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  1. With players like EP and Hughes every game is worth tuning in, these guys are capable of scoring goals to tie it up with seconds remaining, absolutely electrifying to have such talent on our team
  2. Brocks shooting confidence is low lately, the guy almost had his career ended so I didn’t expect him to be 100 percent the same player but I was expecting him to be a perennial 30-35g guy before his Injury
  3. Broberg and Soderstrom are overrated 

  4. JT Miller reminds me of a younger Mikael Samuelsson with more upside

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    2. Coconuts


      Ahh yes, triple gold legend Mikael Samuelsson

    3. -AJ-


      Different play styles, but Samuelsson in his prime was definitely a top 6 forward for us.

    4. 6string


      A larger TJ Oshie was my first impression...

  5. Jake is was a top 10 talent based off his phyical attributes alone, you CANNOT teach size with that kind of speed
  6. There’s been at least 3 or 4 games earlier this year where green has failed to use his timeout in key situations where we have blown a lead or started to. maybe he’s starting to learn from his mistakes
  7. Breakout year for Jake, already has same amount of assists as previous 2 seasons
  8. Petey needs to dominate and prove he deserves to be in the conversation of the leagues best
  9. Our team is at its best playing high energy end-to-end hockey, not skating around in a box trying to defend. Its like as soon as the boys get a lead Green tells them to stop trying to score
  10. Love that the boys were able to pull out the win but it worries me how we cant defend a lead to save our lives, I know we're a young team but this trend needs to stop if we want to make the playoffs. I love that we can score but we need to be able to win 3-2 or 2-0 every now and then as well. November was a tough month for us, in December the schedule is in our favour and we need to go on a run and gain some ground for a top 3 spot in the pacific.
  11. clever response.. if you don’t think we’ve had problems defending leads that has cost us crucial points I don’t know what hockey you’re watching