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  1. Apparently we're after Sam Gagne...."Hockey Feed" on fb posted a tweet from his agent. So it's not a thread because it's "Hockey Feed"... but.. Gagne? Thought I'd put it out there, didn't see it mentioned anywhere..  Gagne with a silver spoon

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    2. luckylager


      Spatty, you already said it "I thought JB wanted a tough and gritty guy" (top 6)..

      Sam Gagne? Huuuhhh?! 

      If JB signs him, hopefully he's Baer-sqaured cuz... ya. The oilers ruined that kid.

      Side note - a young colleague of mine grew up with Gagne in "spoiled rich kid Ontario town", says he's a beauty.... which makes me want him even less.

    3. SaintPatrick33


      Did he grow up with Tavares? I thought I watched something on that. Either way, Gagne still probably has a career because of his Dad. Not a fan of spoiled rich kids, and it shows in this kids game. 

    4. luckylager


      Yes, spoiled Ontario kid has mentioned that he knows Jonny T as well, but he's "tight" with Sam. Still hangs with him at "the cottage in the summer", apparently... 

      He doesn't have much for pics though. Couple of blurry, cabin pool table room shots.


  2. No. But I heard Mats Sundin may come out of retirement....
  3. A lot more than Higgins. We weren't even talking about toughness, just usefulness, or uselessness in the case of both of these clowns. And why do you need to bring Ryper up? You're not even involved in the original conversation, the comment was in direct reference to how washed up BOTH players are. The fact that Prust got dusted his fair share of times isn't at all relevant to the fact that both he and Higgins are crap now. Go find a can and spit in it, there hock a loogie.
  4. Thanks for the chuckle. For the record, I was a big no on Lucic because he's a suspension magnet, and he's dirty. I love tough players, dirty onesnot.... so much. I gotta admit, Prust really went up a few notches when he appeared that dirty rat though. The fact he's a 4th liner means it's no big loss for the team. Lucic however, paying that guy big cap to get suspended....
  5. I'd rather have Prust back. Seriously. Higgins represents everything we need to leave behind. And no, I don't want Prust back.
  6. Ya, you're right. He carried way too much cap to be as poor of a player as he is. I don't remember the exact wording from JB, but - "We tried to give Chris away, I called every team and most just hung up, a few laughed. Ya, we're stuck with him. Maybe he'll be real good for a 4th liner again"... seems familiar.
  7. Just as personal of an attack as accusing me of going with what's popular on CDC. And you really want to talk about role players? I know a lot of kids never had to stick up for themselves or their friends because of pink shirt day.... But hockey is a tough game and sometimes there is a guy who likes to fight more than everyone else on the ice. He keeps the other guys who like to play cheap in line, he has value. He is a role player, like Brandon Prust. If Higgins could still play a role and effectively kill a penalty even, he's probably get a job. Yet no one wants him, they didn't last year, or even the year before.....
  8. I'm guessing you're some child who has an attachment to Harry Potter and middle six forwards who were mediocre even in their prime. He should have been let go years back, I've had a hate on for him for years. It's relevant because both players are washed up. One is more skilled than the other, who would beat the living hell out of the "skilled" guy. Dude, they couldn't even get a 6th round pick for Higgins last summer, then he cleared waivers... He's finished.
  9. And how many faces has Higgins pounded in?
  10. Haha, he is not. They are very equal in terms of cabre- Both journeymen NHLers who now play like crap and get waived from the third worst team in the NHL. Real good
  11. Nah dude - "It's a jelly"
  12. The smarterest in fact, only the finest hit the beat in S-town! They could tell he was white the second he pulled a batarang from his belt- "Hold your fire... batarang.. he's white" They're just usually faster on the draw, guess it was late into their shift, too many donuts, not enough coffee.
  13. Somewhere east.... Like Switzerland? Okay, Utica would take him back. And Higgins.... lmao, good one! You're kidding right? Cuz that was funny... Higgins.. hahaahaha
  14. But this guy didn't get shot? What the? I guess he wasn't black, or they just assumed he wasn't.
  15. Guess we're waiting on the judge... might be a while. Apparently he's gone all summer, maybe longer....