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  1. Any teams looking to make off-season moves PM me
  2. That's RNH boi
  3. I don't see how promoting black only zones and what not is a step forward, if anything singular groups like this promotes more difference and segregation than it does unity.
  4. Columbus sends down Kristen Vesalainen calls up LW Matt Calvert
  5. Columbus places D David Savard on waivers. Calls-Up D Alex Urbom @Kazmanian Devil
  6. So let me get this straight, People actually believe Isreal/US is behind some global zionist world domination plan? People need to lay off the glue and accept responsibility instead of always looking to blame someone else.

    1. luckylager


      Yes, some people believe a predominantly Christian country's Government is in league with the Zionists that control most of the world's banks. Together they create wars against Muslim countries to control the flow of oil and keep the military industrial complex stacked with cash, continually producing expensive weaponry that must be used, or it loses value. 

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    2. luckylager
    3. Nuckles80


      I think many people are aware that those people in this world who are the elite / most wealthy actually control a great deal of this world. The banks, military industrial complex, and others indeed have a great deal of power in government.

      You simply have to look at America's foreign policy actions with objectivity and you will see a great deal of decisions that are hypocritical to their stated positions, all for who's gain? There is value to the USA and elites of this world by having instability in certain regions - despite their calls for stability -they are often the ones destabilizing. Alot of factual, real information is out there to connect dots, but most people simply take what they see on CNN as fact. Not suggesting some zionist plot but don't discount that we really live in an oligarchy not a nicey nicey democracy that really cares about you or I. It serves the elite, and that is a fact.

  7. Columbus places a claim on F Brian Boyle
  8. COLUMBUS - The Columbus Bluejackets have acquired Jordan Eberle from the New York Rangers in exchange for Prospect: Sonny Milano Kerby Rychel Derrick Brassard 2020 Second round pick Eberle has scored 22 goals and 26 assists in 60 games during his first season for the Rangers following the blockbuster trade from the Oilers. In Eberle's final 2 seasons before moving from the Oil he scored 70 and 84 points notching over 30 goals both seasons. This move comes as a surprise from the Bluejackets who as a whole have been struggling these past two seasons. It seems as if a rebuild is looking necessary. Eberle is a UFA and could end up walking for nothing but Columbus GM logic is comfortable with dealing with that as it comes, here is his reaction on the move. Logic: I know a lot of people will view this move as a step back for us, but any time you acquire a 30 goal, top 25 league scoring player I view that as a step forward. Yes I am aware Jordan is going into his UFA years, but I am confident we will be able to reach a deal. A lot of cap coming off the books this year, money will not be an issue, the first line spot is Jordan's to lose, he will be up there with Brendan an elite top 10 winger, and Alex and blossoming young star. Jordan has a few former teammates on to team so I am fully confident he will fit in to the locker room as soon as he walks in. We will begin contract talks as soon as we can during the resign period during the draft, I hope this move encourages Jackets fans with message that I am looking to become more competitive taking step forwards rather than back. Brendan Saad - Alex Wennberg - Jordan Eberle Kristian Vesalainen - Jason Spezza - Nick Foligno Patric Hornqvist - William Karlsson - Tomas Jurco David Perron - Cole Cassels - Oliver Bjorkstrand Defense pairs: Olli Juolevi - Seth Jones Zach Werenski - Pk Subban David Savard - Andrej Sustr Goalies: Petr Mrazek Scott Darling
  9. Columbus calls up: Kristian Vesalainen
  10. That devil sacrifice video was fkn weird, even if it is fake there is more to the story.


  11. Anyone in the payoff push looking for rentals look no further than jason spezza Derrick brassard i am willing to take a contract dump in the right deal! PM me !
  12. Looking to make some moves, Actively shopping: Jason Spezza Nick Foligno Derrick Brassard David Perron Patric Hornqvist I am fielding offers on Subban not looking to move but I will if the offer is good enough, I am looking for a top prospect, young roster D and a first round pick. Prospects: Milano will only be moved for a similar young player who is just about NHL ready I have more interest in moving Levin or Lestan
  13. Perks: Internal Update:
  14. Any team looking to make a playoff push I have a plethora of vets who would be perfect for added firepower. Looking to move: Jason Spezza Derrick Brassard Nick Foligno