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  1. Why so grumpy, oldnews? That's a might fine contribution you've made to this thread. Ottawa is contending, we're not. Ottawa will want to add now, we want to add to the future. We're great trading partners and I love that @Nuxfanabroad took the time to create a trade thread w/ Ottawa. Would you prefer another Colorado proposal from one of CDC's finest? Come on man, don't be so grouchy
  2. Not sure what happened with Lazar. He was a great jr player and if my shoddy memory serves, he was great in the red and white at the WJHC a few years ago. Might have Hodgeson disease... I can see Ottawa going after almost any top 9 forward they can find to load up for a deep playoff run, but I don't see them giving us Lazar and a 1st for Hansen. Out of their prospects, I like - Colin White bonifide NCAA stud, and they did pick up Logan Brown in last year's draft. I'd be happy with us getting either of those two for Hansen, however they're Ottawa's two best centre prospects so there probably wouldn't be a "player plus" coming back. It would be straight up Hansen for high end prospect, in my most humble opinion.
  3. Bartkowski is a better defender than Larsen. I know right. Crap
  4. Damn... I'll be back for the pgt... Kids man, kids
  5. Lol, well played. No, I wanted to sit on his bench. It's just too bad I skate like Adam Sandler.
  6. Ahhhhahahaa! Awesome, nail on the head Quite the opposite, that was a good goal. It would be a comedic Rogers towel protest, in my decently buzzed opinion
  7. Wouldn't it be fantastic if the Nux started the 2nd with tinfoiled helmets
  8. I'm all riled up. That was the quickest whistle, what a bunch of bulls**t. Crappy refs
  10. Soooo stinky! That's awesome. I'm still up on the Canucks in the shots column though....
  11. SHOTS! Looks like we all need to take at least one for the team... Given we're dead last in the league for avg shots taken per game. I'm doing my part. This could get ugly