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  1. Hamhuis and his place on this team

    Guy's a beauty, fer sure. I wonder what he wants though. He might want another shot at the cup...    
  2. This ^^  What an incredible compliment coming from a man who had the opportunity to play with such a legend. Damn, now I'm going to expect so much... Thanks Radim. No pressure Jared.
  3. Team Toughness

    The fact that the Canucks don't beat the crap out of everyone who even breathes on them has bugged me for years, I hate it. But at the same time, I should try to grow up a bit and learn that hockey really isn't the same game as it was when I first watched it, when players were held accountable on the ice and if you even farted near a star player you got your face pounded in and the linesman had to pick up teeth. Spisa should look after himself, you wanna hit guys, pay the piper, same goes for JV. I've got no problem with players having to fight if they want to play tough. The thing that still drives me insane is when, for example, McCann takes a cheap, high, crappy hit behind the net and no one is throwing fists. If McCann played a hardnosed, hit everything game, I wouldn't care, but he doesn't... Sorry, but if JV gets nailed, kinda comes with his playing style, do unto others. But it doesn't matter who gets hit if it's dirty, I still want blood for BS hits, and the team lacks that blood lust.
  4. Fair, really? "The big bad GM isn't noticing me enough to intervene in the coaches decision." Sure, the GM maybe makes the actual call to Utica, but when "they" (Managment and Coaching staff) decide they want to try Shink against a skill team and Grenier against a big team, they're recognising these guys for the player they are and giving them the best chance to succeed. I'd say that's pretty fair. And also potentially serves to boost their value. Fair.. pffft. Ask a zebra about fair.
  5. Is Jake Virtanen ready for the NHL?

    Is Virtanen ready? Where has he been playing all year, the NHL? Some of you guys expect way too much, he's doing fine.  
  6. Hypothetical January-Poser

    Untouchables- Vey and Weber. Obviously
  7. Hypothetical January-Poser

    Under valuing almost everyone aside- JB will probably be receptive to the right offers, always. Guys potentially on the move if your January scenario plays out - Vrb, Cracker, Prust, Higgins, Shink, Baer, Gaunce, Grenier. Our B prospects will have to be part of the deal if we want to upgrade on defense, which I assume is a priority for JB. We're in a tough spot if we move Hammer or any Dman except Weber. If he moves Hammer and prospect(s) to "team x" , we better be getting a serviceable dman back and pick(s)...well, Burrows has done a mediocre job playing D in the past, better than Weber at least. Our defense is brutal right now, and they have that damn Canucks d-curse of injury logjam, hench Burrows having to play D on occasion. For sure gone by deadline- Vrb. Bold prediction eh. Don't think JB's gotta work all that hard to clear cap room, think we'll have about $20m on July 1, or maybe I dreamed that, but yes, he should absolutely move towards greater change in the summer.    
  8. Hypothetical January-Poser

  9. Imagine that, we could get a 1st a 2nd annndd Kevin Bieksa!
  10. Sure, he showed flashes of the playmaking winger we hope him to be, but he got trapped a few times because he didn't cycle puck and just wanted to make it happen right then and there. Patients young grasshopper, respect the cycle. He's better than the last shmo we traded a 2nd to get in blue and green, but I'm still waiting for a solid, well rounded, positive (+) game from him. At least he goes into corners, he does it softly, but he goes there, which is good to see. I hope he can hit his stride and start lighting it up, if he doesn't he'll be playing where most 2nd rounders land- not the NHL. (And yes, I know he was a 1st rounder, but we traded a 2nd to get him, so by my logic he's a 2nd)   
  11. Bo Horvat has been absolutely terrible this season

    OP- Sorry if I missed this already being covered but dude, there's more to it than how you can make him play in your video game. He's been playing some crazy hard minutes for a sophomore. Way harder matchups than he saw last year, lots of PK time, doesn't get Edler/Tanev behind him very often at all, has been stuck in the middle with rotating wingers that are all underproducing, yet he's still getting stronger, faster and smarter. So OP: Can it.
  12. I Think Alex Edler is a Liability

    Yet he's still our best dman. As a bunch of you have already said - He'd be an awesome 3-4 or a good compliment to a bonafide #1, but he's our #1, and we have to just suck it up. Edler's reluctance to waive his NTC will make rebuilding the defense an even more difficult task than it already appears to be. JB needs to draft a beauty, because the chances that any of our prospects will actually be a NHL defenseman are a little bleak, let alone a #1-3 guy. Other than Hutton... not much going on back there. Tryamkin isn't doing much, hard to say with Bris because his team is garbage, Subban..ya, that'd be nice. Cedarholm... Hoping for good trades for young D and some insanely psychic drafting.    Edit- but if what you're (op) proposing is waiving Edler, you must be out of your damn mind. He's a solid top 4 dman in the best league in the world. Unless he's a trade piece that lands a significantly younger, faster, stronger, upgrade on D; we are most certainly better with him than without. He is our best dman, without question IMO. 
  13. Time not to panic (discussion)

    Guess I'm slightly more of a sore loser than you. I agree, just winning a game in the late 80's was something to behold, and the Canucks lack of success was easier to take because we hadn't really been spoiled for the previous decade... What seems like a consistent lack of effort from our vets is far more aggrivating to watch than a bunch of kids and half wits playing with heart.
  14. Time not to panic (discussion)

    Losing sucks. You have to be a huge stinking mess to finish 30. No thanks They aren't playing hard enough to make their losing acceptable. They haven't really had an easy start, and unfortunately for you, they'll play better soon and by the end of the year we'll be picking 17-24, and pick some failure like McCann..premature I guess.. Kesler then.
  15. Well, the best I can muster is - Go Canucks Go. Kinda feel like we're gonna be bread dipped in egg and fried.