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  1. Hopefully he'll get a great player from the draft to work with too
  2. I'd say it's just as strategic to let LA be handcuffed with that awful contract. Lmao, yeah they'd probably go back and find stuff they hadn't suspended him for once he's in the blue and green.
  3. Theory could be the with violently offensive talent they have, they should be able to compensate for Hitch's style, or in other words make good on the fewer chances they'll have with Hitch as coach maybe.
  4. I also chose Green, but damn I would agree that the best thing for him, especially if he has his sights on Vancouver or any other major market, is to take an assistant position. It would be one thing to become a first time NHL head coach, but to do it in Vancouver is.. well I think we all observed how Willie was being treated by most at the end. I chose Green but the sound of a Marc Crawford HC (knows the market, seems to have the style a lot of people like) and Green as an assistant is sounding more appealing. Seems unlikely though, and who knows how Crow would feel knowing his successor is right beside him. *In any case I would hope, for those fearing that Green would be too much like Willie, that management would notice that is really not what the team needs and quickly move on, but who knows with this group.
  5. I will admit I wasn't a big fan of JPat to start out, but the guy knows how to ask questions post game, like actual inquisitive or "challenging" (?) questions; the kind of stuff you'll never get from Joey Kenward/Canuckstv etc
  6. I feel like most of what we have heard up until this point has been Benning wanting to do things his way (as in full rebuild) and Aqua not letting him, so what would this even mean? Is/was he trying to do just that? Really interesting.
  7. Have you seen the sched the next two months? This is a horrible game to not show up for.
  8. Extension pls.
  9. Think he has one more year after this
  10. Hopefully the boys will be motivated to pay Millsy back tomorrow, although it will most likely be in front of Marky?..
  11. Neat and embarrassing
  12. What a beaut
  13. #sentencesneversaidbefore
  14. Could be that weird thing of always having AHLer's on their wing??
  15. I think Miles might be for real there Stealth I tried reverting back to my old avatar I had before December, using the original jpeg file of course. Using both the Upload and Url options it shows up a really small, low definition version of the original, occurs right at the crop part of the process. To try something different I loaded up this Audrey avatar (at 1980*1080, just to see if it would make a difference) and it was the same deal, so I cut the 200*200 I'm using now, everything looks like trash.