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  1. I really like the look of this years class, great mix of position, size, skill etc. but we'll have to wait about 5 years for the final verdict to be delivered.
  2. Looks like the kid needs some of Jake's summer '16 diet. Super skinny, but crazy skilled.. shoot for the moon, Elias, we need you to be great! Hopefully the twins can combine their powers into one and transfer it to the new Swedekin. Go Canucks!
  3. JC- " I make Harper da bet he can't fart on cue, he try, and pooped! He actually pooped!" SH- " Jean... It was wet, I didn't poop. Stop telling people that" JC- "Hahahahaahaha, you pooped, you poopy conservative poopman! Haha PM Poopypants" SH- "Haha, PM Poopypants, you frenchies are hilarious! Haha.. burn"
  4. I want every NHL, GM to absolutely hate McPhee and force him to overpay huge in any trade. Just a big group of bitter GM's seeking revenge on the jackass who poached one of their players. That'd be great. 

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    2. HI5


      Seems like Vegas may win a cup before the Canucks

    3. Zhukini


      Maybe, and that's no ones fault but the Canucks 

    4. Hairy Kneel

      Hairy Kneel

      Or Bettman and his refs

  5. So true. Looking through other teams' exposed list... ouch
  6. Maybe JB has a deal in place with Vegas that hasn't been leaked. What would be a fair price to have LV pick Gaunce over Sbisa - Subban and a 3rd? CBJ's 2nd? (heard somewhere we can't trade that pick, which seems kinda ridiculous) Would be a shame to lose Sbisa, his game has really come around.
  7. Once upon a time I had a really bad / awkward bail on my skateboard, tore the ligaments in my ankle and a minor tear in some whatchamadoody tendon. It was more painful than any bone break I've had, and I've had quite a few. I can't even imagine the size of Karlsson's balls, they must be like prairie oyster big. What a fricken stud to play the way he did. He put an entire team on his shoulders with one completely useless foot that woulda hurt like a hot nail being driven into a very tender area.... and took the Champs within an inch of their season. Holy crap - MVP
  8. It's free Edit - I mean : That'll teach you to be thoughtful, showoff.
  9. The league is angry CDC generates as much traffic as the website. They're not a fan of humour Incredible wit or the Guardian It's the Guardians fault, and Betman
  10. Yaya, I get that. I'm just sayin' there are worse $5m contracts...
  11. And - Bump
  12. Ahh, of course. Crazy he's become "undesirable", I haven't been paying attention to Chi-towns cap situation. Been focused on this Old Fashion and the garden... Edit- Still, $5m isn't a bad deal for Seabrook. I'd trade Edler for Seabrook in a heartbeat
  13. Seabrook's never been fast, sure his game declined a bit last year, but he's still valuable. I don't see Chicago going for it, at all.