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  1. Healthy goaltending rotation or soon to be Nilsson's spot?!!

    Hirsch, Brochu, Ouelett, Noronen, Schwab haha
  2. Linden Vey | #7 | Right Wing

    His point per game stats were even higher his second season, and I thought he played quite well filling in when we had a lot of injuries. He is a very skilled player. Skilled enough to play in the NHL but his skill doesn't make up for his other weaknesses. KHL looks like a great fit for him.
  3. Top 10 Canuck Goalscorers of All-Time (Article)

    Here you go my friend. I remember wasting away many hours of my youth on this game.
  4. Baertschi is a very underrated part of that line and a huge part of the chemistry. Dahlen - Pettersson - Virtanen would be a pretty sick 2nd line
  5. With the Twins coming off the books the Canucks could make a push for Turris. But is it worth it? He would make a fine stop gap for Pettersson but the Canucks maybe better off rolling with what they have and start building a competitive team once Pettersson establishes himself.
  6. Low daft picks ending up with big numbers

    Injuries are huge as well and something I missed. Getting injured can both hamper that players ability and also take them out of hockey during key development years. Canucks have had a lot of bad luck. Josh Holden was a very promising prospect for us until he injured his wrist, for an undersized sniper that is critical: " Playing in a playoff series with Moose Jaw, Holden lost his glove on a shift that resulted in an opponent's skate accidentally slicing his wrist. The result was 10 of 12 tendons on the base of Holden's left hand were completely severed. Doctors were able to surgically reattach the tendons, but Holden struggled to learn how to use his rebuilt wrist including how to hold a hockey stick. "Mobility just isn't the same," Holden said upon turning pro in 1999. "It's tough to bend my wrist and grip my stick. But I've had a whole year to get used to it. I've got some exercises I can do; if I keep doing them it will only help."" Bryan Allen is another prospect of ours who had his development hampered by injuries but still developed into a good defender.
  7. Best word to describe Brock Boeser?

  8. Low daft picks ending up with big numbers

    Players hit the draft when the are 18. There is a a lot of physical and mental maturity that comes after that age. Also take into consideration adjustments to different league. These players are being scouted in junior which is not nearly as high skilled as the NHL. And then of course you need to see how they do in their given league. Major junior is probably the most heavily scouted and easy to compare with others. Other leagues don't have nearly as many scouts and it can be harder to compare the quality of the player. Hansen was from the Dannish league. I remember the comment when we draft him was that he was our last pick so go for a home run. The Canucks didn't really know what they had in him until he went to the WHL. Edler played in a 3rd division Swedish league. A player like Jamie Benn was playing in Junior A and wasn't a dominant player, he broke out a couple of years later in the WHL. On Henrik Zetterberg: "Zetterberg caught the attention of the Red Wings' Assistant General Manager Jim Nill and Director of European Scouting Håkan Andersson during a tournament in Finland. While Andersson was trying to point out Mattias Weinhandl, Nill could not help noticing "this little Zetterberg guy who always seemed to have the puck." Zetterberg was 140lbs at the time too.
  9. Dahlen looks like a special player as well so I see slotting in our top 6. 8 points in 6 games after returning from mono. The leading scorer on the team has 9 points in 13 games. Swe-1 is a league down from the SHL but it is not like the NHL to the AHL here. Much smaller gap in talent. A point per game in Swe-1 is very good, here are how some other NHL players performed in that league: Wennberg: 32 points in 46 games Burakovsky: 11 points in 43 games Forsberg: 33 points in 38 games Rask: 11 points in 37 games W. Karlsson: 45 points in 46 games Pastrnak: 24 pointsi n 36 games Virtanen developing into a 20 goal scorer would be huge. We also have a system deep with a number of other potential boom players like Goldobin, Lind, Gaudette, and Palmu.

