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  1. Mats Zuccarello is 5'7, 179 lbs un-drafted and has lead the Rangers in scoring 3 out of the last 4 seasons Love this pick! Tonnes of talent, all around game, and built like a brick house.
  2. So the knock on this guy is his skating? Excellent. I remember that being the knock on Horvat and he is the strongest skater on the team now. He is older so probably won't grow too much more but likely be up to 6'3 225lbs when he makes it to the pros. Physical and can put the puck in the net. I am am loving these riskier picks, hopefully Benning gets some home runs !
  3. Realistically? Eddie Lack. He is funny.
  4. I have a bad feeling it will be Gaunce, even though Dorsett, Boucher, Sbisa all kinda look better on paper. The fact that Gaunce was a rookie, former 1st round pick, and put up good AHL numbers makes me think they take a chance on him. There are a lot of good dmen available, and Sbisa makes a lot of money. Dorsett could be a good fit for LV. Also with Sbisa and Dorsett hitting free agency, either player would make a decent pickup to add grit at the trade deadline. LV gets to fill their roster and flip either player for a 3rd or 4th round pick.
  5. At first I was expecting on the ice, not another jersey change. I was ready to say that the Canucks don't have an identity.
  6. Happy to make your afternoon
  7. If McCann busts and we flip Guddy for a 2nd the whole thing will be a wash.
  8. Doesn't seem worth it at all for CBJ. I'd take Murray + a 1st & prospect for any of those three. Then again, I don't know the organization that well. I really hope LV picks Sbisa. Gaunce's zero goals might be a blessing in disguise!
  9. Brashear, Odjick, Bieksa, Rypien ... Cloutier
  10. I thought Beaulieu was already a solid #5 or even #4 guy? Plays close to 20 minutes per night. Seems to do everything but has room to grow, could be a 35-40 point producer next season or the following. A 3rd round pick is peanuts. If it were up to me. I would have traded a 3rd to Beaulieu and exposed both Edler and Sbisa. Not blaming Benning for not picking him up, but great move for the Sabres.
  11. Perhaps BC boy Colton Dahlen is looking for a contract? At 24 he has some upside and had the highest GPG out of any of the 13-14 Nanaimo Clippers. Or Dan Boeser is going to make a return to professional hockey. At 36 he still might have some legs and provide some veteran leadership to our back end. He lead the University of Wisconsin dmen in scoring 03-04, a team that had successful NHL defenders like Ryan Suter and Tom Gilbert. I don't have much faith in 132lb Russian goaltender Sergey Goldobin with only one game in Russia's second division.
  12. I wonder why he had to pluralize the names of our prospects. There is only one Boeser, Goldobin, and Dahlen eager to show what they can do.
  13. He maybe isn't the worst overall dman. He skates alright, somewhat capable offensively but he doesn't do anything well and isn't solid enough all around to warrant a roster spot. Outside of decent skating and shot, his defensive game is weak. He isn't a great hitter, shot blocker, fighter, plus at 28 he doesn't have much potential. Given the size of his contract I guess it doesn't really matter. Maybe he plugs 10-12 minutes per night well enough, perhaps better than a B prospect who is 22 years old.
  14. Yes! He is an awesome dude. If he plays like he did here and gets us back into the playoffs great. If he sucks as bad as he did in Carolina he will help with the tank!
  15. Folino - 2nd round pick Ritchie - Crazy package deal. 5th overall + Hutton + 2nd/Virtanen/Gaunce for Ritchie + Vatanen. This means they can protect Silfverberg, so it becomes 5th overall + Hutton + 2nd/Virtanen/Gaunce + Silfverberg for Ritchie + Vatanen + Manson Reaves - 3rd round pick Wilson - 2nd round pick + 3rd round pick Kane - swap of firsts + Granlund/Baer + CBJ 2nd Mackenzie - 4th round pick