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  1. Yes, well according to an interview with him in the ESPN body issue where he is nakie "When I came into the league, I was only 185 pounds. So after my rookie year, the coaches told me to gain weight. I focused on getting big up top, which actually isn't important for a hockey player, and I ate a ton. I gained 40 pounds in about five months. I was 20 and didn't know any better. That is obviously on the extreme end of the spectrum. Ectomorph argument is BS. If you eat in a calorie surplus and lift weights you will gain muscle. I know a skinny ass asian dude who is jacked AF in less than two years. And he is a software developer lol.
  2. I guess he missed my comment about Kesler gaining 40 lbs in 5 months. Mats Sundin was a monster (6’5 240lbs) and was 187lbs at the draft. If Pettersson gains the same he would be 218lbs. Not concerned at all, especially given how far sport science has come since the early 90s.
  3. When it comes to picking up physical players I like to sort player stats by hits and go from there. Didn’t realize Michael Del Zotto was 7th in the league !?!? Anyway, Nick Ritchie would be perfect but unlikely. How about Brett Ritchie? 6’3”, 217lbs. 24 years old. 41 in the league for hits. Having a down year with 4 goals but scored 16 last year. Dallas would love to have Spezza off the books. I wonder if they would take Loui Eriksson back? Vanek & Eriksson for Spezza and Ritchie? (Lol I wish). Joking aside, perhaps Vanek did Ritchie straight up? I heard Dallas needs secondary scoring. Ritchie has fallen out of favour with Hitchcock and is getting minimal ice time.
  4. That is not how it works - a baseline height weight is taken. It is typically between 5-8lbs depending on body type. BMI charts go up 5lbs per inch. Shaq for example is 7’1” 370lbs. At 2-3 lbs that puts him at 334-346lbs at 6’1. Thick dude but no way. 5-8lbs is 274lbs-310lbs. Based on his body type he would be at the 8lb mark - 274lb for a 6’1” guy of his build looks right. When he came into the league he was 294lbs and looked lean - that would be 198lbs for a 6’1” which is a lean weight for someone 6’1” if they have muscle.
  5. Rumour - Larry Brooks - Max Domi

    Baertschi, Hutton and a pick (2nd or 3rd) for Domi? I’d do it
  6. [Rumours] Vanek

    I don’t think Dowd would get anything at the deadline. He is a waiver level player and top teams likely have better options in the AHL. But yes I’d be pumped if we got a 5th rounder for him
  7. [Signing] Canucks sign Darren Archibald

    The Canucks kind of did. They didn't re-sign him, he had to try out for the Comets and earn an AHL contract. He even got cut from the Comets at one point. Darren stuck with the team and eventually the Canucks rewarded him with a contract. To be fair he wasn't a very good AHL player until last season where he lead Utica in scoring and doubled his career high point totals. Also to add his penalty minutes dropped in half - perhaps he took too many penalties before. Archibald's career reminds me A LOT of Joel Ward. Big guys who had solid albeit unspectacular OHL careers and went un-drafted. Played in the AHL - below average numbers and a small cup of tea in the NHL before finally breaking out and doubling their AHL point totals at the age of 26 and making the NHL at 27/28. Only big difference is Ward went to college after his OHL career. I also noticed that Archibald lead all skaters in SH TOI with a whopping 4:19 in the Carolina game. It looks like Green has a lot of confidence in him as a penalty killer (a niche Ward also carved for himself).
  8. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Dallas Stars

    Impressed with Archie. Averaging close to 15 minutes per game so far, 8 hits, a fight and an assist. Perfect 4th line energy forward. Nice response after the joke that was the Carolina game. A bit of a shock especially with Dallas winning 5 in a row. Also happy to see Brock/Horvat each pick up a point plus a couple for Jake.
  9. Thanks for ruining my day
  10. Forsberg was ranked 26th in his draft year despite being a top two talent because he weighted 160lbs at the draft. He was an off the board pick. Forsberg was a monster once he added weight. Zetterberg was 140 or 150 his draft year. I think a good model for bringing along EP is how the Leafs managed Nylander’s development. Give him half a year in the AHL before bringing him up. Nylander was 169 at the draft and is 191 now. That said, 6’2 165 lbs is a lot skinnier than 5’11 169 lbs. An inch of height is roughly 6lbs so at 5’11 EP would be 147lbs. At Johnny Gaudreau’s draft height of 5’6 he would be 117lbs. For point of comparison at 5’6 172lbs, Palmu would weigh 220 lbs at EP’s 6’2 which seems about right - He has a similar build (albeit way shorter but a bit wider) as Gadjovich who is 210 judging by a pic of them sitting beside each other at training camp. So in summary, EP could probably stand to gain at least 20lbs to be able to handle the rigours of the NHL and about 50lbs to be any sort of physical presence. 20 lbs isn’t a stretch at all -Kessler gained 40lbs in 5 months after his rookie year when he was told he was too skinny - and he was already starting out at 185. On a side note, I expected the sedins to have clocked in at around 170 but Henrik was listed at 194 - 11lbs heavier than now. Baby fat perhaps?
  11. People hate on Button because he had Virtanen pegged at 43. Right now that looks accurate. He also had Brayden Point at 17 - he went 3rd round and is near a ppg in his sophomore season. At one point he had Pastrnak at 11. Also had Kase in his top 50 despite him getting drafted 7th round. Kase is on pace (woo rhymes) for 28 goals. While a lot of his picks are fairly consistent as they should be, he hit the nail on the head for his more off the board projections. He seems to love Alex Nylander though for some reason.
  12. [Rumours] Vanek

    He is a good veteran presence for our younger players, scores goals and provides some pushback. I’d like him back next year and let the Sedins retire. And even if the return was only a 6th rounder I wouldn’t care either way (hence on the fence). If I hear the return for him sucks and he doesn’t get traded I won’t care either but will be thrilled if we get a 2nd, satisfied with a 3rd or multiple later picks.
  13. [Rumours] Vanek

    If the return is a 2nd we should move Vanek 100%. Anything less I am pretty much on the fence.
  14. [Signing] Canucks sign Darren Archibald

    I usually watch the Comets live at least twice per year when they are in Toronto. Archie is very tough to play against.
  15. Yanni Gourde

    He got fat from the lockout Hahahaha