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  1. We finally have depth for when injuries occur no need to rush into a move
  2. Definitely disagree with you on that one, breezer is calm and cool in his own end and has a crisp first pass, and doesn’t get complete pushed around on the boards, At worst he’ll be a #7 guy imo
  3. I've been comparing this past draft to 2011, I see a lot of RNH in Hughes in the sense that they aren't ready to be first year NHLers, both small skilled playmaking centres, and that if they are rushed their ceiling will dramatically decrease, consensus #1 throughout the year. I see Kakko being Landeskog, turning out as the more valuable piece in a rugged, big, skilled top line winger with leadership.
  4. Pretty insane to think Crosby has only played 949 games. If he didn't miss 150 games to injuries during the prime of his career he'd very likely almost be at 1500 points by now

    1. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      And Jagr over 2000

    2. Nuxfanabroad


      Pens are lucky dirtbags

  5. A generation is 10-15 years imo 2006-2017 the Crosby/OV post lockout generation 2017-??? McDavid generation,
  6. Deforestation and ocean pollution I 100 percent agree are impacting the climate tho
  7. Didn’t all the data and science support that were supposed to be underwater in 2020? Apparently sea levels are supposed to be rising yet prime waterfront real estate value hasn’t dropped and is still being boughten to be developed, all the people crying bloody murder about climate change owning multiple waterfront properties and flying around to events on private jets, doesn’t seem to add up to me
  8. Myers made a good impression on me tonight, I will say even though we aren't clicking in terms of puck luck, passing, and shooting the boys look like an actual 'team' that cares about one another and that goes a long way throughout the course of 82 games. The season is a marathon and its better not to peak to early in the year.
  9. A lot of new guys on the roster gonna take 10 games for everyone to get on the same wave length
  10. The season is a marathon boys, we don’t want to be Maple leafs, starting out fall strong and Colorful then eventually falling to the bottom dead where they will spend the rest of their year
  11. Agreed, it shows he has attributes that make him worth keeping around the big club which is notorious for its treatment of youngsters
  12. Loui has been better than a lot of guys I had penciled in ahead of him
  13. regardless what happens with Goldy the Hansen trade was a win for us, as much as I want the kid to succeed sometimes its time to cut losses and move on

    1. 112


      This core needs a Hansen. Tyler Madden, I'm staring in your direction as I write this.

    2. Dazzle


      If Goldobin makes it through, he'll dominate in the AHL. I really hope he gets his career together, regardless of what team he's on. He has so much potential.

    3. logic


      Looking like the next “ to good for the ahl not good enough for top 6 nhl and not gritty enough for bottom 6 nhl

  14. add inflation onto Berts points, league scoring was pretty low when the WCE was lighting it up
  15. Jasek, brisebois, Lind, all looking promising... throw in signings like macewen, rafferty, Teves and the farm looks quite good this year. Pretty cherry picked statistics