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  1. Ahhh COME ON! F**k Tkachuck.
  2. The double standard is a 17yo young woman being called a slut for sleeping with her teacher... dude. Derp Edit - noun and verb choices
  3. You have a point, but I was a 17yo boy once and would have been a very cooperative victim in that situation. Unless this young man has some sort of disability and was legitimately being abused, he wanted to be victimized. I can guarantee that. But you are right to be angry about a double standard.
  4. I bet the "victim" is wicked bummed right about now. I mean really, if I was sleeping with my 27yo, decently hot teacher when I was 17 and got her busted... damn son, damn. Poor kid. At least he got educated!
  5. Biega as a forward eh - (Sorry if this has been done but)
  6. Seems crazy, but IMO 2x 4ths is actually too much for the former 1st OA; he's proven unwilling to put in the work to fulfill his potential. If we could get him for a 4th AND sign 2ways, sure. Ya, I've never been high on him anyways, thought McT was a complete moron for not taking Murray at the time. Still do.
  7. 76. 74 of those are for being a Canuck. Back to the OP - I hated his Dad, now I can have a generational hate bomb. The kid is a greasy little spoiled brat, can't wait for him to get tuned up. It's not as though I even like Doughty, but, it's Doughty and he's a premier dman in the league. Young Tkchuck now has two targets on his back - one from the league, one from the players. You'd be hard pressed to find many players who respect that kind of dirty crap, there are some though.
  8. With the help of bionic knees and ankles, I will beat their time(s), in 2077. I might need a new shoulder and back by then too, but I'm gonna do it!
  9. Banned for jaying a jay.
  10. Because I was playing into the conspiracy side of this news. Rasputin survived his assassination, (or was resurrected), he learned how to body snatch during his time in the underworld. He then killed and ate a Rockefeller, enabling his transformation into one of the most powerful men on earth. Just havin' fun, Red.
  11. What's next, Player X loses a finger to frostbite and Player Y is done for the season after rupturing a hemorrhoid? The injury parade is totally out of hand. Ridiculous
  12. Body language eh... All I can say is "Radim Vrbata". Real Vrbada body language. Pouty little bish
  13. Or so they say... Mmwwhahahahaha Bwhahahhaa
  14. Aggressive, fast, balanced Edit - Changed my mind - Can't. stop. winning