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  1. Luongo and ref

    coloured pencil completed for Dice and Ice 2011

    © LyB-arts

  2. Hey,

    Just a hello & a big "GO CANUCKS"


  3. Holy crap! You drew those pics? There amazing! I could never draw those, haha.

  4. The signing is the same... 30$ plaque and you will get a signature for sure...but I think that he might be signing more stuff but there is no guarantee

  5. I live in Chilliwack. Sports N Stuff just had the Lions in last weekend, but you had to buy a 30$ plaque to get into the signing and they would only sign the plaque, so I didn't bother. You know if there are any conditions like that at this signing?

  6. Saw in the flagged reports that you were here.

    That made me smile.


    They're. ;)

  7. to answer your question...the drawing are mine. they are a bit old...but mine never-the-less

  8. Wow, did you make those pics? (in your sig)

  9. Catching up

    ya, Fort Lauderdale is great but very flat!! I heard that the temperature there was not as warm as it usually is this time of year. As much as I liked living there, I will take Vancouver/southernwestern BC any day...rain or shine!!