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  1. 7 points +7 last 12 games. Really hope he keeps this up. This is how I anticipated he would play at this stage of his contract. If he can turn it around in these important years IE playoff years we can hopefully avert disaster.
  2. This year both players average .48ppg in the AHL and are .11ppg career in the NHL Both drafted in 2013 (McCarron 25th, Dauphin 39th). Both born in March 1995. I don't think I have ever seen such an even trade in my life haha.
  3. Since we are likely stuck with Loui for probably another 2.5 seasons we should be happy that he might be turning it around. Last year when Pettersson scored 10 goals in 10 games he had Eriksson on his line. Also one game where Eriksson was with Horvat and Pearson he had 4 assists. While he obviously isn't an offensive driver perhaps his defensive ability opens up his linemates a little more.
  4. Looking back Baer usually got a "B" on his player report card, was on pace for a career season last from from a points per game perspective, nobody complained about his contract when signed, and is tearing it up in the AHL. He is only 27 and has just one year left on his contract after this. As much as I am surprised he got cut from our roster I am equally as surprised nobody wanted to take a chance on him. If the offer for Baertschi was say Dale Weise I still would have taken it to clear cap for next season. That said I am hoping he makes a comeback and plays well.
  5. Kasperi Kapanen scored 20 goals 44 points in 78 games. Same draft as Virtanen, similar type of role (middle six speedster). 3 years, $9.6M ($3.2M per) Andreas Johnsson 20 goals 43 points in 73 games. Signed 4 years, $13.6M ($3.4M per year) Kevin Fiala 13 goals 39 points in 83 games. Signed 2 years, $6M ($3M per year) Colin White 13 goals 41 points in 71 games. Signed 6 years, $28.5M ($4.75M per year) Pavel Buchnevich 21 goals 38 points in 64 games. Signed 2 years, $6.5M ($3.25M per year) At Virtanen's current pace of 24 goals 48 points in 81 games I would expect him to get in the ballpark of $3.2M-$3.8M on a 2-4 year deal.
  6. Baer was a solid second line player for us. Nobody complained when he signed that contract, and last year while healthy he was scoring at close to a 30 goal pace. The fan base was shocked when he got cut - even today JD Burke listed about 5 or 6 forwards on the roster who are not as good as Baertschi. He has had a good attitude as well, going down to the AHL and tearing it up with 31 points in 23 games. I am surprised nobody picked him up, but it could also be because of the red flags around his health, lack of cap space around the league, and the extra year on his contract.
  7. It is hard to get good value out of "second tier" UFA signings as most players get overpaid. That said, unlike the disaster of the players signed in 2016 (Lucic, Eriksson, Ladd, Okposo, Brouwer, Backes, Nielsen) Myers is at least a solid contributor, on pace for a decent season and leading the team in ice time. But given what we gave up for Gudbranson, Myers is a better value player at 6M vs Gudbranson at 4M and we didn't lose valuable assets.
  8. TOP 5 BEST TRADES - Gudbranson for Pearson - 1st for Miller - Kesler for Bonino / 1st / Sbisa - Carcone for Leivo TIE #5 Jason Garison for a 2nd and Bieksa for a 2nd HM: Vanek for Motte, Baertschi for a 2nd, Shinkaruk for Granlund TOP 5 WORST TRADES - McCann + 2nd for Gudbranson - Kassian + 5th for Prust - 2nd for Vey - Bonino + Clendening + 2nd for Sutter + 3rd HM: 3rd for Pedan which then lead to a 4th + Pedan for Pouliot, Forsling for Clendening Within a 7 month span Benning #1, #2, and #4 best trades - he really turned things around. Actually most of the trades after the McCann trade have all been pretty good. Also his signings this season were pretty decent, despite the injury to Ferland. Myers has held his end of the bargain up, leading all Canucks in time on ice and looking at least half decent in a top 4 role. Before that he had a pretty ugly streak. Larsen, Etem, Sutter, Prust all ended up being poor trades. Shinkaruk for Granlund turned out alright although Granlund became the face of mediocrity for the team. He traded away four picks and downgraded (swapped for lower picks) on two more. Given where we were in our rebuild that is pretty brutal. What made the first Gudbranson deal even worse is he followed it up with the Loui Eriksson and drafting of Juolevi over Tkachuk.
  9. I saw Holl play maybe 5 or 6 times for the Marlies (usually attend games when Utica is in town). He was usually one of the better players on the ice - even a few years ago I was surprised he wasn't in the NHL. Still seems like a lot to give a 27 year old dman with 50 NHL games under his belt.
  10. 39 forwards drafted #6th overall Average career games played: 489 ( If you remove all the picks who haven't reached that average it is about 560). Goals: 122 Assists: 178 Points: 301 So the "average" season for a 6th overall pick is 20 goals 30 assists 50 points (in 82 games). That is over a career. So let's pull some simple numbers. Let's say Jake goes 820 games, 200 goals, 300 assists, 500 points. So over the next 572 games he would need 158 goals, 263 assists, 421 points. To hit the point totals he would need to average a 60 point per season pace. Probably not possible. However, on the goals side it would be an average of 23 goals per year 82 game season. I think he can get within the ballpark. In my eyes his best comparable is Michael Grabner with better hitting ability. If he ended up with comparable career numbers as Grabner would you be satisfied with the pick? Grabner has averaged 23 goals 13 assists per 82 games.
  11. Virtanen has increased his goal totals by 50% each season 2015-2016: 7 goals 2017-2018: 10 goals 2018-2019: 15 goals 2019-2020: 22 goal pace Maybe he hits 33 next season? I would probably put that at his cap haha.
  12. I could see Lias Andersson + Conditional pick for Puljujarvi. In Ken Holland's eyes he probably doesn't want to risk moving Pulijujarvi and have him pan out and get stuck with a player he sees with bottom six upside. The conditional pick would become a 2nd if Pulijujarvi scores 20 goals next season and a 1st if he scores 30. That way Holland has some protection. On the Ranger side, they are giving up a player who isn't working for a shot at a player with more upside. If Jesse scores 30 goals they probably won't be too upset up having to give up the 1st.
  13. Fantenberg Brisebois Sautner Juolevi Teves that is likely what our left side depth order is. Juolevi hasn’t looked great this year other than blocking shots - either way without getting into what ifs my original point still stands
  14. Not so fun fact: Excluding the recent 2019 draft, Olli Juolevi is the only top 5 pick in NHL Entry draft history to not suit up for a game. If Turcotte and Byram manage to get into a game at the end of the season/playoffs Olli will hold the distinction outright as I don't see him getting called up this season.
  15. I see what you are saying but the defense should be much improved. Benn and Hutton are more or less a wash but when you look at it as Hughes + Myers vs Pouliot + Gudbranson that is a very sizeable upgrade in terms of quality both offensively and defensively.