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  1. Me too. Actual prospects going between the two, less Megnas and Chaputs, although Chaput isn't too old
  2. I think he should start in the AHL, see how he does. If he isn't next in line for a call-up maybe jets back to Sweden and tries again next year, but I would hate to see him bolt straight away.
  3. "Winnipeg Jets win the President's trophy" "Canucks fall short on playoff run" "Alex Edler retires" "Canucks draft chinese-born player" "Bo Horvat signs multi-year contract" "Brock Boeser leads Canucks in scoring" "Tryamkin signs 6 year, 36 million dollar deal" "Canucks farm new farm team to play out of Langley Events Centre" "NHL announces return to Quebec"
  4. I really liked Goldobin with the twins, although Boeser seems tailor-made for them, just came into the system 10 years too late.
  5. I agree, I think Gaunce is actually the most underrated player in the Canucks system. The kid is a beast defensively, and he has the tools to eventually contribute offensively especially if he gets linemates better than Chaput, Skille, Megna. I know the organization is pushing him to wing but I think he is more valuable as a centre.
  6. They would get destroyed. I think Baertschi and Granlund are both capable 2nd line players, but really as complimentary pieces to produce offence at a lower dollar to allow more cap space for a Milan Lucic type who gets a large part of his pay for intangibles. If Baertschi can stay healthy I can see him taking another step into the 20+ goal, 50+ point realm I think his value would be high enough to package with a few other pieces to get a bigger player with offensive upside who is having a down year. Landeskog, Bjugstad, Jenner etc. That said, Maroon scored 27 goals for Edmonton after costing the Oilers a 4th round pick. I was actually in the Ritchie camp during the 2014 draft. Man imagine him coming up the pipeline right now. Oh well.
  7. I agree with you 100%. As much as the Oilers obviously benefited by adding first overall picks, I doubt they make the playoffs without the trio of Kassian, Maroon, and Lucic. They open up a tonne of space for the young scorers, and punish opposing teams physically. Jake is a good hitter, and Bo & Boeser can hold their own, but overall our forward lineup looks soft. Here is how I rank our forward prospects based on who I think could fill out our top 6 after the Sedins retire: 1. Horvat 2. Boeser 3. Baertschi 4. Goldobin 5. Dahlen 6. Granlund 7. Virtanen That group is very small and soft. With Gudbranson and Tryamkin I am not worried about the physicality of our defence, but we really need size in the forward group. Hischier will be the obvious pick if we go #2, but I really think the only player who is a piece we can build around is Patrick.
  8. You've really got to hand it to Chiarelli as well. Edmonton was stuck in a terrible rut. They needed: 1. A number one goaltender 2. Forwards with size and grit 3. An experienced coach with a solid track record 4. An NHL calibre defence Chaiarelli brought on all three and within a couple of seasons the Oilers. Talbot was a bit of a risk, and the price was fairly high (2nd, 3rd, 7th pick) but he got it done and Talbot has been solid. The "big" three have made a real difference for Edmonton. Patrick Maroon is a player I have always wanted Vancouver to take a chance on. He cost Edmonton a 4th round pick despite being just 27 and scoring close to a .5 PPG the previous two years (2nd line numbers in this low scoring NHL era). 27 goals and a physical presence. Sure they landed McDavid, but knowing what it took to protect McDavid Chiarelli went out and paid big money for Milan Lucic. Again he was still near his prime age (still able to contribute as the core reaches their prime). Big money, but exactly the type of player they need. Then they took a chance on Zack and put him in the perfect position to really turn his game, and his life around, in a low-pressure bottom six role to let him utilize his strengths. So these three players who transformed the Oilers to a young, directionless team to a young, fast, physical team cost the Oilers a grand total of a 4th round pick. And on defence, Chiarelli did what he had to do. Hall is talented, but the Oilers needed that cornerstone on the blueline. I still think they could have eeked more out of the trade, but in the end I think Larsson helps them win more than Hall. So, obviously just tanking doesn't work but being able to build around some prime pieces and fill the gaps, and sometimes it is the moves that don't cost a lot that can really make the difference.
  9. I was pretty well convinced Dubois would be a Canuck. Stoked that Tkachuk fell to us, but then pretty choked we didn't pick him. My take on Juolevi is the pick doesn't make me that excited, but he doesn't make me nervous either. Jake on the other hand made me nervous, regardless of whether we passed on him or drafted him. He was actually my third choice of dmen behind Sergachev and Chychrun, with Sergachev being my #1. 1) Ekblad 2) Jones 3) Werenski 4) Ristolainen ----------------- 5) Provorov 6) Hanifin 7) Sergachev 8) Juolevi ----------------- 9) Nurse 10) Fleury
  10. I think he is a pretty good hockey player overall. Also his first year in Boston was just as bad with 10 goals. Sure he picked up more assists but that Boston team also scored more. Solid two-way game and can complement the right set of players offensively.
  11. Agreed. This is absolutely mental. I am really pulling for Jake but YIKES, 19 points in 75 career AHL games is just not acceptable for a 6th overall pick. Especially when you consider 2/3 top scorers were in the ECHL last year, and Grenier who is again the leading scorer who got completely shunned out of ice time in the NHL playing just 19 games this year. Jake should be a lot better than these guys if he is going to be a top or even middle six NHL player. While I still think his speed, physicality, and skill set are good enough to at least carry on the fourth line I really hope he becomes at least a physical 15 for us like the role Torres played the year he was in Vancouver.
  12. Great experience for Coral! and Breakwood. Not a lot of success for dmen out of the Q, but I don't mind these guys as late picks.
  13. Alf is awesome, and I know exactly what you mean haha. There was a poster way back, around 2003 who acted like he was a robot and finished every post with "end of transmission". I remember he disliked Cloutier immensely. Anyway, it is time to go feed my craving for a beautiful piece of chocolate cake thanks to Mr. President Trump.
  14. I think the problem is half the time Benning does the right thing, the other half he does the wrong thing. Between the 2016 trade deadline, trading a high 2nd + McCann for Gudbranson, drafting Juolevi over Tkachuk, dumping Etem over a bad training camp (after a strong showing to finish the season - the dude just had a new born baby) and signing Eriksson I was quite frustrated with how the future was shaping up. That said, Benning was the winner of the 2017 trade deadline. He dumped Desjardins who again seemed to be all over the play in terms of direction. If we make the playoffs next year that would be great. But I want to see it on the backs of a young core, not high priced veteran free agents.
  15. His draft year totals were great. I figured he was way undersized plus an over-ager. Instead he is 5'11 and a month younger than Ehlers. He was ranked 31st in the CSS rankings as well.