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  1. Unpopular opinion:

    Reduce schedule to 62 games, home & away with each team.


    -Higher calibre hockey due to reduced fatigue, injuries, over-saturation of games

    -More emphasis on rivalry matches 

    -Every point really matters from day 1

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    2. 5Fivehole0


      Ticket prices would go up
      Player salaries would go down
      Profits would be reduced
      Fans would get less games

      Too many cons vs the pros 

    3. Baer.


      That's a quarter of the league's revenue lost

    4. Riviera82


      20 fewer games? No thanks. I'd be ok with reducing the season to an even 80 games, but that's all. Want to increase the quality of hockey? Fold a couple of sunbelt teams and relocate a couple others.

  2. {GDT} Canucks VS Bruins Nov. 8th, 2018

    this is pathetic forced to resort to a stream because i cant watch my provincial team play away games ffs
  3. 10% Cap Rule, Revisited

    watered down lol? How long have you watched hockey, teams are deeper and more skilled now than ever. Its a business fans shouldn't be catered to because their GM made a dumb-move what about the teams that don't have bad contracts this doesn't reward them at all. What seperates elite GMs from the rest is the ability to make good signings, trades, and drafting.
  4. bought a 2018 gmc canyon today, hard work pays off!

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    2. logic


      @Baer. yep 3k on it, was driven by the mechanics in demo thats it

    3. Baer.
    4. SergioMomesso


      Good for you. I bought a Silverado 4 years ago and December is my last payment. I can't wait. 

  5. 10% Cap Rule, Revisited

    Teams should be forced to stick with bad signings, it prevents teams from throwing stupid amounts of cash at every player
  6. third game in a row I miss due to work, god damn night shift schedule, in between rail cars i have a lot of down time and reading cdc helps me pass 3 hours fairly quickly, so thanks guys
  7. I did not, was working
  8. Trying to give him a taste so he can see for himself what he needs to work on, its easier to see for yourself what guys are beating you on than just told you have to improve certain things. Injuries certainly may have helped him out for getting games, but I don't expect him to play more than 40 games this year
  9. He fits in as NHL player, but he will peak at what he is without more refinement
  10. I really like Schaller as a bottom six option, but offensively he will hold back Bo and Brock as he doesn't have the speed or skill to fit-in on the line, Roussel fits in a bit better imo
  11. Swap Roussel and Schaller, do not want . Schaller anywhere near Bo or Brock
  12. You gotta reward Archie during times like this for his loyalty and dedication to the franchise, what would that say to other young guys if they see someone like Archie who never gets a shot no matter how hard he works. Personally, I would like to see what MacEwen can do in the NHL, he has all the tools to be a legit bottom 6 NHL player, with a story of character to complete it, but I understand why Archie deserves some minutes
  13. Chum-Lee must be hooking the boys up in management good for them to be handing out contracts like that
  14. [Speculation] Interest in Alex Edler

    I would say Edler is the most under-appreiciated Dman Canucks have ever had