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  1. BC Place is holding back the whitecaps from being a premier team in the MLS They need their own soccer specific stadium and they will become super successful
  2. Fair enough, I also believe America plays itself off to be a lot dumber than they actually are but who knows.. Trillions of dollars into the Military and constant decades of fighting must have got them somewhere, who knows the stuff that they have but don't show off to the world
  3. My bad I used improper terminology. In an honest conventional war do you guys actually think Russia would be a problem for the Americans? Imo Putin wants to seem scary because he has to at a time where his country is in economic shambles.
  4. Look it up.. it definitley has more than its fare share of technical problems
  5. Hahahahah Russia constantly flexing their scrawny muscle... if it came down to it the US would wipe the floor with Russia even with help from China. i can't remember if it was their air craft carrier or battleship but one of them CONSTANTLY has tugboats following it because of how often it breaks down.. yeah real scary Russia, smart move bringing your entire navy to Syria where the US could take it out in one battle.
  6. Still the best five game start in franchise history, nobody should be complaining, we have showed more heart in these games than we did all last season combined.

    1. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      can't argue with logic

    2. Alflives


      Haven't we played SIX games?  :lol:

  7. Green + Virt is a match made in heaven make it happen JB
  8. Very , very unlikely that Boeser doesn't make the NHL before he can do that
  9. yaaaa good luck with making everyone re learn the game at a grass roots level...
  10. How can anyone say anything bad about WD after the team clawed back from 3-0.. any point is Gravy after a 3-0 deficit
  11. Looking to move JT Miller in exchange for a Right Winger 20-25
  12. nvm im dumb
  13. Lmao lets let the ArmChair GM decide what's best for professional athletes who receive nutrition advice from the best experts in Vancouver... a drink or two after a shift of high constant activity will not even replace what they lost... sure its not healthy to down bottle after bottle but its very effective at quickly replacing lost salts, sugars and electrolytes