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  1. Yeah... Not a fan of trading Guddy. Or Tanev... Edler wants out and they're all there for him!
  2. Whoa, half the league eh! Somethings cooking
  3. Well my mom always said "You are what you eat"
  4. Cynic! I'm more of a realist. Weirco had to go back. Holm is up because he's being rewarded for his good play. He won't dress for a game though. That's all I was really getting at
  5. They won't give Holm a shot. What's Baumer teaching these guys anyways? I guess a 0.3ppg isn't terrible for a career D call up, but still... I think it's a good idea to see how Pouliot plays with Tanev for a game or two. Pouliot has not looked good on his off side paired with Dedler. I can see Hutty and Pouliot rotating until Edler gets injured again. (or Somebody gets traded)
  6. If they're scratched, yes Those D pairing are wtf, Green. I can only assume neither Tanev or Stech will be back in Philly. I doubt Holm gets dressed for a game during his call up
  7. Gustav Forsling is outscoring our D

    I just read through the first dozen pages, gotta say, I miss Desi's tamtrums and undying, passionate love for Bo Sang. Had forgotten he got labelled Bo Sangs mom. Anyways, trades a trade. We had a need at the time, Clendenning didn't pan out. Oh well, get over it, Cathode.
  8. Hoping for a good start leading to a greasy road win. 3-2 Nux.
  9. Good luck to the guy. I'll bet he's happy to turn the page.
  10. [Report] Austin Watson suspended 2 games

    Yeah, but we're talking about Chris Chelios. I can guarantee he deserved that ride from Bert. Chelios was one of the cheapest, most dirty players of his era. Guy was a huge POS
  11. [PGT] St. Louis Blues vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Jake's gotta go to the net. From behind, front, side and everywhere in between. I'd like to see him power through guys and attack the front of the net. He had a chance after he chased a puck out, on a line change early in the third, but instead of using his body to keep possession down low, he makes a useless pass into dead ice while (? Vanek and Gagner?) float in the half boards and slot. Didn't see him much after that. Yes he coulda pinned it and waited for support, but Greener, man... Gagner and Edler.
  12. [PGT] St. Louis Blues vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Davs, Eriksson played a great game overall. If he can play like that every night, he's worth 5 mil..
  13. [PGT] St. Louis Blues vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Sorry man, Mr. Float is actually "Al Dente."
  14. [PGT] St. Louis Blues vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Yes indeed But the guys I care about played well! Blues aren't a pushover by any stretch, yet they needed the refs help on TWO goals.
  15. [PGT] St. Louis Blues vs. Vancouver Canucks

    HEY DON'T FORGET St Louis had 9 skaters on the ice for their first goal. Nine