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  1. The Miller deal is very hard to evaluate. If we squeeze into the playoffs it is probably worth it. Lets take the #17 pick for example. In the past 20 years there is only 1 player taken I would want over Miller (Chabot). Maybe Teravainen as well. If we end up winning the division and Miller scores 60 points we are laughing. That said, this trade has the potential to be a disaster. If the team takes a step back for whatever reason, or becomes a lottery pick etc it could go down as one of the worst trades in Canucks history. So while I would say this trade is medium reward, it is high risk due to the uncertainty around the team and giving up a 1st round pick.
  2. The Ferland signing was really good. In the two seasons averaging out before free agency, Lucic's point per game production was only slightly higher at .61 points per game vs .55 points per game for Ferland. The big difference is age and mileage. Ferland is not only two years younger at time of signing the contract, but he has 321 games under his belt vs 647 for Lucic. So with all that said, 5x5 for Ferland would have been a very good contract in comparison to Lucic's 7x6 given their age, production, and mileage (making the assumption at the time - not knowing how fast and far Lucic would decline). Getting Ferland for 4 x 3.5 is an absolute steal. In terms of ranking Benning's offseason moves: Benn - A: very underrated player, got him at a cheap price on a short term Ferland - A-: some risk but getting a physical player at his age and production at that price is excellent Miller - B-: I like the player and the contract but we paid a hefty 1st round pick to acquire him. I don't know if the team is quite ready to make a move like that given where we are so I am more or less neutral although he gives the team so many different options (first line RW with EP, 2nd line with BO, third line centre etc, physical, can score, etc) Myers - C: On the fence between a C- and a C. Myers isn't a bad fit, and he is a nice upgrade on Gudbranson. That said he has a lot of flaws in his game and is more of a 4/5 dman who is being paid like a 2/3. The contract could have been worse (many people predicting greater term and $) and the fact we can expose him to the expansion draft tipped the scales from a C- to a C. At best he won't look too bad the first couple of years but I do worry when he gets up there in age that we have a 6 million dollar liability on the roster.
  3. Right now I don't see Green as being a good coach or a bad coach. His first year we improved by 4 points, and then by 8 points. In terms of his style the team plays dump and chase. Not very exciting but maybe it is him adapting to his roster. In terms of young players, we have had Horvat develop into a 1st line centre, Boeser come into the league with a lot of success, EP winning a calder, and some modest improvement from JV. Since Green took over I felt this team went from being a painful joke to a clumsy puppy. At times we have it together but lack consistency and go through bad stretch. But at the very least I felt this past year we weren't a pushover and started to feel things were turning around. Now what is interesting is with Quinn Hughes we probably have a top 10 puck carrier in the league. Also, Benn and Myers were both second best on their teams last year in carrying the puck out of the zone. Our two worst, Pouliot and Gudbranson, are now gone. So replace those guys with Benn & Myers then add an elite carrier in Hughes and this team could look a lot different next year. Up front we have so many options as well. If Green can't get this team to the playoffs over the next two seasons I would say he has failed and should be canned. Expectations are wild card, anything better and I would give him a very high grade.
  4. As much as we want to point the blame at Dahlen don't forget he is still very young. The difference between a good coach and a great coach is their ability to cater to a player's needs to get the most out of them. What works for one player won't necessarily be the right way to handle another one. Dahlen clearly has talent and would have to have a good attitude and work ethic to get to where he is today. A great coach would have been able to foster, not hinder, his talent. It is hard to ignore we had a nice group of young talented prospects start in Utica - Dahlen, Lind, Gadjovich, and Palmu. All had a disaster of a season. Only young player who put up a good season was Big Mac and he is older that the other players I mentioned, un-drafted, and plays a different style of game. He perhaps doesn't have the talent of the other guys but perhaps what he brings to the table meshes well with the coaching staff.
  5. This is a good thing to remember. They did have a good opportunity to go far, more than they may have had at any point in their franchise to date. It is better to go for it when the opportunity is there than to not only to improve your chances of being above average later on. Because lets say they trade their good players for picks, those picks become good players - perhaps they find themselves again in the same situation. The Raptors and Blues are good examples of solid teams that were not favourites who made very large, risky moves to give themselves the best chance of winning. Even after the trades were made they were not favourites but they gave themselves the best chance possible and won. Neither team is an attractive destination for talent, so their window is much smaller. Columbus also fits in this category. In the case of the Canucks Gillis had committed to a rebuild. We made it to game 7 of the cup finals. Had a good team the next year but bombed in the playoffs. Tried again the next year and same result. At this stage I think we identified that the core was aging and the window was closed. Purchasing the Utica Comets and trading Corey Schneider to draft Bo Horvat was when the rebuild was supposed to start. That said, who knows what would have happened.