    Stecher: 5'10 vs Strome: 6'1. Stecher is small but he won't get pushed around. Sedin: 6'1 vs Marchand: 5'9. This is something I hope we never see from a Canuck again. We will get pushed around if we let guys push us around. Horvat: 6'0 vs Nurse: 6'4. Horvat can hold his own! Or how about a young, skinny Ben Hutton with zero career fights vs Gryba who has 50 career fights. Hutton loses the fight but he steps up after a hit on his teammate against a far bigger and tougher player. Hutton: 6'2 207lbs vs Grbya: 6'4 222 lbs Jake can also throw down, although Forsberg is a scorer they are similar age and size, and Virts fed him his lunch. Virtanen: 6'1 vs Forsberg: 6'1
  11. Also in Naslunds big breakout year (40+ goals, named captain, over a ppg) there were 20 Player’s with over 80 points. Last year there were 7. A 58 point season from Baertschi this year is probably comparably to Naslund’s 66 point year when you adjust scoring. That said, Baertschi actually reminds me a lot of Brendan Morrison even though their positions are different. Little guys with a lot of heart and good skill sets but not really elite in any area. I don’t think Baertschi will get respect as a first liner much like Morrison, but is such a great fit on that line and will always be paid less than other guys with similar stat lines. I actually see a lot of Naslund in Boeser. Very smart, dangerous players with wicked wrist shots, playmaking ability, and enough speed to breakout but not consistent burners by any stretch. Horvat brings the power element to that line. Either way I am excited again to watch Canucks hockey. Pettersson and Dahlen also draw similarities to the Sedins. Virtanen is our new Matt Cooke without the turtling. Hopefully our goaltending doesn’t suck. Also the WCE era had a better group of defenseman but even then lacked a true #1 guy. Jovanovski was the most underrated part of that team’s success IMO. If we had drafted Sergachev (who I thought could be a Jovanovski type player) the similarities would be starting to get really close !
  12. [Waivers] Jason Garrison

    Wiercoch is a capable NHL defender and has yet to play a game with us. We are fine for the time being. That said, if Del Zotto or Tanev were to go down as well *knocks on wood* that would justify picking up a vet who can eat some minutes.
  13. Luca sbisa is ripping it up

    He finished 6th in Norris voting that year. In the playoffs he had 19 points in 35 games overall. I remember a lot of reasons why we didn't win the cup - the main culprit being the Bruins allowed to get away with murder on the ice and the Canucks getting called equally for penalties. Also injuries, Luongo's goaltending, Tim Thomas' goaltending, and just mentally destroying the Canucks (IE Sedin standing there getting punched in the face by Marchand). Also Hamhuis who was our top shut down defenseman getting injured in Game 1 was also huge. Many believe that the Rome hit also gave the Bruins momentum. Ehrhoff wasn't great, but I don't remember him being a scapegoat. He turtled against McQuaid - which was probably the smart thing to do.
  14. Baertschi and Naslund were traded to the Canucks at the same age, both first round picks who struggled with the team who drafted them. Naslund and Baertschi had very comparable first two seasons with the Canucks, where they contributed secondary offence. Naslund finished 5 on team scoring his first year, 4th his second year. Baertschi finished in the exact same spots his first two years here. In fact, their goal totals were almost identical. Naslund had 35 goals in 154 games, Baertschi with 33 in 137 games. Naslund broke out in his 3rd season with 66 points. Baertschi in his 3rd year is currently on pace for 66 points. Naslund is obviously an exception, but I wouldn't write off Baertschi! He is trending in the right direction and obviously has high level skill.
  15. Luca sbisa is ripping it up

    I remember Vancouver fans loving Ehrhoff (unless you are talking about San Jose fans), but were sour grapes about his comment of "wanting to win" after signing for huge money on a mediocre Sabers team. Sbisa was pretty good last year, starting to earn his money. I really like our D this year though, we really got some guys who can skate and move the puck: Del Zotto, Stecher, Hutton, Pouliot. Gudbranson and Sbisa are pretty similar, but Gudbranson fights and is bigger. In short, I would definitely not mind Sbisa on our team but not really sad he is gone either, especially if it means giving a guy like Pouliot a chance or signing Del Zotto who has been much better for us than Sbisa was.