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  1. I dunno, I give Eriksson 7 out of a possible 10 "real goods" for his play thus far. My only real criticism is - I'd like to see him score goals. His board play has been great and he's making space for the twins, also making slick passes. I think we'd all like more goals, but with how well Hansen- Sutter are pairing... It's too bad Jake isn't aware enough (yet) to flank the twins.
  2. Clutch moments coming up here. They've been pretty clutch.
  3. Call me crazy But I think they can win this one!
  4. I hear ya. I'd have liked to see more goals on the right net by now too, but that pass on PP last game was ridiculous. His board play has been real good too, but every time I see him set up behing the net my left eye twitches. He's been real good all in all though. But get a damn goal would ya
  5. You bringing up Tully last week made be buy a bottle on Friday, it had been a few months.. love the stuff. Tully and Phillip's Pilsner for luckylager tonight.
  6. Hopefully he doesn't need to be tossed around all game to make good on the PP
  7. This is Eriksson's time to make another crazy beautiful pass, or bury a goal. We need you new guy, really bad. Do it
  8. It's totally fair that he's benched. At least the mo' realised Larsen's out of his element tonight. Just like us, the mo' wishes he dressed Tram
  9. Half a game to go. Bench Larsen and kill em
  10. All I wanted out of this game was some push back from the Canucks, and Brown bloodied. Some gahdamn truculence please. Pissheadedness... There's no way Larsen should be playing against big teams. Other than our first line, we're not going to out skill anyone. Beat em up. Where's our giant Tree?
  11. Too bad he didn't get punched out, right outta the gate. This game so far.. typical crap. Canucks better answer here.