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  1. The twins with Gagne? Gag-ne me with a spoon, eh Talk about tough, eh Ehhhhhhhhhhh Sutter on the fourth While Gagne wings the twins And rodin flanks the first line... I hope coach green don't Use Cdc because that Would be a s##t show
  2. Yup, I went with the keeper too. Kinda second guessing on Lockwood and Gad though
  3. Not at 4mil a piece then can't You should know better, Apollo, sheesh Edit- just realized what year it is.. On a scale of 1-10, how high are you?
  4. Hope he gets connected with Bo's skating coach. Thinking he's waiver bound though
  5. Almost like a viking send off - corpse on a boat that's loaded with tinder, set ablaze and sailed with the ebb tide. Except I propose your corpse be doused, set ablaze and launched on a burning surfboard from a trebuchet aboard a burning log boom. OP- Ive always wanted to be burned and my ashes be planted with a sapling.
  6. She's just being a normal infant / toddler / child, every age is filled with little crazy stages as the kid starts forming it's identity. "It's become self aware" "AHHH, we're all gonna die!!!" Just wait til the diaper games begin - you'll miss fussy rice stage.
  7. Whatever makes you feel better, D. I've tried to give myself hugs and make it all better by "what if(ing)" and "coulda but(ing)" our proven reality. But we lost... and I'm still sore.
  8. Had no idea about the renos, I bet the 5 ton, full of busted sticks is proving useful. "Built my new studio out of failed slap shots" Isn't it "Canucks trivia 101" that Edler won't waive? I gave up on that hope in 2012/13, it's time we all got over it, OP. The only chance we have is JB telling Edler he won't get extended and to pick a few places he's like to play, but the really sad thing is - we need Edler sooooo bad, and Tanev. OUR D SUCKED WICKED BAD ALL LAST SEASON. EDLER WAS OUR MOST RELIABLY DISSAPPOINTING (yet our best) DEFENDER BECAUSE TANEV'S ALWAYS INJURED!! Sorry for yelling
  9. My sentiments exactly. Because that team just wasn't good enough. and riots
  10. Well I just hope he learns to be a pro, and runs over a whole bunch of dudes while scoring a bazillion goals, in the NHL, for the Canucks.
  11. I hope he comes out in preseason and rocks bells, earns his spot on the 3rd line and works his butt off for O minutes. He's young, fast, strong and hits like a truck. Just needs to get dialed in.
  12. I've still got Jake ahead of Dahlen. Sometimes I hate you guys
  13. I can't be the only one - Kolelin(d) - Colon: The long, coiled, tubelike organ that removes water from digested food. The remaining material, solid waste called stool, moves through the colon to the rectum and leaves the body through the anus. Also known as large bowel and large intestine. (from Webster's dictionary) As in "Holy bejesus the Canucks just got coloned" Or "Kole Lind"(ed) That's why no one had taken him - they don't like butt jokes or potty humour, well I do and I think it's awesome. I'm sooo stoked we got coloned, sorry, Kole Lind! Edit- It's a fantastic hockey name and could be the butt of many jokes...
  14. Speaking of murderers...
  15. Say whaaaat? Vrb more effective in the dzone than the Amazing Megna!? Willy's mo says no and so does the beer.