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  1. Benning could look at trading Eddie Lack - Article

    trade miller back to buffalo for 2nd overall!
  2. To the people saying "trade Burrows" ....

    Although I do like Burrows, I think he is overpaid and this organization is parting ways with him soon.
  3. (Speculation) It's a numbers game...

    someone should wear pi. Just a thought.
  4. A top 6 Forward A puck moving D Some youth Consistency
  5. Which Canuck do you have your eye on next year?

    I really want to see one of the young guys make the team. I will have my eye on them. I think the one person I won't pay too much attention to is Tanev. He'll be solid if we pay attention or not.
  6. [Signing] Hawks re-up Kane & Toews 8 years

    well, it will be more interesting next year if the cap hit doesn't go up by much.
  7. Kid line this year?

    kid line? not likely. a few prospects in the bottom 6? more likely.
  8. [Signing] Canucks sign Radim Vrbata

    a good solid signing. Finally nice to see some direction to this team.
  9. [Signing] VAN signs Ryan Miller

    Interesting signing. Not sure it was worth it.
  10. Jordan Subban Talk

    people think outside of rounds one and two, there's no hope because statistically, the odds are very low.
  11. Tanev's next contract

    I see him getting around the 2mil mark. No way he's gonna get 3mil+.
  12. he'll be alright. I guess that's another year in the minors then to get back into form. I think it will help him in the long run.
  13. 1mil max. The guy doesn't put up any points.
  14. cup winning signings right here.
  15. Could both goalies be moved?

    A lot of jokes in CDC turn out to be actual thoughts. But this is an interesting idea. We would have to get some form of a ready to be number 1 goal tender if we were to trade both.