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  1. Benning most underrated move, Vanek for Tyler “ couldn’t even get a pick “ Motte
  2. Does anyone have any tips for mobilizing the SI joint? I finally got into a chiropractor after week 1/2 of lower back pain and she said I have a seized SI joint. She stretched me out and then said there was pretty much nothing you can do except ice it and see if it loosens up, follow up appt is Wednesday. Was just curious if anyone knows of any methods of stretching or exercises I can do to help. I'm only 21 and take pretty good care of myself so I find it concerning to be having back problems, thanks guys!

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    2. Curmudgeon


      Hey, Logic. Not trying to frighten you at all. My symptoms were very similar to yours and I went nearly ten years before a doctor figured it out. Several chiropractors and physios completely missed it and tried all kinds of things that did not work. I really hope you don't have Ankylosing Spondylitis but talk to a doctor to rule it out. If it does turn out to be AS send me a private message and I can help you deal with any questions or concerns you have, and can point to others who can offer support. Please, please, please see a medical professional; CDC is no substitute for a qualified medical opinion.

    3. I.Am.Ironman


      Curmudgeon, with respect, it is was too early to be investigated for AS. Frankly, it would be a waste of health care resources at this point to get the blood work and xrays. His pain has only been around for 1.5 weeks. If it were months/years then that is a different conversation. I empathize with your story, 10 years is a long time to get a diagnosis. I wish you well

    4. Alflives


      Get a different chiropractor for starters.  Massage therapist first.  

  3. Hahahah wow the ignorance is strong, I’m 21 make 6 figures with 0 student debt while working 6 months of the year. A house also doesn’t cost 1.5m here thanks tho
  4. Gusts of 70 that’s cute try living on the north coast, had 80-115km winds all week
  5. With players like EP and Hughes every game is worth tuning in, these guys are capable of scoring goals to tie it up with seconds remaining, absolutely electrifying to have such talent on our team
  6. Brocks shooting confidence is low lately, the guy almost had his career ended so I didn’t expect him to be 100 percent the same player but I was expecting him to be a perennial 30-35g guy before his Injury
  7. Broberg and Soderstrom are overrated 

  8. JT Miller reminds me of a younger Mikael Samuelsson with more upside

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    2. Coconuts


      Ahh yes, triple gold legend Mikael Samuelsson

    3. -AJ-


      Different play styles, but Samuelsson in his prime was definitely a top 6 forward for us.

    4. 6string


      A larger TJ Oshie was my first impression...

  9. Jake is was a top 10 talent based off his phyical attributes alone, you CANNOT teach size with that kind of speed
  10. There’s been at least 3 or 4 games earlier this year where green has failed to use his timeout in key situations where we have blown a lead or started to. maybe he’s starting to learn from his mistakes
  11. Breakout year for Jake, already has same amount of assists as previous 2 seasons