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  1. Hahaha. Ya well he is one of the worst for bad time penalties and turn overs. Love the kid though. They need to just keep him in an offensive roll and keep developing defensive responsibly. He's never going to be a shutdown guy.
  2. Talking to the guys saying lack looks terrible
  3. Only in Vancouver would people say the goaltender keeping the score 1-1 with 28 shots to the other teams 20 is not playing well. Fans here can be a real joke
  4. He hasn't played much and probably jitters. He will be fine in a couple games
  5. That was not his fault. The idiot forwards were running around like idiot forwards without a clue
  6. Ya we can thank bonino s great first shift back for that. I know he just got back but man I'm really not a fan
  7. Kass for now Poll this
  8. Ya what a strange stats list. He's around ten goals or so in 60 games , then has a 42 goal 64 point year in 60 games the next year and never gets even close to that again. Guess they changed his role
  9. If say their approach is working , wouldn't you ? Guys gone from a disappointment to 9 points in 9 games
  10. Lol. I think Benning realizes this. I don't think he has ever really thought different. They just found his on button. Word is they talked to his junior coaches and they said " benching him " when he is crapping the bed gets him going. Looks like they were right. Kass ain't goin nowhere. At least unless we get overpaid for him
  11. If kassian sits again , I'm officially A fire Willy fan
  12. What the hell is with hamhuis! He's been horrible! These turnovers are brutal