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  1. Wasn't like 90 percent of the fanbase calling for us to tank..? Lol Benning cant control the lottery, we got screwed two years in a row.
  2. Dahlen and Petersson will both be on Vaxjo this upcoming season which is the highest tier in Sweden versus the second tier they played last year. The competition jump will be enough to test them, on a really good team like Vaxjo I expect very solid offensive numbers once again this coming season from both our prospects. Likely not PPG numbers, but still respectable for top tier Sweden.
  3. Bro you're on glue... If Benning goes for size everyones all like " Muh Meat n potatoezz " Benning goes for smaller skilled guys " Muh team full of smurfz, not physical enoughz for the west " You people cannot be made happy
  4. We'll see how good the Oilers are after McDavid is making $14M a year, Draisaitl 7-10M ect The Oilers, Leafs, Jets ect are all going to have short windows before the cap crunch comes and tears their team apart
  5. Wont be as easy to punish NHL D the way he does, but damn this guy is definitely one of my favourite prospects. If he pans out this guy could do wonders for the Canucks powerplay, could be a Kesler esque guy in front of the net and corners.
  6. The new rules are good, tanking should not be a legitimate strategy. CanadianRugby is just a Benning hater... If we pull a Winnipeg and fluke out on Laine then our future looks a lot different, same thing this year coming out with Patrick/Hischier would have our franchise looking a lot different. In the next 2 years we should get at least one top 3 pick. Like Burke Benning will be gone before the fruits of his labourer ripen. People can say what they want about Benning but we have the best prospect pool our franchise has ever had.
  7. top 5: Boeser elite potential Pettersson elite potential Demko elite potential Juolevi Top 2 potential Dahlen Top 6 potential 6-10: Goldobin Virtanen Lind Gaudette Gadjovich Our forward prospects are looking deep
  8. long ways away but if things pan out, Pettersson - Horvat up the middle when they're 23/27 could be deadly.
  9. Not a guy who can elevate other guys around him, but he is a perfect winger for a smaller skilled playmaking center( Pettersson ? ) He is a guy who is great as a complimentary winger who drives to the net, goes to the dirty areas and finishes the play/ cleans up the garbage. Guy has a knack for finishing and a has a real passion for hockey.
  10. Best draft for Benning so far, at least one of Lind and Gadjovich will be a solid NHLer
  11. I will have mine in tomorrow by 12
  12. Yo who else plays OSRS msg me if you do

  13. but they were 2-3 picks so obviously they were better early on..
  14. lawl CDC needs to upgrade their server

    1. MJDDawg


      I think it's the NHL server, not theirs. Still needs to be upgraded though.

  15. By far most excited for this game