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  1. Frankie is a decent bottom-pairing defenseman. He can play 18-19 minutes when injuries hit but he is nothing special. I would have rather had him over Weber last year, but not a huge loss. In Toronto people like him but he doesn't bring any excitement to their fanbase like he did in Vancouver (because he was a Canucks draft pick). Think Ryan Stanton in 2013-2014. For the price, and the fact he still has some upside this is a solid signing for the Leafs.
  2. Prior to the draft I liked Chychrun - Sergachev - Juolevi. Now I don't really know, it isn't like they went 5-6-7. I am not entirely sure why Chychrun dropped so far. He went from potential second overall to around 5/6 after he didn't make the WJ team. I thought this was a bit unfair, as the top six for team Canada were all two years older (they went with a veteran blueline). Sarnia was ousted first round as well, but Chychrun scored 8 points in 7 games. Then he goes 16th? Sergachev won OHL defenseman of the year. Big, physical, and scores tonnes of points. Could be NHL ready next season. Juolevi in my mind is the safest pick of the three. He is highly likely to be a very solid dman, but doesn't have the #1 upside of the other two.
  3. Grenier has done pretty much everything asked of him and has met expectations but hasn't really gotten much opportunity. He led the Rockets in scoring last year, and was 2nd the year prior. Decent offensive output for a giant dude. When I saw him play at Ricoh his physicality stood out, he even did pretty well in a scrap. During his first game he had 4 shots on goal and a couple of great chances but didn't seem to have any luck. I wouldn't mind moving Virtanen down to Utica and giving Grenier 20-30 games to just see what he can do before the risk of losing him. I don't think it would hurt either having Virtanen play top line minutes on the farm. Also, expect at least 1 or 2 forwards injured at any given time.
  4. Tanev is underrated in the league. Not overrated on CDC - we just recognize how good he is. Very much like Vlasic (also underrated, and a very good defender). Nobody here says he is Norris calibre, or even a number one, but a respectable #2 / great #3. "McDavid calls Chris Tanev the unsung hero for Team Canada" Is Chris Tanev the League’s Most Underrated Defenseman?
  5. Between McCann and Virtanen I saw a lot more raw skill and potential from McCann, but he was about two years away physically from being able to properly contribute. Much like Kesler his first year with Vancouver. With more size and experience McCann had first line upside. Virtanen on the other hand is there physically. He will get bigger and stronger, and his shot is pretty good. That said, if post WJC Virtanen shows up I think I will be more optimistic, as he did show much higher potential after coming back from a disappointing tournament. Hard to say if it was just him being more fired-up and having something to prove.
  6. I remember him being complete garbage the first half of the year, and scoring at around a 60 point pace when put on a line with Baer over the second half. His first year he was serviceable on the fourth line, and excellent when put on a line with Hansen. Baer - Horvat - Hansen makes as much sense as Sedin - Sedin - Eriksson. Checking line of Burrows - Sutter - Dorsett. Young energy line of Rodin - Granlund - Etem. Maybe swap Dorsett & Etem. Grenier gets the 13th spot. Gaunce/Virtanen earn first callup.
  7. Kassian was highly productive 5 on 5 (88th percentile league wide), big, tough, physical, young AND on a cheap contract. We essentially paid a 5th round pick to get rid of him. Kassian was a classic meathead. I think Kane is at another level, and is just a bad dude who has serious issues. At least Kassian seems to want to overcome his demons, can't say the same for Kane. That said, if it were me I'd offer up Sbisa and Grenier. A productive Kane could be the difference between 10th in the West and a playoff spot.
  8. I lost respect for Button with this rating initially, but Jake's performance since the draft is indicating Button may have been somewhat on to something. He had an awful +1 draft year. Last season he had decent stretches and is physically ready for the NHL but also had a weak world juniors tournament. Not deserving of 47th, but not deserving of 6th either.
  9. Sedin Sedin Eriksson Baertschi Horvat Hansen This top six makes so much sense. Horvat has proven chemistry with both Baertschi and Hansen (he was garbage on other lines). Eriksson with the twins. Maybe swap Eriksson and Hansen if for whatever reason they don't work out. Sutter will eat a lot of PK minutes. 5 on 5, it would be a bit of a mix of players. Rodin, Granlund, Burrows, maybe even Dorsett would be good potential wingers.
  10. Carolina would be a good fit. Only six dmen signed, with one as an RFA. Only two of them are over a one million dollar cap hit.
  11. 22 years younger in total! Average of 2.75 for our top 8. Also a whopping 20 inches taller. The average height of our defense grew by 2 and a half inches ... insane!
  12. Hamhuis -> Gudbranson Bartkowski -> Tryamkin Weber -> Larsen Biega -> Pedan Biega first callup (clears waivers).
  13. We better not lose Pedan, I think he has has the highest ceiling out of all the defenseman. Amazing how fast opinion changes. After winning the hardest shot and fastest skater at the skills comp everybody loved him but then there was Tryamkin's first game and Pedan made a really glaring mistake and now nobody seems to care less about him. Just like how he has an insanely dominant fight card, but loses one fight against Bickell and now his ability to fight gets questioned. Pedan does make glaring mistakes, even at the AHL level. However, he is such an exciting combination of speed, size, and toughness with a very hard shot. He hits like a truck too.
  14. Virtanen isn't NHL ready for the role & type of player we want him to become. He is good enough to play on the fourth line but still needs more development before moving up into a top six role. He had a few good moments but when you also look at his 1 assist in 12 AHL games I would not say he is too good for the AHL and time there would be beneficial. I hope he is top line in Utica, and the second in line for call-up behind Gaunce. Probably gets in 20-30 NHL games.
  15. Good point, I do live and work downtown. That is actually very interesting, I wasn't even aware of any dislike to Vancouver, only positive things. Perhaps it is the opposite in Vancouver. I found people living downtown to be self-righteous jerks but people out in the suburbs to be a lot nicer and less judgemental on everything.