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  1. This is where I disagree with you, Joe. Their community leadership is inspiring and admirable. I've just always wished they had a bit more fight / intensity in their on ice product. The skateaway-with-head-down-guys routine just bugs me to no end. Sends me into fits actually
  2. Shiraz Higgins doesn't sound like a real name. Off topic- Shiraz is probably my least favorite wine. Usually bland, boring, lacks complexity, and is only poured when you've got nothing else in the house. How wrong would it be to go, but pay with conterfeit?
  3. Given today's technology, there's no reason we couldn't elimate refs (keep the linesmen to break up fights). A few dozen 4k eyes in the sky, sensors etc. and program the system. Eliminate "human error". Refs are terrible. Ask any fan. Yes, it would be a hard job, so lets get computers to do it.
  4. Fair enough, can't say I havent heard people going too far. But those of us that can be respectably rowdy are being marginalized by the fun police
  5. Tax evasion? Well Mr Attorney, what can she be charged with?
  6. Thanks. It's been a couple years since I went to a game, but have been planning a trip over with a couple buds. Last time I went, it was zero fun, super disappointed in the overall experience when compared to just 5yrs ago. But I've always sprung for lower bowl if we're making the trip over. Think I'll check out this "fun zone", where the fun people hang out and have a good time!
  7. Good to know
  8. You get warned by the fun police for raising your voice, chanting alor even smiling too big. Plus, all the angry glares from uptight suits who look down on fun, makes me angry. No fun atmosphere
  9. Keep your boring, deadpan, suited money zombies in the suites and out of the bowl please.
  10. Copy that Think we're on the same page here
  11. So I was planning on watching the game after work Reading the comments, thinking it'll just throw me back into an Edler-centric rage and I don't think I'm ready for that yet. Happy to hear our PP is still boring as hell too. Guess I got 2.5hrs freed up tonight
  12. Sad thing is They'll try to share At the same time
  13. Lets go boys, close em out. Get that checking game going and spring BB for another goal to seal it
  14. Keep it clean or you got tossed Not that hard. Are you some puritan who believes alcohol controls people? Grow up
  15. If he doesn't make the nux, he'll score 80 goals for Utica. Leathal shot. The AHL keepers can't handle BB's gun