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  1. kk fine with me
  2. I can't play your ai? or set something up tomorrow night?
  3. yup, go for it
  4. you can play my AI tho if u want
  5. ya sorry, clinched a spot so don't really care lol Avs are ready for playoffs
  6. lets play
  7. F that , ill try to finish/clinch by tonight
  8. yup, ANH GM responded and said he can play soon, i g2g tho so i'll be back in a bit sim Thursday or tomorrow if the west is locked up by then?
  9. I still have 1 game vs both of em. Just messaged them, If they don't reply by tomorrow, is it cool if I play their AI? or should I wait? Also, Pitts when can you play? This.
  10. Pm on here when you get online
  11. Avs will b on around 7, ill try to get my games vs cpu/non contenders done tonight
  12. NYR, PIT, STL, EDM, VAN, SJ, ANH When can you guys play? gonna be a tough fight for 8th
  13. kk cool.
  14. can you play right now? is San Jose active?