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  1. Look at the value Tomas Tatar got after 28 points in 62 games

  2. Anyone else feel Brackett is the heir to Bennings throne
  3. You’re right your logic is better, don’t make any trades to improve the team at all, let’s only ice players that have been drafted by the Canucks
  4. His lowest points in4 seasons is 43, I guess that’s third line production. you know nothing about the player and just want to try and look smart lol get out of here with your unbacked complaints
  5. Would you idiots rather have a bonafide top6 forward in his prime to play with horvat and boeser or MAYBE develop an NHL’ player who plays 300 games with that pick lmao
  6. You’re on glue bro.. what do you expect to give up for 26 year old, versatile 40-55 point wingers on cap friendly deals with term.. if we never try and improve our team we’ll never be good.
  7. 5 guys from 5 diffferent years in like a 8 year span, I tend to veer away from Russian players but thats a pretty cherry picked list. 2008-2013 2008 Kyle Beach 11th overall 2010 Brett Connollly 6th overall 2012 was a god awful draft for Canadian forwards in general 2013 Lazar, Shinkaruk ect
  8. a Bobby Brink and Brock Boeser connection on the wings has a nice ring to it

    1. DontMessMe


      I think he will be gone by 40 :(

  9. Big steal, was ranked top 5 most of season. The fact he has two years on contract is not a worry what so ever, we will need good young talent on ELCs when we are ready to contend. Character is definitely not an issue if JB was willing to pick him IN Vancouver. His game oozes Canadian play-style is absolutely relentless and plays 110% passion and wears his heart on his sleeve. This guy IS NOT a finesse, dangle you sniper type of Russian player, he's a puck hound, in your face, dump it in and beat everyone to the puck, sheer force of will, I want it more than you type of player, he reminds me of a Russian cross of a meaner Horvat X Virtanen. -Horvat Goes all in every night, competes for his teammates, very well rounded game, heavy on the boards. Complete 3 zone player, Good all around offensive tools but not elite in any aspect, stride needs work but can be corrected. -Virtanen Possesses elite physical attributes but the IQ isn't quite up to par, has elite north-south potential. Can go from the d-zone up the ice on an end-to-end rush in matter of seconds. Honestly Podkolzin is an a lot more refined version of Virtanen in their draft years, this is because Podzolkin is already been playing mainly against men in Russia's AHL, Podzolkin seems to be gritter than both Horvat and Virtanen in the sense he has the tenacity to get in your face and be more chippy than just playing a heavy game. He can throw big hits against men and isn't afraid to back it up his KHL rights are owned by SKA a powerhouse franchise that are notoriously hard to negotiate with, and are also known to not include young players in their squad as they can afford to buy players every year. 2021-2022 Big name FA/Trade - Petey (8-11M) - Podkolzin ( 900k) elc Or FA - Petey - Boeser FA/Virtanen - Horvat - Podkolzin
  10. Good value, Term and dollar are perfect looks like Eddie really does value being a Canuck and it should show people that it seems like Vancouver takes care of their guys pretty good.I like how it ends as Petey's ELC ends, Like other posters above have said, I believe this gives Benning room to move our D around a bit. Tanev/Hutton or both could be gone at draft.
  11. I actually like this move a lot, take advantage of Florida wanting Panarin, Package would probably be our second this year + our third or B prospect. Might seem low but it could only be for one year as he is UFA next year, is 29 years oldand will command big money, 70 points likely his career high, but alongside petey he is a 30-30 guy for 4-5 seasons Florida does this as its addition by subtraction, opens up the possibility of a Minnesota-esque FA day for Florida, as well as getting assets for a guy they wont be able to keep next year if they sign Bob/Panarin this year