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  1. Boeser is revealing himself as the chosen one, the saviour, the one who leads us to glory. ALL HAIL BROCK
  2. Olli Juolevi | D

    lol show me one year where all top 5 picks play in the NHL the next year
  3. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Ottawa Senators

    Hutton was very noticable for me tonight, did an excellent job of moving the puck out of the d zone tonight.
  4. I feel embarrassed seeing our arena 3000 seats empty... On the other hand, lower the ticket prices a bit and then you'll have the core fans being able to go

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    2. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      its worse there... they have the best D man in the game and were in the playoffs and still couldn't sell out. We're in purgatory and still outselling some US markets. Its bad, but there's hope. 

    3. canuktravella


      sens owner is a greedy pos. Canucks are absurdly overpriced def wont  paying 130 for decent tickets  last yr   watching them mail it vs ducks  at least boeser, bo, goldy and tryamkin were trying rest of team mailed it in.

      No fans are gonna support a bad team whos owner overcharges they really should lower the ticket prices  get more people in stands 

    4. J-23


      Yup it's embarrassing..

  5. [Report] Canucks recall Michael Chaput

    I would keep goldy down from 10-20 games building confidence, playing PK ect before we call him up
  6. I totally forgot Flames have Hamonic now

  7. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    If Ice time was the issue, he had a clean slate with Green.
  8. Making the playoffs in 14/15 was meant to happen, it put us in the position to get Boeser

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    2. PunjabiCanucks


      $ 2, 460 bi weekly approx pre tax, i'd say youre about $2 after taxes + cpp or w/e

    3. luckylager


      JB said almost identical things about Boeser and Lind during.their respective drafts.


      Thinking Lind turns out to be as much of a steal as Boeser. Well, hoping.



    4. PunjabiCanucks


      LOL, idk why my other comment is here from a different status. woops ignore the one comment

  9. Will the Canucks kneel during the American Anthem

    Hahahahaha discrimination? In the country where former crack dealers can become millionaires. Anyone can make it in America. On a side note, If Kaepernick was good at football he would have a job. There are wife beaters, rapists ect that have jobs in the NFL, being black is not why he isn't playing in the NFL
  10. young players are playing more hockey now than any generation before them, making them ready at younger at younger ages. This move makes absolutely no sense
  11. Brock Boeser | #6 | Right Wing

    If Boeser was in the East he would have a lot more hype imo
  12. NHL 18 Thread

    I bought nhl 17 for $30 for something to do and man the Franchise mode is absolutely laughable compared to Manager mode on FIFA
  13. Redo: 2009 NHL Entry Draft - #2

    Hedman no explanation needed here. Nominate Hoffman coming into his prime he has had 27, 29, and 26 goals in his last 3 seasons
  14. [Discussion] Why Don't We Recreate 2011?

    noob. Raymond and Higgins were both legit middle 6 players on any team in the league during 10-11
  15. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    lol. Only definite mistake has been Virtanen, if Virt pans out on another team we never hear the end of JB passing up the big BC boy sniper. Hindsight is 20/20