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  1. He isn't very good, and will earn 4.5 million next year at a 3.1 million cap hit. Likely to get sent on waivers. They would likely take Bartkowski straight-up. It would be a bonus on our side if we threw in Higgins. I'd do your trade, and think it is plausible. Good job. 
  2. Nikita Tryamkin Talk

    TRYAMKIN, NIKITA YEKATERINBURG RUSSIA D 6' 7.0" 228 This is at the draft. Listed 6'6 220 on hockeydb (probably earlier, as he was in the KHL before getting drafted).  Now listed as 257 lbs on the KHL site. Beast. Whatever happened to Zherdev?? I noticed him on Paigin's team. Over the last four years just 17 goals in 138 KHL games. Recently turned 31 so he isn't that old.   
  3. Can We Start Cutting Vey A Little Slack?

    I've actually really liked Vey this year. He was held pointless in his first 4 games, but had that big shootout winner against Detroit.  Since then, 8 points in 14 games. He has the third highest relative corsi on the team behind the Sedins, and his ice time has moved up to the 15-17 minutes per game which is big for a player who was cut from the team and banished to the minors. He even played 20 minutes against the Islanders.  I would bring him back again at around 1 million. He is still young and has potential. Unlike this year, he has had a positive contribution to the team (last year he hurt the team more than he helped). 
  4. ham-juice appreciation thread.

    Hamhuis is still a useful defenseman. His offense is down the drain and he isn't a top pairing but he fills in admirably as a second-pairing.  Bieksa on the other hand is now almost as bad offensively and absolutely horrible defensively.  I'd bring back Hamhuis at 3 years 3 million per or 2 years 4 million per but he will probably get more given he is more valuable than Bieksa. 
  5. Demers. 27, right handed shot, can munch minutes, but is a productive second pairing dman. Kind of like Hamhuis two years ago, or Hamhuis now but with more offense. If we could retain Hamhuis as well: Edler Tanev Hamhuis Demers Sbisa Hutton Spares: Biega / Pedan Pretty solid group, especially of Hutton can continue to improve 
  6. Why is Linden Vey still here?

    Vey has been alright. More involved in the play than last year. Points are at a 30 point pace over 82 games, which is solid for a 3rd liner centre, weak for a second line centre. IMO he isn't quite good enough to fill a scoring role, and isn't built to be a checker. He is alright as a 13th forward. 50% or better in the dot over his last three games in a row, which is good to see. 
  7. Based on how they played in their prime AS A CANUCK during those years: Naslund Morrison Bertuzzi Sedin Sedin Carter Demitra Sundin Kesler Burrows Malhotra Linden SPARES: Hansen / Cooke Ehrhoff Edler Ohlund Salo Hamhuis Jovanovski SPARE: Tanev Luongo Schneider
  8. [Proposal] Vrbata & Prust to Montreal

    Good attempt, but I don't think Vrbata is a huge upgrade over Eller, and Prust is just a fourth liner.  Hard for these teams to make a deal given how close they are to the cap. 
  9. Jannik Hansen

    His value is high right now, but at the same time we need a player like him.  At 29 he is a good bridge between the young players and the older vets. He has shown (both this year and the lockout year) he can hold his own on the first line offensively. Sitting 44th in the league in goals. 30 teams, 3 first liners per team = he is middle of the pack. I would classify him as a "middle six", but he is doing a great job in a valuable roll for 2.5 million with two more years remaining. Trading him for picks leaves a bit of a gap. We will have a lot of young guys challenging for spots, and not enough veteran presence. JB has done an alright job acquiring players to fill the gap of the drafts between 2006 - 2011 where we had a grand total of ZERO picks pan out onto our current roster.  2011 - Baertschi  2010 - Etem 2009 - Vey 2008 - Sbisa 2007 - Sutter 2006 - Dorsett
  10. Hemsky was traded for a 3rd and a 5th after 26 points in 55 games. Vrbata is at 22 points in 47 games. Almost identical point per game. The odds of either a 3rd & 5th panning out is almost the same as a 2nd, so either a 3rd & 5th or a 2nd would likely be Vrbata's value. Perhaps throw a conditional 3rd in if the team makes the conference finals or he re-signs
  11. He is on a similar pace to what Kes finished last year. 1 year older. You are bang on at 5 years, 6.5 million (Kes 6 years 6.875 million) Kes is on pace for 18 goals, 37 points, and is getting PAID $7.875 this year. 
  12. [Official] 2015-16 Utica Comets Thread

    Yea that would be really cool! 
  13. [Official] 2015-16 Utica Comets Thread

    I live in Toronto, so I try and catch the Comets whenever they are in town. Subban is very active. He doesn't plug up the lanes and stick check like bigger guys, so he can have a tendency to go out of position when engaging defensively. At the same time, he is also very quick and is strong for his size. Good at carrying the puck out.
  14. [Official] 2015-16 Utica Comets Thread

    Sat second row, centre ice at the game. Subban is awesome, such a high level of skill and he hustles hard. Even a lot of Marlies fans seemed impressed with him.  Decent effort, not Cannata's best game. Pedan is a monster, when he hit guys along the boards it was like getting run into by a truck.  Pereira is a player who joined the team, very impressed with his speed. Shinkaruk scored a nice goal. 
  15. Adam Gaudette Talk

    At the draft I pointed out that Gaudette and Neill look like re-incarnations of Matson and Polasek based on their league, point totals, age, size, draft position etc.  Taylor Matson (draft year) USHL - 55 GP 13G 24A 37 PTS Taylor Matson (draft year +1) WCHA - 13 GP 1G 0A 1 PTS Adam Gaudette (draft year) USHL - 50 GP 13G 17A 30 PTS Adam Gaudette (draft year +1) H-East - 24 GP 5G 11A 16 PTS Insane seeing the difference. In Taylor Matson's fourth season, and what you could call his "breakout': 43 GP 8G 15A 23 PTS Now Matson isn't even that bad of a pro player. In his actual rookie year an injury de-railed him the entire season. In Minnesota's system he scored 42 in 39 in the ECHL, 5 in 32 in the AHL. He now plays in the SHL and has 16 points in 35 games - 2nd line numbers in a good league.  Patrick White, our favourite first round bust - WCHA 46 GP 6G 4A 10 PTS Compared to other forwards going from USHL to UNIV from that draft: Colin Greenway - #50 overall - H-East - 23 GP 2G 11A 13 PTS Erik Foley - #78 overall - H-East - 21GP 3G 6A 9 PTS Brent Gates - #80 overall - Big-10 - 22 GP 3G 2A 5 PTS  Brendan Warren -  #81 overall - Big-10 - 21 GP 5G 9A 14 PTS Tim Novak - #85 overall - Big-10 - 22 GP 2G 14A 16 PTS Christian Wolanin - #107 overall - NCHC - 19 GP 3G 6A 9 PTS Troy Terry - #148 overall - NCHC - 23 GP 5G 4A 9 Pts So far, Gaudette is tied first in both goals and points for players drafted between him and the mid-second round. Looks like an awesome pick by GMJB, especially considering Gaudette's USHL stats were a lot softer than most of these guys listed.