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  1. Ugh, pure grease by Sekeres to tag the deputy editor, not a fan of that at all. ***Wow, did not notice Botch pulled this from months back, also grease much.
  2. I usually find it pretty tough to even get to the Canucks content on TSN these days, it's usually buried far beneath all the Matthews/Babcock/Shanaplan/Lamoriello/etc propaganda They've changed since the takeover.
  3. Hartnell doesn't sound bad at all first glance. If his foot speed has eroded due to age Willie can give him linemates which can make up for that. Character guy who can be a net front presence in 5x5 and 2nd unit pp.
  4. Yeah Winnipeg will never shake the "too cold" factor, no matter how much the city does in terms of infrastructure and such, winning is their only way out. To say that the Jets are "showing no real sign of improvement" is a little much if that is in respect to their roster/development, but if he's referring to the warzone that is the Central then yes he's spot on.
  5. LMAO, I wish I had profs like that. I honestly find myself appreciating the league on this one.
  6. I feel if we were not scared by Weisbrod's hiring then, we should be now, that is really quite alarming. Yeah, and I want to say "If Stanny Bowman did that"... but I can't, because he's far from inept, hopefully it serves as a wake-up call.
  7. Dmitry Tryamkin, nice one guys
  8. That could lead to success!... Willie ain't about that!
  9. Depending how our young centres develop over the next while, Sutter might be halfass expendable by then (if he'll waive), even more so if we need the cap room!
  10. Thatta boy Higgy, takin it to the Bruins, even in the American league!
  11. Whoa so 2011 Hamhuis? Welcome back guy
  12. Noice
  13. Love Hammer, and I truly appreciate his commitment; the frustrating part is that VAN has a bunch of guys who are not near that level and taking up roster spots. Now that showcasing players would be pointless, hopefully Willie scratches the hell out of some of these guys.
  14. Wow if NYR ends up giving another 1st, they haven't drafted in that round for years!
  15. 2nd and a 4th