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  1. I know its unlikely but I think sending McCann to the WJC would be really good for his development path

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    2. hatedkid666

      Virtanen should get sent down. Not Jared. 


    3. canuktravella

      jake and jared should go we have shinkaruk and gaunce  or grenier that can come up and not miss a beat. The experience of the world juniors would def be good for both. Let them dominate their peers cone back with a gold medal and then play for rest of season  trying to help us get in playoffs 

    4. logic

      Its all about building a winning mentality and nothing helps that more than being on a team like Canada where winning is the only thing seen as acceptable, not only that but McCann would likely have a large offensive role on the team and that would only increase his confidence. Look at how Domi played in the tourney last year

  2. Highschool: Hated it or loved it?

    currently in grade 12 and highschool has been pretty unreal so far, memories ill never forget.
  3. not only that, it's Important to give the young guys rest days, remember they aren't fully grown yet
  4. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    &^@#ing turf.....  I do not understand how professional teams are allowed to use this garbage
  5. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    Imo Vancouver have big potential in the MLS if they ever get that waterfront stadium with 25-30k capacity. BC is a soccer hot-bed right now, and considering how multicultural Vancouver is there are a lot of football fans, and those fans most likely cant see their team live since they support ManU, Real Madrid ect So I think many people would take on the whitecaps as their second team. There is a large potential fanbase. Just need a proper soccer-specific stadium and we will be taken a lot more seriously. and over time Vancouver will become desirable to bigger name players  
  6. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    I really wish we could get that waterfront stadium for the Whitecaps.. 
  7. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    I think they wait at least 30-40 games before they give up on Sven and call up Shinkaruk, this will give management a good sample size to judge Baertschi, as well as give Shinkaruk adequate time to put up some good numbers and build confidence.
  8. why would we trade Shinkaruk.. vrbata will be dealt for a late first or second depending on if he picks up his play 
  9. Thatcher Demko Talk

    I hate our fans tbh
  10. Higgins should be gone sooner rather than later 
  11. Gotta feeling Cracknell scores a greasy one
  12. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    I'd be happy with 20 goals 30 assists, anything more is exceeding expectations 
  13. Jared McCann Talk

    I see a mix of Brendan Morrison and Kesler in McCann
  14. Jake Virtanen Talk

    You need big skilled players like VIrtanen to make room for smaller guys, we were in no position to draft Ehlers because who would support him? Winnipeg however is a big, heavy team which creates room for the smaller guys
  15. Jared McCann Talk

    Got a feeling he's gonna get a hatty