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  1. NFL thread

    So here my thoughts on the draft so far, Chargers went with Vernett, I wasn't overly thriilled by this I was personally hoping Nix. But Tom Telesco is probably the best drafter in the league, and I felt the same way about Fluker last year and boy was ever wrong on that. So hopefully that works out we needed a cb, and well the last player we drafted from TCU sort of worked out lol(LT baby!) I see a lot of you guys are bashing Cleveland, I wouldn't be so quick to do so. Not saying I'm jumping on the bandwagon, but they are certainly an interesting team IF you have being paying attention to the offseason moves. Offence you have Manzeil, Gordon, Hawkins, Cameron and Ben Tate. Oh and Kyle Shannahan as your OC, who does have some experience with young mobile qbs(maybe RG3 rings a bell). Even their defense is pretty interesting, they went Justin Gilbert who is supposed to be a big shutdown corner, which complement them nicely as they do already have Joe Hayden, who is the best cb in the NFL(yes better than Sherman, look what AJ Green does against the browns enough said). So I am intrigued to see how that all works. I feel bad for Bortles, I am not so sure he can succeed in Jacksonville, they just have nothing there in terms of support. Hopefully they take more of Aaron Rodgers type approach to it and let him sit under Henne while they restock the rest of their team. What can say about Houston and that D-Line, do you think opposition QB only plays out of the shotgun against them? LOL. On the opposite side of that can Detroits Offense look any scarier, you can't double team them all, I feel like it will be super annoying fantasy-wise but figure each week it will be someone else week to just put up a monster of game. Theres still some interesting picks out there I hope Nix slides to us, though thats asking a lot. Corey Latimer the other guy I will be watching closely, I think he will be a steal for whoever gets him.
  2. NFL thread

    Well yeah exactly, its just going to be a disappointment for all those fans already claiming a dynasty, but those fans also annoy me so I dont really care haha
  3. NFL thread

    Wow thats huge, and everyone thought Weddles contract was crazy for a safety, and he got 40 over 5 years! Thomas deserves it, couple that with Shermans new contract, that reportly is well above Revis' contract, and Wilsons contract, Seattle is going to be crippled by the cap,well atleast they snuck that 1 sb win before that happens
  4. NFL thread

    would you trade up for Eric Ebron, assuming that means either giving up your second and possibly a 4th or first next year. He's going around 9 or 10 in most mock drafts so you would have to give up alot to move up.
  5. NFL thread

    pff they are not beating the chargers in San Diego, Allen is going to make revis look like a foolish oldman ha I am the only one that finds it strange that the Seahawks broke this news? I'd be bit weirded out by that, what does his relationship life have to do with him playing football. Just doesn't seem like something to me that your team should be anouncing, leave that crap for tmz
  6. NFL thread

        I usually don't read too much into the mock drafts until the week of the draft. The week of the insiders get a little bit of info, and start getting some of the picks rights, before that though they're pretty much shots in dark, especially the later round picks
  7. NFL thread

        You and Russian Rocket are sure downers of your own teams wideouts. I personally don't think your wide receiver corps are bad at all. You have to figure Dobson and Thompkins are going to take a step forward this year, as they were only rookies last year and are still learning. I think Lafell will be a great signing for you. Those are 3 pretty big fast wideouts that can make a play on the outside. Sure their no megatron but if you can get 600 yards receiving out each of them, that is more than good enough. Especially considering how much BB likes his 2 TE sets, and working the middle of the feild with a slot receiver. Couple that with Gronks injury it seems to me that you guys should be a bit more concerned about the TE position. But thats just my opinion, I don't follow the pats nearly as close as you two do, is there another Sudfeld hype around a tight end you have?
  8. NFL thread

    and Chris Johnson has officially been released, I wonder who will be in on that. I could see Alanta Dallas Houston and Jacksonville showing some interest. Mike Williams traded to the Bills for a 6th round pick. Didn't see that coming, interesting fact, Doug Marrone once kicked Williams off a team at Syracuse..lol
  9. BC Lions

    I prefer NFL but CFL is real football too. The only rule that drives me crazy in the CFL is how they stop the clock after every play in the final 3 minutes. That alone change alot of decisions throughout the game, and also rids them of a true 2 minute drive, which is the most exciting part of football imo. Anyways go Lions, I'm sure I'll end up at a few games this year
  10. NFL thread

    ^I feel like Desean going to Washington has the makings of the most disfuntional locker room ever. Though they have the makings to be a really talented offense as well, though I think I'd be watching for the eventual implosion
  11. NFL thread

        Whats going on with Chris Johnson, I know they were hoping to trade him. Have they given up on that, or are you expecting to see something happen on draft day
  12. NFL thread

    was Seattle offerring 12 mill guaranteed though? Because then its not really comparable at all. I know you are assuming he would play out the whole contract if he signed in Seattle but thats a big assumption for the NFL. Allen was after the pay day that was clear from day one, frankly I don't really care as I maintain my stand point that he is overrated, but in saying that I'd sure laugh if he got cut mid-season
  13. NFL thread

      &nbsp ;ok I was just going off of memory so am clearly wrong, correct me if I'm wrong were they not having troubles with their O-line before though? maybe a couple seasons ago now? I know the bears and packers O-line haven't been good in recent years, well bears were decent last year, but years before they were a mess and Rodgers always seems to be one of the most hit qbs.
  14. NFL thread

        Well he's a bear, oh well. I just think he's a bit overrated because he played in nfc north for quite awhile, GB, Chicago(up to last year anyways) and detroit have all had one of the worst O-Lines in the NFL. He's and individual player, that just plays for his own glory, not the teams and has been known to give up on plays if he doesn't think he will get a sack. Not someone I would want on my team, especially not at 8 million per year and on a 4 year deal at his age. But I beleive more in the approach that Tom Telesco takwes, in finding players that truly love and are passionate about the game
  15. NFL thread

    Personally think Allen is the most overrated free agent this year(or atleast on this board). Hope he does sign with the raiders, would love to see him and tuck crying on the sidelines because they have to go against Fluker two games a year, and he doesn't play so nice ha