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  1. edler would get to go to a contender, who could use another top-4 d-man with all the injuries on their blue line. we could trade miller for a picks/prospects/whatever and replace him with fleury. edler and fleury have similar contracts (no trade clauses), the annual cap hit is similar and the remainder of the term is similar. our goalie depth would be fleury (stanely cup champion), markstrom (who needs to play more!!) and demko (who's the real deal). and we have enough depth on d with the emergence of stetcher, tryamkin and hutton, drafting Juolevi ,and the possibility of gudbranson re-singing for a few years, to loose edler and his contract. if fleury takes miller's job as our starter for the 17/18 season, we wont have to spend money on re-signing him, and we'd have a #1 goalie, which would save us from having to find one in free agency or trading for one if the club isnt confident enough to hand markstrom the reigns for next year. anyway, this is my first proposal, i'll probably get flamed, just wondering what you guys thought