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  1. I think its just a money-grab offering 3 different jerseys, not saying we're doing anything different but people are more likely to buy 3 different looking jerseys rather than a home recolour for the away.
  2. Eichel has out-produced EPs rookie year in only one year which was 18/19, where Eichel was 22 and EP was 20, their age is almost identical in regards to their draft years as well.
  3. The jackets traded Jakub Voracek & Sean Couturier for Jack Johnson and Marko Dano #Ouch

    1. Nuxfanabroad


      But then the Flyers gave away Sideshow Bob, & signed Mr Universe, Bryzy-G!


      They've sure made their share of head-scratchers.

  4. good news, stability is crucial in development, not having a farm like Utica for many many years really hurt our prospect pool during the era of terrible drafting. Glad to see we have a good working relationship with our farm clubs now.
  5. Misleading stat, Colorado had the 10th best ranked offence in the NHL last year
  6. Our forward group is just sick, I would put a bet on us having the most 15 goal scorers in the NHL next season
  7. I would say JB has shown he can be creative and have the balls you need to really change up the team. We're going to have a team that is EXCITING to watch, every game is going to be worth tuning in and I cant wait. The In vs the Out of roster compared to last year is unreal, I would say we've had the best off-season in the NHL along with the Rangers

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    2. Ghostsof1915


      Never stop improving. 

    3. combover


      He’s done the same thing every year..... ufa signings Miller vrbata eriksdone ect ect ect.... 


      His team has been nothing short of awful even with the overpriced addition since the day he got here. But everyone better pile on the accolades for how wonderful his bottom dwelling team has been. 

      Keep up the good work Jim if mediocrity has been the goal since he got here then he finally succeed at something. 

    4. Western Red

      Western Red

      Good points logic. We could be the most improved team in the west, possibly the Avs? I dunno.


      Teams going to be beastly with Green driving them all to play to their best. Gonna be a great year! 

  8. This is a stupid thread. ferland is a proven top 9 gritty forward, I like macewen a lot but he MIGHT become what Ferland is if we’re lucky
  9. Some people have to much time on their hands
  10. Because a divisional rival would trade us a top 4 dman for a package like this right? only reason it’s so cheap is he goes east
  11. Look at the value Tomas Tatar got after 28 points in 62 games

  12. Anyone else feel Brackett is the heir to Bennings throne
  13. You’re right your logic is better, don’t make any trades to improve the team at all, let’s only ice players that have been drafted by the Canucks