  6. I don't think Tanev's trade value is very good right now, it makes more sense to keep him. 1. If we are a playoff team he would be highly valuable to our roster 2. Great option to play with Quinn Hughes 3. If he stays healthy and we are out of it at the deadline his value would be much higher then
  7. I agree with this, and perhaps double shifting Miller at first line LW as Ferland is the type of player you want to keep at around 13 minutes per game. The lineup I like with zone starts) Ferland/Miller EP40 Boeser (80/20) Pearson Horvat Leivo (40/60) Baertschi Miller Virtanen (60/40) Motte Beagle Sutter (20/80)
  8. That is not true. Adding in Tanev and Rask to your original proposal is still nowhere close to my proposal. Greenway has a lot of value and Eriksson has severe negative value.
  9. I don't think we could get Dumba for Boeser straight-up, nevermind including Eriksson on our side plus a good young forward from theirs. A young, 50 point, right side D who plays physical and is under a good contract is very hard to acquire. We would likely be looking at something along the lines of: To Minnesota Boeser Tanev To Vancouver Dumba Rask I am not saying I'd make that trade, just pointing out how expensive Dumba would be. Now in regards to Eriksson - how about Loui at 500K retained for Victor Rask? 1. Canucks save 1.5 million per year in cap space 2. Minnesota saves 4.5 million in cash 3. Both terrible players get a change of scenery
  10. I paid $730K for my 3 bedroom house in Toronto, mortgage payments are around $2,500. Adding in $250 in property tax per month, $150 in random other things, and $300 in a slush fund for maintenance it runs me about $3,200 per month. Out of that $2,500 about $1,400 is going to principal, and a family member pays me $800 for a room in the basement which means I have about $1,000 out the door. A two bedroom apartment in an older building on my street is renting for $2,295 with parking. I put money into the house but expect to get an equivalent back when I go to sell as the projects made a significant difference and I was able to do a lot without going to overboard on expenses. I feel like I paid way too much money and it pisses me off how it went up so fast right before I was ready to buy. That said, the skyrocketing rent prices do provide some comfort and if I were to sell and say breakeven renting isn't a very good alternative. The house sold for $405K in 2011 so a strong 5% year over year increase would have brought it up to around $540K when I bought which is still very high but far more reasonable.
  11. In a sense it is good that Loui has sucked. If he lived up to his expectations and was a 25-30 goal 55-65 point producer for us his first two years the team would have likely been a bit better but still not good enough to make the playoffs. Instead of Pettersson we would probably had Mittelstadt/Rasmussen/Vilardi etc. Instead of Hughes Bouchard or Dobson. While those are still really good prospects they aren't nearly as dynamic or exciting as EP or Hughes. If we can't ditch Loui a bounce back 20/20 season would be nice. I doubt it would happen but if he is going to turn his game around now is the time.
  12. This is an excellent gamble for New Jersey. Gusev could be another Panarin or Dadonov. Dadonov is a 70 point player and Gusev put up notably better numbers at the same age so he could be a high end first liner ... for a 2nd & 3rd round pick and 4.5 million. Totally worth it.
  13. I went to all four playoff games in Toronto and he was really ineffective. Easily knocked off the puck, generated very little offensively. However he was fantastic when running the power play as his passing ability is superb.
  14. Article that came out yesterday in Better Dwelling. Only 73 new homes in Greater Vancouver sold last month. Despite the fact developers released the fewest number of new homes to the market in years only 14% were sold. The sales to new listing ratio of 14% is VERY low - under 40% is considered a buyer's market. I live in Toronto and the market here acted much differently. No matter how bad sales get in Vancouver the prices seem to drop very slowly. In Toronto we had a dip of over 20% in just a couple of months with a very slow recovery in the two years since (still not back to the peak). There doesn't seem to be even close to the level of panic in Vancouver as there was in Toronto even though there is much more reason to be panicking right now.
  15. I was not a fan of the Juolevi pick at the time and still have my doubts about him. That said, other than his injury and other players getting to the NHL quicker there isn't really much reason to complain. 1. His +1 draft year his numbers were flat, yet he went from a team with Marner, Dvorak, Tkachuk to a team lead by Cliff Pu. Also when you look at Sergachev his goal totals dropped from 17 goals to 10 goals in his +1 and he had success as a rookie the following year in the NHL. 2. He went to Finland as that was an opportunity to work under Salo and play against men in an environment that would allow him to physically and mentally mature. While his numbers don't look eye popping they were actually very strong. I pulled up a list of every Finnish defenseman to play in the NHL since the 90s and he is way up the list. Pitkanen's 20 points in 35 games doesn't blow Juolevi's 18 in 38 out of the water and he was near a point per game in his sophomore NHL year. Heiskanen is the other player who was higher (23 in 30) and after his rookie year would not be surprised if he became a 60 point defenseman. 3. In the AHL he had to adjust and still put up 13 in 18 on a team that doesn't score a lot. In fact, if he had just one more point he would have tied for third in defenseman scoring for the year...with 18 games played. When I ran all the numbers for his comparables it put him at a around a 38 point level in the NHL. Not amazing for a 5th overall pick but I think we can live with it. That said, if he is a 30-40 point defenseman who can also kill penalties and play on the top pairing then that is expected production. If he is a 30-40 point defenseman who is a liability then still not a great pick but not a bust either.