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  1. Tanev
  2. If Oilers trade the 4th overall pick, it's either for a right hand shot top pairing OR trade down for a right hand shot top 4.
  3. I live in Edmonton AND am an Oilers fan. Even though his value is diminished, Oilers still want an asset back that can contribute to the team next season who is younger, preferably defence or in a package for a defenceman.
  4. Oilers aren't trading Yakupov FOR McCann Oilers need to get bigger and improve the defence. McCann does neither of those. Add on top of that the Oilers would be trading a former 1st overall pick to a division rival. Yakupov has a much greater chance at blowing up in the Oilers' face than McCann the Canucks'.
  5. I find it strange that no one blinks an eye for Gostisbehere not playing in a significant number of Flyer games.
  6. McDavid
  7. The Calder Memorial Trophy is an annual award given "to the player selected as the most proficient in his first year of competition in the NHL." pro·fi·cient prəˈfiSHənt/ adjective adjective: proficient 1. competent or skilled in doing or using something
  8. Oilers number one need is a #3 or better, right hand shot defenceman. Oilers aren't trading their best chip for anything other than that unless it's a trade to parlay into a #3 or better defenceman/
  9. Hint: Talbot > Miller or Markstrom
  10. Oiler fan here: Horvat looks like a good player to build a core with
  11. Lots of reasons why this COULD be a good deal: 1. He produces more offensively 2. The cap continues to go up 3. Avoid the possibility of an unpleasent arbitration 4. Lock down all "key" player (top 9 forwards, top 4 defencemen) to allocate money for McDavid