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  1. Crawford Out for season time to cash in on Markstrom or Nilsson lololol

    1. HerrDrFunk


      Sure! We just need to invent a time machine so we can send them Nilsson right after he posted two shutouts in three games. Then we might actually get something worthwhile for him.

  2. Sergei Zubov the most underrated dman of all time

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    2. chon derry

      chon derry

      he received more exposure and recognition in his 4 years as a ranger ,than ALL of the defensive core of the oilers in the 80s did combined , never mind all the years he spent in dallas.  eg.  Gerald didick..........I mean I could just go on and on.....about underated defensemen..

    3. thejazz97


      I would say Denis Potvin is.

    4. Lil B From The Pack
  3. IMO Switzerland will be the new Slovakia on the international stage of "hockey nations"

    1. milk and honey

      milk and honey

      hahahaha I'm part Slovak.




      They have been ramping it up the past few years.  Their junior is coming along nicely.  Also, nice GT-R

    3. logic


      If you look at the 13 active Swiss NHL players, only 2 of them were born before 1990, with 9 being 92' or younger, that is not including numerous swiss prospects

  4. Whats up with all the Belarussians in the WHL this year? 

    1. logic


      9 players from Belarus have suited up in the WHL this year

    2. Ghostsof1915


      Maybe they don't bolt for the KHL? ;)

    3. Baer.


      Royals just drafted a Belarusian in the summer... Maybe scouting/coaching has improved in the country? Or maybe the Belarus national team has connections in the dub...


      Or maybe the WHL is the best Junior league in the world :ph34r:

  5. If Brock finishes season with 25 goals I will still be more than happy

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    2. ItsMillerTime


      Id be disappointed if he did and would be very happy if he had 33+

    3. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Boeser has 91 shots on goal in 33 games. Assuming he continues that pace, he will generate 127 more shots in the next 46 games if he plays them all. Even if you halved his current shooting percentage of 20.9%, he would still be on pace to record 32 goals.


      Of course anything can happen, but I fully expect him to finish with more than 25 goals if nothing drastic occurs.

    4. Coconuts


      At this rate I'll be very surprised if he doesn't score at least 30, but 20-25 ain't nothing to sneeze at for any player in this league let alone a rookie.

  6. Don Cherry has forgotten more about hockey than most people will ever know, even though you can barely understand him now he still makes a lot of great points. Gonna be sad when he's gone

    1. SabreFan1
    2. tbone909


      Been saying this for years, guy's a national treasure. HNIC will never be the same without Grapes.


  7. Can anyone tell me how many points Horvat had at this time last year? I remember him having a slow start.

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    2. Odd.


      he also had a slow start again this year with 2 points in 7 or 8 games? I guess he's generally a slow starter. Even in his 2nd year i think he had like 7 points in the first 32 games and then finished the year with 40 points. 

    3. Odd.


      If he can consistently put up 55-60 points every year, that's absolutely solid. I think he's on pace for 57-60 points this season too.

    4. Nuxfanabroad


      Predict he'll fit into a 60~70 pt avg(for a decade) when we're younger, faster, deeper & more skilled.


      From about 2019, fwd->

  8. How has Artrom Minulin gone undrafted 2 years straight?

    1. Odd.


      ive been wondering that too. He was actually only eligible for the 2017 one cause late birthday. Probably something went down behind closed doors otherwise i can't see a reason why he would be passed up. 

  9. I feel embarrassed seeing our arena 3000 seats empty... On the other hand, lower the ticket prices a bit and then you'll have the core fans being able to go

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    2. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      its worse there... they have the best D man in the game and were in the playoffs and still couldn't sell out. We're in purgatory and still outselling some US markets. Its bad, but there's hope. 

    3. canuktravella


      sens owner is a greedy pos. Canucks are absurdly overpriced def wont  paying 130 for decent tickets  last yr   watching them mail it vs ducks  at least boeser, bo, goldy and tryamkin were trying rest of team mailed it in.

      No fans are gonna support a bad team whos owner overcharges they really should lower the ticket prices  get more people in stands 

    4. J-23


      Yup it's embarrassing..

  10. I totally forgot Flames have Hamonic now

  11. Making the playoffs in 14/15 was meant to happen, it put us in the position to get Boeser

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    2. PunjabiCanucks


      $ 2, 460 bi weekly approx pre tax, i'd say youre about $2 after taxes + cpp or w/e

    3. luckylager


      JB said almost identical things about Boeser and Lind during.their respective drafts.


      Thinking Lind turns out to be as much of a steal as Boeser. Well, hoping.



    4. PunjabiCanucks


      LOL, idk why my other comment is here from a different status. woops ignore the one comment

  12. Grabner , White, Hodgson, Schroeder , Jensen that may be the worst streak of first rounders i have ever seen

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    2. Jaku


      Grabner has turned out to be a decent middle six guy. I agree with Art, Gillis wasn't a great drafter. 

    3. Darkstar


      Gaunce added to that list.

    4. Bur14Kes17


      I firmly believe that is Hodgson hadn't had such a dick head for a father and stayed a Canuck, he would have turned into a 60-70 pt player. Vancouver would have had the strongest center depth in the league. 

  13. the years go by faster and faster once get a little older

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    2. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      life's like a dong, the harder it get the longer it feels.  Or is it the longer it gets the harder it feels?  Either or.





      I'm banned now aren't I?



    3. Lil B From The Pack

      Lil B From The Pack

      Don't drop the soap pal.

    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i was 19 once. graduated, joined the navy... that was 60 years ago. that went by fast. 

  14. If Bo and others can step up this year the Twins could be deadly in a secondary scoring role

  15. Yo who else plays OSRS msg me if you do

  16. lawl CDC needs to upgrade their server

    1. MJDDawg


      I think it's the NHL server, not theirs. Still needs to be upgraded though.

  17. tucker carlson is one of the best in the business

    1. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      &^@#ing idiot and his bow tie, really 

  18. Don't sleep on NBA youngboy

  19. I feel like Demko is our only advantage on teams like Edmonton, Toronto, Winnipeg ect

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    2. Ghostsof1915


      Talbot wasn't a starter until he was 27. Brian Elliot is 32. Rinne is 34. A lot of goalies have strong play in their 30's. 

    3. ken kaniff

      ken kaniff

      Lot of goalies don't get into the NHL until their late 20s anyways. Garteig can still make it as a backup atleast.

    4. PunjabiCanucks


      Not saying Demko will be the next Roy or Brodeur, but I do say he will be the next big thing since Murray in terms of goalies

  20. From someone who watches Vilardi, how good is he? His numbers don't really pop out at me. I watched him in mem cup but thats my first taste of him

    1. Rob_Zepp


      He is ok - but no Glass.

  21. If only we had a Benning-Gillis Hybrid 

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    2. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      The GM that ate Vancouver. 

    3. Stelar


      Then we would have a fat sweaty guy would couldn't speak English well. 

    4. -Vintage Canuck-

      -Vintage Canuck-

      The man would need more sleep then.

  22. A strong KHL is good for hockey as a whole 

  23. I always wonder what Salo coulda been been without the injuries

  24. I dont think the NHL is rigged but damn thats a sketchy draft

  25. I don't even know how to feel. I am so conflicted as to what the best move at 5 is now..

    1. Jaku


      Try to trade up? 

    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Either trade up to # 2 or package the pick for a young center.