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  1. Had an epiphany, one of the one's when you're looking back at your perception of things and realize how incredibly wrong you were.


    The Golden Knights epiphany-


    I thought bringing in another team just watered down the league and spread the talent pool a bit thin. 

    I was wrong.


    Look at what the unprotected have done, could potentially do.


    Every team in the NHL was just a little bit hurt by the expansion draft, but only a little bit; something like losing ONE player to retirement or career ending injury (honourable mention to Dorsett).


    I don't like the fact Las $&!#ty Vegas is off to the SCF, but it proves me wrong in a way.. I don't mind being wrong


    Look how deep the Las Vegas Golden Castoffs are, look how their presence didn't really hurt any team. The leagues tweeners just made one hell of a team. I absolutely hate it. 


    In summary- screw you Bettman, you can kiss my a**. 

    1. Alflives


      I think .vegas shows how much a very hot goalie can do.  I remember Hasek taking an average Buffalo team to the Final.  Roy won the Cup with an average Montreal team in ‘93.  

      I sure hope Demko or DiPietro is the real deal:)


      i forgot.

      SCREW YOU Bettman!  :gocan: