tied up in crap.
  15. The problem is we spent so much money on guys who are barely above replacement level we don't have the space to add an impact free agent. Eriksson, Pearson (Gudbranson), Spooner (Gagner), Schaller, Beagle are costing us 23 million dollars and have combined for 21 goals. That is 23 million dollars on guys who, on average, are playing at replacement level. That is way too much focus on non impact players who have anchored our re-build. Now this was my opinion at the time of the deal in terms of what would have been more logical given the state of the team: Sutter = My choice : Kept Bonino (earning 1.75 and arguably a better player) and flipped him for a pick at the trade deadline the following year - likely a 2nd or 3rd rounder. Also would have kept a higher pick (2nd rounder vs 3rd rounder) and a B prospect in Clendening. While Clendening didn't amount to much, keeping him in the system longer may have meant not wasting another 5th round pick on Larsen later on. So instead of gaining futures we have a bad contract who has not helped us at all. Gudbranson = My choice: no trade, sign Luke Schenn for 1.1 million . At the time I didn't even think it was necessary to get another big tough dman with Tryamkin on the roster, Sbisa, and Pedan in the minors. That said, if they really wanted a bottom 6 right handed shot instead of giving up a great prospect in McCann and a 2nd (which could have been DeBrincat) we traded them and then proceeded to overpay for Gudbranson. Gagner = My choice: Give Reid Boucher an opportunity $725K. Wasn't Gagner on waivers two years before we signed him? Looked like a good fit in CBJ especially for 650K but yikes, 3 years at 3.1 million per year made zero sense. Why not give Reid Boucher a shot with Burmistrov as backup/insurance? I liked Boucher over his 27 game stint the prior year and still had upside. Schaller = My choice: Brendan Gaunce $750k. This was a WTF signing. A older version of Gaunce at 3x the cost. Would have rather just left Gaunce where he was (a cheap, reliable filler) vs spending almost 2 million on a 4th liner. Beagle = My choice: Mark Letestu $1M. 33 year-old 4th liner for 3 million per year over 4 years with a modified NTC?? Ouch. Compare him to Riley Nash who is four years younger, 1 less year term, and $275k lower cap hit or Derek Ryan who is 1 year younger, 1 year less term and again higher production. So we got bad relative value. That said, if we wanted a hard-working veteran player we could have gotten Mark Letestu on the cheap who was 53.3% on the dot. He ended up signing for $750K. Eriksson = My choice: Thomas Vanek 2 years @ 3.5 million per. Vanek in my eyes was one of those guys who was under performing given who he was and his salary but became a bit underrated as 40+ points is still good production. With the Sedins wrapping up their careers I thought Vanek might be a good fit for the remainder of their contracts or be able to provide scoring on the 2nd line + a veteran presence. Detroit got a much better deal for him, and we did end up doing this eventually (one of Benning's better moves) but he should have been the option over Eriksson given the price & term. At the end of the day, we gave up picks and missed the opportunity to acquire more by throwing so much money and term at players that are barely above replacement level instead of just filling those roster spots with replacement level players (with more upside) at a fraction of the cost. The only free agents worth going after would be Panarin, Skinner, Lee, Dzingel. All players are 28 or younger, proven 1st liners, and would fill a MASSIVE gap in our lineup. Can you imagine any one of those guys alongside EP & Boeser? Which would you rather have? Pearson (3.75M) Schaller (1.9 M) Spooner (4M) = 9.65 M OR Panarin/Skinner/Lee/Dzingel (8M) Gaunce ($750K) Boucher ($750K) = 9.5 M Unfortunately now we can't afford any of them!