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  1. Our team is at its best playing high energy end-to-end hockey, not skating around in a box trying to defend. Its like as soon as the boys get a lead Green tells them to stop trying to score
  2. Love that the boys were able to pull out the win but it worries me how we cant defend a lead to save our lives, I know we're a young team but this trend needs to stop if we want to make the playoffs. I love that we can score but we need to be able to win 3-2 or 2-0 every now and then as well. November was a tough month for us, in December the schedule is in our favour and we need to go on a run and gain some ground for a top 3 spot in the pacific.
  3. clever response.. if you don’t think we’ve had problems defending leads that has cost us crucial points I don’t know what hockey you’re watching
  4. Fire Green what is he thinking waiting until it’s 6-6 to call a timeout... call it after the other team scores two quick ones to make it a one goal game
  5. Did you ever even watch bourdon play? Or are you to young for that
  6. An inch offside is still offside, imagine losing a round in the playoffs over an illegal goal
  7. We finally have depth for when injuries occur no need to rush into a move
  8. Definitely disagree with you on that one, breezer is calm and cool in his own end and has a crisp first pass, and doesn’t get complete pushed around on the boards, At worst he’ll be a #7 guy imo
  9. I've been comparing this past draft to 2011, I see a lot of RNH in Hughes in the sense that they aren't ready to be first year NHLers, both small skilled playmaking centres, and that if they are rushed their ceiling will dramatically decrease, consensus #1 throughout the year. I see Kakko being Landeskog, turning out as the more valuable piece in a rugged, big, skilled top line winger with leadership.
  10. Pretty insane to think Crosby has only played 949 games. If he didn't miss 150 games to injuries during the prime of his career he'd very likely almost be at 1500 points by now

    1. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      And Jagr over 2000

    2. Nuxfanabroad


      Pens are lucky dirtbags

  11. A generation is 10-15 years imo 2006-2017 the Crosby/OV post lockout generation 2017-??? McDavid generation,