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  1. Brilly, I can relate. I'm not going to start because I might not ever stop if I do, but it doesn't end with TSA and Border Guards. Check in hosts and flight attendants are scum, almost as bad as the morons with "power". They all annoy me to no end. A lot of people say "half the fun is getting there", I think people who say that are just as annoying as the flight attendants who walk with their noses in the air like they have some special skill, or had to do anything other than put on knee pads to get their job.
  2. Everyone employed at an airport or boarder crossing
  3. Emoji's, can't stand em. Now, I'm guilty of using "winky face" on occasion but that's only when responding to, or quoting someone when I'm being sarcastic, because "tone" isn't easily transcribed. But even then, I rarely use it and I'm pretty much always sarcastic, excluding the now. Big ass 4x4 trucks that have never seen a logging road or a load. All blinged out, chromed up, with some fake tanned muscle douche, sporting a Celtic armband and a full tub of gel on his head whilst driving his pretty truck. All the while he smells like my wife's spa and blasts dance music. Beyond pet peeve actually, full on hatred. People who use those stupid Bluetooth ear pieces and walk around talking loudly... "to someone else"... get bent, losers. Overly professional, no fun having, stuffy, boring suits. Hate em. Ive got more.
  4. Figured as much! @Green Building @Mr.DirtyDangles
  5. The madness continues- we've played with a lead for all of 0:00 and are 3-0-0! Unreal

    1. Green Building

      Green Building

      Bud I cracked a beer and ghost cheers'd you as soon as Horvat tied the game knowing that if an OT W happened you'd post this.

    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      I was rollin a cannon, does this count for anything ?

    3. Green Building

      Green Building

      Only if it's blasted off

  6. Pulls out the minor threat, nice! Classic. Listened to that album pretty recently, for the first time in probably over a decade... they were so terrible-ly awesome. I blasted "Guilty of being white" like I was 15 all over again.
  7. Totally agree. Bomb ass salsa. Las Margaritas. Real s$%t from the Vario, essay.
  8. She's the best. I bet she even listens to punk rock.
  9. Yar? Look at Ye, Ye scallywag, swap the deck nonsensical ninny. Now I know where the warm wind blows Between the ears, of Blackbeard. Yaaarrrrrrrr!
  10. Steen eh... take that # boys. I'd expect a health dose of payback for that one, ya twerp
  11. Yup, he's paying his dues early on, and taking it well. He will snap at some point and put a savage beat down on someone who took liberties on him though. Guys will think twice after that