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  1. [Report] Canes looking to move Eric Staal

    Since when is "Florida" on a magic eight ball? Weird
  2. A Christmas Wish for the Canucks (Discussion)

    A six game win streak
  3. Team Toughness

    They hurt wicked bad too. I'm just gonna skate to the bench with my head down...
  4. [GDT] VAN @ DAL | 830e/530p

    You bet! Any opportunity I have, I just ram it right in there.
  5. Team Toughness

    Exactly. Well said 
  6. Team Toughness

    Lmao! Are you banging your hands on a table? Tough guy, your writing voice is that of a small angry lawyer. Are you of the opinion the team doesn't lack toughness? Because any one of Hansen, Hammer, Bartkowski or even Daniel should have at least taken a swipe at Larsson. But no, nothing.. Skating around, lalala, guess 5 and a game is okay. Weak sauce. Maybe Larsson looked around and saw 5 guys with no push back all on the ice at the same time. Perfect opportunity to lay a cheap shot... Willy...
  7. [GDT] VAN @ DAL | 830e/530p

    Haha! Too bad we don't get the Habs again... Prust could thrust Semin right into Condon.. 
  8. Team Toughness

    All four Sedin's on the ice with McCann? Interesting...
  9. Team Toughness

    There were 4 other players on the ice. Coaches get mad. Are we talking about TEAM toughness?
  10. Hamhuis and his place on this team

    Guy's a beauty, fer sure. I wonder what he wants though. He might want another shot at the cup...    
  11. This ^^  What an incredible compliment coming from a man who had the opportunity to play with such a legend. Damn, now I'm going to expect so much... Thanks Radim. No pressure Jared.
  12. Team Toughness

    The fact that the Canucks don't beat the crap out of everyone who even breathes on them has bugged me for years, I hate it. But at the same time, I should try to grow up a bit and learn that hockey really isn't the same game as it was when I first watched it, when players were held accountable on the ice and if you even farted near a star player you got your face pounded in and the linesman had to pick up teeth. Spisa should look after himself, you wanna hit guys, pay the piper, same goes for JV. I've got no problem with players having to fight if they want to play tough. The thing that still drives me insane is when, for example, McCann takes a cheap, high, crappy hit behind the net and no one is throwing fists. If McCann played a hardnosed, hit everything game, I wouldn't care, but he doesn't... Sorry, but if JV gets nailed, kinda comes with his playing style, do unto others. But it doesn't matter who gets hit if it's dirty, I still want blood for BS hits, and the team lacks that blood lust.
  13. Fair, really? "The big bad GM isn't noticing me enough to intervene in the coaches decision." Sure, the GM maybe makes the actual call to Utica, but when "they" (Managment and Coaching staff) decide they want to try Shink against a skill team and Grenier against a big team, they're recognising these guys for the player they are and giving them the best chance to succeed. I'd say that's pretty fair. And also potentially serves to boost their value. Fair.. pffft. Ask a zebra about fair.
  14. Is Jake Virtanen ready for the NHL?

    Is Virtanen ready? Where has he been playing all year, the NHL? Some of you guys expect way too much, he's doing fine.  
  15. Hypothetical January-Poser

    Untouchables- Vey and Weber. Obviously