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  1. 1. I know Dubinsky's contract is insured - it is still $1M + in cash. I guess if CBJ is spending up to the cap. One idea could be a 2nd round pick to Columbus + future considerations. Columbus agrees to sign Eriksson for 2 years x 2.5 million then we terminate his contract. This again saves Columbus cash off the buyout with a minimal cap hit and Vancouver fills a spot they actually need. Wennberg could turn his game around, if not we buy him out after next season to open up space for Hughes & Pettersson's contracts. 2. Again Detroit saves money on the actual buyout and fills a roster spot for two years. Eriksson is worth about $1-1.5M, so I look at it more as $3M-$4M in savings for Detroit. 3. Bobby Ryan got bought out by Ottawa by their cheap owner 4. There was a rumoured deal of Subban coming to Vancouver but NJD didn't want to retain salary.
  2. Players we can maybe trade Eriksson for: - Justin Faulk: $6.5 million dollars with 7 years remaining. Earning 9 million in hard cash next year, St. Louis is not a financially rich team. We save cap space by having Faulk replace Tanev's salary. Faulk was on St. Louis' bottom pairing and didn't fit well. If Faulk is 80% of the player he was in Carolina this is a huge win for the Canucks. - Brandon Dubinsky + Wennberg: This saves Columbus over $12 million in hard cash. Vancouver saves 1.1 in cap space but gets a guy who can play centre, making it easier to move Sutter elsewhere as well. Dubinsky is not coming back. - Anton Stralman: Florida needs to cut costs and Stralman is rumoured as a buyout candidate. A buyout would cost 6 million vs paying Loui 5 million with likely an additional 2 million in savings from the cost of a replacement level player. Alternatively, if they were to have kept Stralman this saves 5 million. Stralman replaces Tanev/Stecher on the right side. - Justin Abdelkader: This trade straight across would save the Canucks 1.75 in cap space and overall $4 million in cash for Detroit. Abdelkader has a more buyout friendly contract. From a buyout perspective, his cap would be 1.8M this yer then 2.3M for the subsequent 2 years. If we buyout Eriksson his cap hit is 5.6M (which means we actually have to spend more for a replacement player) and then 3.6 the following year. - Bobby Ryan: Ryan is worth 13 million dollars in cash for the remainder of his contract. The issue is his cap hit is higher than Erikssons. If we got Ryan and bought him out his cap hit would be $3.5 million this year, essentially shedding 2 million off of our cap. A buyout would cost the Sens $7.33M so that isn't really a good option for them. - PK Subban: Straight across it doesn't help our cap situation at all, but this saves New Jersey $5M. If they take Baertschi in the deal as well it still saves them $2.6M in Cash and evens out the cap hits (while adding a RHD for Vancouver). After this season Subban is owed 2 million salary after his signing bonus so we would have to find a way to trade him then.
  3. Yea I think they would work well, Carlo is a great skater for his size. I think signing Tanev would be a mistake. With Florida needing to cut payroll, Eriksson for Stralman would be a great trade for both teams. I read Stralman is a buyout candidate - a buyout would cost 6 million in cash vs paying Eriksson 5 million AND having a warm body filling a roster spot. So if Eriksson is valued at 1 million per year the trade would save them 3 million vs the buyout route and $5 million in the non-buyout scenario.
  4. Exactly - Carlo takes Tanev's salary and we replace Virtanen (likely $3M) with a player making $1M-$1.5 (Leivo or big Mac internally)
  5. 80%. So the cost of Kesler in cash is $2.75 million and Eriksson is owed $5M. If we did Eriksson for Kesler & Backes the dollar amounts would even out, and Anaheim would save money on a replacement level player in year 2. Vancouver saves 1.5 million in cap this year and clears out 6 million next year when we need to sign EP and Hughes. I don't see Anaheim doing this to save 1-2 million dollars.
  6. Underlying numbers, point shares, age etc between Virtanen and Carlo is pretty comparable. Carlo is worth more being a defenseman, but what about: Virtanen + Lottery Protected 2021 1st round pick + 2020 4th round pick for Carlo + 2020 2nd round pick Next draft we don't have a 1st or 2nd so it will be nice bringing the 2nd. The value between say a 18th and a 55th is fairly sizeable, plus an addition 4th, might close the value gap. Carlo is good but he is far from great.
  7. Mediocre numbers the past three seasons. Outplayed by good backups in Samsonov and Grubauer and only managed to marginally edge Copley statistically who isn't even a legit starter in the AHL. He is only worth 1.5-2 million but might get 4-5 based on his pedigree.
  8. Brayden Point was putting up top 10 numbers in his draft year though - his skating and size dropped him down (the former improved dramatically). It is simply my opinion based on seeing trends from prospects over the years. His junior numbers are impressive and he has some skills on both ends of the ice. The numbers he put up do resemble some top NHLers it is just that he did it at an older age. Like how a lot of 19 year olds dominate in the CHL leagues when a late pick or un-drafted but are not nearly as touted as guys who do it in their draft year. Artem Manukyan dominated the KHL's junior league and has 6 goals in 93 KHL games. If Costmar is worth my attention but he is nowhere near as impressive as Jonathan Dahlen at this age. If Costmar starts putting up numbers in Allsvenskan next year that will be great but that is really the next hurdle.
