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  1. I think the owners, staff and players would all like to get paid next season, even if it's only like 25% of their salary.
  2. Willy was a cut above. Ohlund was tough, but not as greasy.
  3. He didn't really do much that usually gets called in the playoffs though. Crease play is usually just ignored. Maybe that's only vs Canucks, but still, I want to see him come out heavy and mean. Find the line before being afraid to cross it
  4. Fair point, but I want the Canucks to go at the Blues and assert themselves as a team that will not be rolled. A "you might win the game, but we'll hurt you" mentality.
  5. Sorry, but our PK shut them the hell down. Your hypothetical means nothing
  6. We won and Minny looks like a bunch of scared, diving wimps. I was and am perfectly fine with the level of intimidation Myers was persuing. And I advocate for as much.
  7. I really didnt mind any of his extracurricular penalties. If our PK isn't dialled then sure, reel in the face punching, but until then I love the message it sends.
  8. Hard disagree. Myers needs to play exactly like he did vs Minny to keep the message consistent. We're not a turn the other cheek playoff team anymore, that mentality brought us nothing but heartbreak. It's time to be assholes and make our opponents skate away with their heads down after getting abused. Myers and his mean streak are key to setting the tone. Green won't be asking him to dial it down at all.