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  1. I think we should give Mark Messier a chance to redeem himself in Vancouver. Let him step behind the bench. Gretzky can be his assistant.
  2. Trade them to Donald Trump. He knows a good deal!
  3. Great win boys
  4. Just curious about the compass card. I'm paying $124 for an adult 2 zone monthly compass card. If I obtain a concession compass card, I can travel 3 zone for just $52. Will this work? I know the concession card is orange color but I can make it blue color by tapping a deactivated blue card on top of it.
  5. I'm not convinced the Ducks and Kings are locks to make the playoffs. The only California team I am worried about is the Sharks.
  6. Don't worry Leaf fans, Stamkos can sign with you guys after his 8 years is done in Tampa. He will be 34.
  7. They say all faregates will be closed on April 4 and yet today at least 3 gates are wideopen at Stadium-Chinatown. Why Translink?
  8. What is the point of having fare gates when most of them are still wide open at skytrain stations? Such a waste of money! I see a lot of passengers just walk pass the open gates without tapping.
  9. The end scene where Luke Skywalker's daughter hands him his light saber was well worth the price of admission...
  10. I will be going to Mars in February for 2 months with stops on the moon and a few asteroids. Any advice on which space airline I should fly? How many space suits and oxygen tanks should I bring?
  11. What was it like to fight Megatron?
  12. Are you sure? We're suppose to beat the Flames last year but ended up losing in 6.
  13. If we squeak into the playoffs, we'll most likely lose in 5 games.
  14. I suspect the Ducks players are intentionally losing games to get their coach fired. There is zero chance that much talent can produce so less. Something is fishy!