  9. No - it is because Edmonton guaranteed him a top 4 role. Vancouver won back-to-back President's trophies whereas Edmonton was in the dumpster.
  10. His point production dropped after his draft year (although goals went up). He was already an over-ager so essentially he finished 4th in team scoring in his +2 year. Not saying he is a complete right off but has bottom 6 AHLer written all over him which is fine to have guys like that in the system. Costmar is a year younger and dominated the Swedish junior league. Arvid is a late bloomer but his 50 points in 29 games is excellent. For context: Anze Kopitar 49 in 30 (draft year) Daniel Sedin 46 in 30 (career multiple seasons) Henrik Sedin 47 in 34 Frans Nielsen 46 in 31 Carl Soderberg 48 in 27 draft year, 19 in 12 +1 William Nylander 50 in 38 Alex Steen 52 in 40 So in terms of production he has some good company! That said, most of these guys weren’t playing in that league in their +1 but the upside is intriguing. Given the age of his production I don’t see Costmar making the NHL as a 50-60 point top 6 player. He has enough skill to be a bottom 6 guy if he can work on his penalty killing. At 5’11 181lbs he has a pretty good build for his age so 200lbs is doable if he transforms his game in that way. He is still a long shot but an intriguing prospect.
  11. Pearson 21 goals 45 points McCann 14 goals 35 points. How is Pearson not a top 6 but McCann a budding second line forward? Pearson is a 2nd line winger and McCann is a middle 6 C/LW. Pearson slots into the 2nd line, McCann is more of a 7th forward who is a good fit to move into the top 6 when there is an injury. Now the Gudbranson grade was horrible. Absolutely disgusting. I hated it at the time and that was when I thought Gudbranson was actually decent (like Willie Mitchell level 2nd pairing). To make matters worse I heard we had DeBrincat ranked in the first round so chances are if that trade doesn’t happen we keep McCann, draft DeBrincat. Benning pulled out a Miracle not only dropping Gudbranson for Pearson (loved the trade even though Pearson was at his all time low) but for Pearson to turn around and become a 25 goal 50+ point player is a huge win. McCann + an early second for Pearson now wouldn’t be a terrible trade for a team looking to win. McCann actually progressed exactly where I expected him to but if he was a 75 point player this would have really hurt. keep in mind we also tossed Madden in with a 2nd for a 2nd line UFA in Tyler Toffoli. Madden probably has more upside than McCann so that deal has potential to be so much worse. In a perfect world Toffoli is a great fit, we go deep in that playoffs, and he resigns. Otherwise we need Madden to bust hard. So far we avoided the absolute worst case scenario (flat out missing the playoffs).
  12. Don't forget Jake is an RFA so he likely gets about 3 million so the two together are 9 million. I see Wennberg/Rask as a Sutter replacement (if he gets moved in a different deal) and Clutterbuck/Komarov/Helm kind of a Virtanen replacement albeit without as much offence or upside. Eriksson gets replaced by Motte as a full-time player (or Mac) so that is 1 million. So if we were looking at perhaps a deal like Sutter for a right side Dman to replace either Stecher or Tanev - Demers, Miller, Manson, etc. Lets say for example we move Sutter for Demers and Eriksson + Virtanen for Wennberg. I believe at this stage Wennberg might have somewhat negative value so the positive value of Virtanen offsets the negative value of Eriksson. Given Eriksson's contract is two years vs Wennberg's 3 years and he is owed around 21.3 in salary vs Eriksson's 5 million a small market team like CBJ who isn't near the cap might benefit from the dollar savings. "Blue Jackets fans have been calling for Wennberg’s head for years now and may finally get their wish. The once-promising young forward turned a 59-point 2016-17 season into a six-year, $29.4MM contract and then proceeded to regress immensely over the past few seasons instead of continuing to improve as expected. With another three years left at $4.9MM per, Wennberg doesn’t seem likely to get back to a level of play that would warrant his current cap hit and Columbus could move on, even from a 25-year-old homegrown product." Salary In Wennberg 4.9 Demers 4.5 MacEwen 1 Motte 1 --- 11.4 Salary out Eriksson 6 Virtanen 3 Sutter 4.3 Tanev 4.5 UFA -- 17.8
  13. I could see a trade like LE + Virtanen to a team with a bit of cap space for another overpriced player. Wennberg from CB, Clutterbuck/Komarov from NY, Rask from Minnesota, Darren Helm from Detroit
  14. To Buffalo - Brandon Sutter To Vancouver - Colin Miller Miller struggled in Buffalo after a couple of productive seasons in Vegas. He was in the bottom pair with 17 minutes per game and has 3 years remaining at $3.875 Million. Miller fills a gap on the right side to replace Tanev effectively saving us $500k on the trade plus another $4.5 million in Tanev. Buffalo gets a veteran who they can trade at the next deadline as Sutter will be on his last year of his contract next season. Miller's underlying stats were great in Vegas and Boston although he was heavy in offensive zone starts.
  15. It’s more so he is a reliable call up option and could impress enough in his time to get 30-40 games per season. I don’t see him ever being a regular