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  1. Before coming to the Canucks Brandon Sutter played 524 out of a possible 540 games (97%) missing a combined 3 games in the five seasons before joining the Canucks. As a Canuck he has played 232 out of a possible 397 (58%). What is with our injury luck?
  2. He is already 26. Good AHL player and nice for a call-up. Biega didn't play his first NHL game until 26 and became a 7/8 guy at 27 so I guess his upside is somewhere around that.
  3. There should be more performance based conditions when trading older prospects who are on the cusp of being a bust. In this case, Pulljujarvi + conditional first for Anderson and a conditional 3rd. If Puljujarvi scores over 20 goals or 45 points the Oilers get a 1st round pick. If not they get a third. From Edmonton’s point of view they still get a decent return for a player who needed a change of scenery and for New York a mid-1st isn’t a huge price for a young 2nd liner with upside. For Andersson the question is more can he even stick in the NHL at all. Rangers get a 3rd if he plays more than 40 games. If Puljujarvi busts and Andersson turns into an NHLer at least the Rangers don’t give up anything extra and the Oilers get a roster player for free. If both players toil in the bottom 6 it’s essentially a win win trade
  4. Maybe at mid-term but nobody had him at 3 for the final rankings: A couple had him at 4 but was ranked as low as 17. His average ranking was 8.8 11/15 had him ranked 9th or higher so regardless he was a good consensus pick. 10/15 had Hoglander in the first round with two scouts from the Athletic ranking him as high as 18th.
  5. Maybe we shouldn't boost Marky in the contract year, instead show how the league views him so we can sign him for less money
  6. This trade is not only bad but it could go down as one of the worst trades in Canucks history. If Toffoli had multiple years left on his contract at a cheap rate this trade would have been worth it. Madden is playing at a 1st rounder level PLUS giving up the 2nd is highway robbery for LA. Add to the point that we are/were a bubble team with a young core. Also Toffoli isn't exactly a star player either. At the very least Benning should have tried to at least dump Baertschi in the deal instead of Schaller to help with cap space this year.
  7. Middle six - I would say his ceiling is comparable to Jason Zucker. If he suits more of an offensive role he would likely be a Kerfoot type player and for a bottom six role maybe like Hagelin. 30-50 point player depending on whether he is on the 2nd or 3rd line, power play etc
  8. Property taxes don’t increase with the price of houses. In the attached example Taxes are roughly $400 on a $20,000 property or 2%. If property tax increased with the price of housing, say that property is now $1.5 million property taxes would be $30k per year which is in line with what my US coworkers pay relatively. A Vancouver homeowner complaining about paying property tax would be like a kid from a rich family only having to pay $10k for a Maserati then complaining about having to also pay for gas so the government says they can fill up and not pay in the meantime. I don’t care if someone is making minimum wage and got their house for free if they own in Vancouver they are a millionaire and can AT LEAST afford to pay their tax bill. Sad excuses.
  9. Property taxes in Vancouver are comically low. How can people not afford $4K per year in property taxes when their house is worth $1.5M?
  10. Toffoli is 4 sesasons removed from his 31 goal 58 point campaign. Last year he posted just 13 goals and 34 points over a full 82 game season. This year he had 44 in 68. I wonder what he signs for? Complimentary First Line Players Zuccarello was basically a sure bet 50 point player with a career coming off of 40 points in 48 games (68 point pace) and signed for 6 million per year for 5 years. Nyquist was coming off of a 60 point season and signed 4 years 22 million (5.5 million). You also have Dzingel who signed 2 years 6.75M after a 60 point season, Connolly 4 years 13M after 46 points and Donskoi 4 years 15.6M after 37 points. Out of the players on this list I would probably compare him most to Nyquist. As shown with Dzingel making less than Donskoi despite nearly double the points a more well-rounded player like Toffoli is going to want a premium. I don't see him as a 6 million dollar player but I'd bet on 6 years at 5.5 million would be the going rate for Toffoli.
  11. Great passer, decent offensive ability but nowhere near enough to rely on it to be an NHL given the shortcomings of the rest of his game. A guy like Goldobin needs to be a 20 points 50 point player with consistency to stick around in the nhl and other than a few flashes was simply not good enough. We did give him a fair shake. In San Jose he played 115 games in the minors and 11 in the NHL. In Vancouver he played 84 games in the minors and 114 in the NHL. 18 goals 44 points might have kept him around in an 82 game season but over 114 games that simply isn't good enough production. Leivo was tossed aside by the Leafs and we got 17 goals 37 points in 85 games from him to go along with a much more well-rounded game.
  12. It was a toss-up between Lumme and Salo for me, the both played nearly a decade for the Canucks. Lumme was great offensively, but Salo was fantastic defensively. I got to watch Salo a lot more and always thought he was so underrated. Nominating Cliff Ronning
  13. We almost acquired PK Subban twice, once in 2016 and at this recent trade deadline. Kesler to Pittsburgh for Sutter, Pouliot, and likely a first round pick but Pitts backed out. Nearly identical package as the one we got from Anaheim (we traded Bonino for Sutter, Sbisa and Pouliot ended up being waiver level dmen, and McCann was selected two spots after Kapanen). Given we went out and got Sutter and Pouliot later means Benning was probably pushing this deal. I heard one rumour that Burke really wanted Rick Nash. The offer was Mattias Ohlund and a pick (not sure if it was a 2nd that year or a first the following year) but it was for the 2nd overall pick to Atlanta. Bouwmeester was the #1 ranked player and it is never a bad idea to build a team around a well rounded stud dman. Nearly acquired Vincent Damphousse at the 2003 trade deadline.
  14. From guys who played in the 2000s onward: Roman Cechmanek - put up some insane numbers. .921, .921. 925 save percentage before a weak season on a bad kings team and disappearing. Best shutout per game ratio in the modern era. Tied 6th all time in career save pct and the best Flyers goalie since Ron Hextall. Martin Straka - finished fourth in scoring one year for 95 points. Over 700 NHL points in his career. Close to a point per game player two years straight then had an off 41 point 65 game campaign Glen Murray - 5th in the league in goals one year, 44 during the dead puck era to go along with a couple of 30+ goal seasons Marc Savard - from 2003-2009 he was likely top 5 in points per game. 97, 96, and 88 point seasons when healthy. Ray Whitney - over 1000 NHL points. I don't remember him putting up 77 points in 82 games on the Coyotes. Lubomir Visnovsky - lead the Kings in scoring one year with 67 points then followed it up with 18 goals 58 points in 69 games. Was a + player on a bad Kings team. Steve Sullivan - was a really good offensive player - had some great seasons but never seemed to earn the respect of other guys putting up similar numbers
  15. Assuming Edler, Tanev, Stecher, Benn are gone in a couple of years, I think we look solid on the left side with Hughes, Rathbone, and one of Juolevi or Tryamkin filling the final spot. Rafferty will be ready next year, Rathbone needs 1 more year then likely straight to the NHL. I think we need to acquire another vet on the right side: Hughes Rafferty Rathbone Myers Juolevi/Tryamkin Woo