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  1. Mock draft results 2008: Kyle Beach (0 NHL POINTS) vs Hodgson (142 NHL POINTS) 2009: Tim Erixon (14 NHL Points) vs Schroeder (42 NHL POINTS) 2011: Vladislav Namestnikov (169 NHL POINTS) vs Jensen (6 NHL POINTS) 2012: Scott Laughton (82 NHL POINTS) vs Brendan Gaunce (15 NHL POINTS) 2013: Elias Lindholm (283 NHL POINTS) / Frederik Gauthier (23 NHL POINTS) vs Bo Horvat (236 NHL POINTS) / Hunter Shinkaruk (4 NHL POINTS) 571 points vs 445 points However, mock drafts are a bit irrelevant given many of the players were picked earlier etc. Looking at the picks from all of those years, the total points from the next player selected is 377. The list is Kyle Beach, Tim Erixon, Rickard Rackell, Henrik Samuelsson, Valeri Nichushkin, Michael McCarron. Benning's picks vs next player taken: 2014: Virtanen (67 NHL POINTS) / McCann (99 NHL POINTS) vs Fluery (13 NHL POINTS) / Pastrnak (315 NHL POINTS) 2015: Boeser (135 NHL POINTS) vs Konecny (143 NHL POINTS) 2016: Juolevi (0 NHL POINTS) vs Tkachuk (193 NHL POINTS) 2017: Pettersson (89 NHL POINTS) vs Glass (7 NHL POINTS) 2018: Hughes (15 NHL POINTS) vs Boqvist (1 NHL POINT) 405 points vs 672 points. Goes to show how important draft year and draft position are!
  2. Tanev is a really quality person. He loves Vancouver but is very much a Toronto boy as well. I wouldn't be shocked if he ended up signing with the Leafs but I don't really see it happening. The reason is that if he signed with the Leafs people would recognize him. He is basically a regular dude in Toronto making 4.5 million dollars per year.
  3. Another rich person finding a loophole to avoid paying taxes it looks like.
  4. Sanders out there pointing his finger "FREE...EDUCATION...forall" I'd bet money on a Trump second term
  5. Ryan 2 million per year retained for Eriksson. Canucks save half a million in cap space, Ottawa saves 5 million in cash. Both players get a change of scenery - a risk that is worth it for both teams as they can't really get much worse.
  6. A fair bit of recognizable names on that list with Vancouver ties: Adam Cracknell - ex Canuck Brandon Yip - From BC Gilbert Brule - Ex Giant Victor Bartley - Grew up in BC, brother of ex Giant Mitch Bartley Brandon DeFazio - Ex Canuck Griffin Reinhert - from Vancouver Garet Hunt - Ex Giant You also have ex NHL players Andrej Suster and Wojtek Wolski along with the sons of Chris Chelios and Peter Bondra.
  7. My step sister was in her early 30s and pregnant with her first child. They found cancer in her bone marrow. Stage 4 - refused treatment and left to die in the Canadian medical system. paid out of pocket for medical care in the US. 12 years later she is happy, healthy, alive and cancer free.
  8. The irony is that in the US Seattle is at the butt end of "bad weather" jokes. Seattle is on average 1.6 degrees warmer, gets 20% less rain and has 209 hours more per year of sunlight. The only two cities I can really live in are Toronto or Vancouver (in terms of finding work/not hating my life in winter) which may explain why both places are so insanely over price. Less options.
  9. I guess in my case since I've never had a serious medical injury and don't know anyone personally who has gotten shot. Employer pays medical insurance. But outside of that, the $321 per month average on medical insurance is a drop in the bucket compared to the $300,000 downpayment and $5,700 per month mortgage on the average east van home at a much lower salary for the same work
  10. It's weird that as a country Canada is perceived as a better play to live than the US but when you look at actually living - cities, wages, weather, cost of living every Canadian city is pretty awful. I've got to do extensive travel throughout the US and the cities are so much more liveable and many are quite charming in terms of architecture/layout. My American colleagues also seem significantly happier - the Canadians are all miserable because our wages our lower, cost of living is higher, and the weather sucks everywhere. Any advice on getting a green card?
  11. To be fair he finished with more wins than losses in 7/8 of the seasons he coached there going 301 wins 252 losses and 19-17 in the playoffs including a cup finals appearance. Not great but since he left the Oilers have only 1/10 seasons with more wins than losses and one playoff appearance where they lost in the second round.
  12. Here are a few scenarios I see playing out: 1 year 6-7 million - Markstrom gets a nice payout to stick around for one more year. Doesn't have to get picked up by an expansion team and has the option to re-sign. Also gives the team one more year to evaluate Demko and whether he is ready to make the jump to starter. 3 years 5-6 million - In this scenario Markstrom is guaranteed a good solid contract but he gets exposed in the expansion draft. If Demko does emerge as a starter than we might be stuck with two expensive goalies on the books when Demko re-signs as an RFA. In that scenario, if he isn't picked up in the expansion draft then we can likely trade him for a decent return. 5 years 4-5 million - This contract would basically run until the end of his career. I think it makes him a little less attractive to get picked up by Seattle but the chances are still there. If he is closer to 4 million the price is a bit steep for a backup for the final couple of years but up front it saves us some cap space. I can imagine it being structured 6 - 6 - 4 - 4 - 2 at 4.4 cap hit assuming his first two years he is a starter, next two he is a 1B and the final year he is a backup as Thatcher will be 28 by then and in his prime.
  13. How has he played this far? Utica has outscored opponents 24-10. Rafferty has 3 points +8, Teves is +9. Seeing Juolevi at 1 point -3 is a bit concerning. He is the only dman who is a minus as well. +/- is often a useless stat but I would have hoped he would be a part of their early success
  14. Messier finished #2, #2, and #3 on the team in scoring vs Eriksson at #7, #10, #6. Messier came with a lot more baggage and higher expectations but Loui Eriksson is horribly bad. That said even with higher expectations, Eriksson scored 38% of the points he scored the year before signing in Vancouver vs Messier at 71%. Also Messier being 36 it is not so surprising at that age he would slow down considerably whereas Eriksson at 30 should have had a few good years of hockey left in him. Messier was the worst player to happen to the franchise but for what he is paid Eriksson takes the win for most disappointing production.