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  1. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

    I kind of agree except i see France England the 1-1 Draw and Germany 3-Holland 2 I like Hollands scoring ability but there defending is suspect at best, if they dont dominate possession, they could be in trouble
  2. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

    First of congrats chelsea for the win. Im almost as glad that neither of the spanish giants won than that Chelsea did. I wouldnt have minded either Chels or Munich winning over Barca or madrid. Alot of people say chelsea didnt deserve to win and that they got lucky blah blah blah. They did what it took to win, thus they deserved to win. It might not have been pretty but the played EXTREMELY defensive football and hit on the counterattack perfectly in this years CL. Now even a chelsea fan can see that there is work that needs doing for next year because i cant really believe that were going to win another CL to keep us in the tourny, we have to finish top 4! SO in your opinion what is needed at chelsea to get this club back fighting for a EPL title. Heres my take. ATTACKING: With Torres back to form next year( have to believe that he will, if he isnt big trouble for the blues), Daniel Sturridge and Lukaku( the next drogba...hopefully) I think that our strikers are good enough. DEFENCE : Luiz and Cahill have grown into pretty decent defenders who can dominate in the air. Bertrand looks like he will be ready to take over from Cole when need be, but i think hes still one of the best 1on1 defenders in the world. Ivanovic is always solid at RB or CB. and then theres old skipper JT who when hes not geting sent off, can still play decently MIDFIELD: this is where serios work needs to be done IMO, other then mata, and ramires this midfield needs a total overhall. Lampard should retire from football, i love him for what he did for chelsea but he should retire on top holdng the CL trophy, he no longer has the pace or ball control to fill the role he used to as a true attacking midfielder. Essiens knees are done for. And whats the deal with Meireles? The guy isnt solid enough defensively to be a holding midfielder and other then smashing the odd one from range the guy isnt good enough offensively, so where do we play him? I heard were signing hazard which is good i guess? i dont know much about him, how he plays or what position is natural for him. Is there anyone else available Chelsea could bring in to fix this broken midfield?