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  1. Calling BS on this being called an "article". Journalists (whether we agree with them or not) write in paragraph form, utilize literary devices and write compound sentences, not this "thought-break, thought- bullet point-bullet point" internet post style of thought conveyance. Best part - Expose Sutter. Has Hannah looked at our centre depth? No, no she hasn't, obviously.
  2. Haha, too bad they can't bring slings and rocks on the ice.
  3. Willy! Larsen is first pairing? We are toast tonight. "your tank has arrived, sir" Can't predict a score, but I'm going out on a limb here 7-2 Sharks Bo and Sutter with goals.
  4. Riiiight, I think this whole mumps situation might have something to do with Trump Towers. Trump's rhymes with mumps. Pretty damn obvious eh, looks like I've earned myself another toke. Why? Because this thread needs to be a little more weird and just by writing "Trump", one can cultivate more awkward weirdness. Trump Mumps
  5. Yeah, read that too... But what really gets me is, what happens if you don't get your booster? Is that how we find the 4th dimension?
  6. Apparently, that's what killed desi So they stopped giving cakes
  7. No matter how much I'd love Landy here, I only have two words when "trade Jake" comes up. Those two words- Cam Neeley. Don't give up on young powerforwards. Keep him until at least age 23 or stage 2 rehab.
  8. Nah, I only made it to "Now I don't want to get banned again".. too funny. Poor dude, one of those guys that just doesn't get it and cannot catch a break. I am a horrible person for finding so much pleasure in his sadness, I get that but - hahaha! His topics are excruciating most of the time, but the fact that the mods have been suspending him made me laugh. In fact, I giggled whilst writing this entire post.
  9. Holy derp Batman. Prospects are prospects because... they are prospects, which means they AREN'T IN THE NHL. Also, JB's done a great job of drafting "talents", which you kind of acknowledge, but what the hell are you even trying to say?
  10. *Sedin trade totally ruled out* There, I feel better now.
  11. Lmao! One of your best posts ever. Who are / were you, really? To respond to your OP - just like any trade, you make it when it happens.
  12. Not voting because I hate this thread. He's a kid that was rushed due to his size, speed and our lack of depth. Willy f**ked with his head, which was dumb as all hell because the kid was just a boy - "you shouldn't a done that, he's just a boy" Can we please stop with the Virtanen threads until preseason? Patience with PWF, it's common wisdom. Damn
  13. Great news about all NTC's being asked for a list. Looks like the playoff fairytale has reached its "happily ever after" Like, I thought it was like a real good interview with JB and stuff.
  14. Damn, we do need a dman who enjoys punching faces in... And we're playing the Sharts, they've got a few mugs that need an adjustment. Back on topic - wasn't Crosby out for weeks with the mumps? They tried fitting a helmet to his mega swollen scrotum but unfortunately couldn't find hockey pants large enough to fit over Sid's huge butt and helmet-jock. At least it's infected guys we shouldn't be trading. This shouldn't change their game plan for the DL at all, better not. There's no way they're holding on to this playoffs fantasy.