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  1. God dammit how do I manage to get tonsillitis two days before I start my new job...

    1. Ghostsof1915


      Because it's flu season, and you haven't had your tonsils removed?



  2. Jokkipakka 4 Norris
  3. woah Horvat has more points than Tavares so far

    1. SwedeHockey


      So does Sam Gagner..

    2. SabreFan1


      Don't forget to thank Mike Gillis for drafting him after trading Schneider away for the pick that they chose Bo with.

  4. Watching from the flyers feed tonight, pray for me..

  5. Kreider had 61 actually @canucklax The ' Projected lineup was 50k over cap Rangers ' Opening season Lineup Kreider - Zibanejad - Buchnevich Seney - Stepan - Makeyev Kovacs - Hayes - Miller Tambellini - Haula - Chartier McDonagh - Byfuglien Jokkipakka - Moore Staal - Weber Rinne Sorokin
  6. Meh he was a smuggler... not a murderer, rapist, pedophile. His crimes were Financially motivated not ones done to be a fked up individual. Looks like he is trying to better his life legally, and honestly seems to be a pretty decent guy and fan of the team/twins, The past is past.. hate how everything has to be a story these days.
  7. Manhattan, New York The New York Rangers are very pleased to announce the signing of two guys who are going to step in next year and really make a difference on our roster. Firstly I would like to welcome one of the best goaltenders in the NHL in recent years, Pekka Rinne to the Rangers, he is gonna come in and really give us some consistent elite goaltending night in and night out. We have also signed Dimitry Makeyev but he is still in Russia at this time, he will be coming to New York sometime before training camp. He will likely slot in on the third line to start the season. Rangers Lineup: Pavel Buchnevich - Mika Zibanejad - Brett Seney Chris Kreider A - Nico Hischier - Derek Stepan Rourke Chartier - Kevin Hayes - Dimitry Makeyev Adam Tambellini - Erik Haula - JT Miller Ryan McDonagh C - Dustin Byfuglien Marc Staal A - John Moore Jyrki Jokkipakka - Yannick Weber Pekka Rinne Ilya Sorokin Top Prospects: Mark Croft Jiri Fojtik Sean Day Logan Barlage Antoine Morand
  8. I've grown up on colour at home and personally doesn't it make sense to have the crowd and team in team colours instead of every team being team white at home?
  9. We would like to congratulate club legend Clarke MacArthur on a wonderful NHL career and on behalf on the entire Rangers organisation wish him all the best in retirement. During the 82 games in Ranger blue 'Clutch' Clarke Macarthur racked up a staggering 6 goals and 11 assists for 17 points in 82 games, cementing his status as a club and cult icon for the Rangers. Surely this won't be the last time we see Clarke on the ice in the MSG, sometime next season expect a ring of honour ceremony for one of the best to dawn Rangers blue. His 4.6 million yearly salary will now be put towards things which are actually useful.
  10. Im not going to even respond because there is to many flaws in this post to pick one to begin with.
  11. Anyone looking for a second pairing D PM me.
  12. Your opinion doesn't make you a realist.. lets say say we drafted first in a year and got someone like Yakupov/RNH is that really a superstar calibre player that's gonna change the fortunes of our franchise? Tanking is not even close to being a reliable way to acquire elite talent. Also doesn't make sense to build the supporting cast first, goalies and defence take the longest to get right, truly elite offensive talent can be slotted in last. Lastly, elite talent is not just in the top3 picks. Tarasenko, Karlsson, Giroux, Kopitar, Perry etc were all taken after 10
  13. Lol, if it was obvious to me I would not have asked
  14. If claimed is it full salary/term?
  15. What I have noticed about Benning's moves so far is a lot of them look bad initially, but over time turn out to be the smart choice. This TDL is arguably Benning's most important since taking over, we will really see what kind of direction the team is going in, but I trust him to not trade for the sake of trading, and to look for a good hockey deal.