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  1. I find it ridiculous that people praise Tampa (who had an easier road then Dallas IMO) for making conference finals without Stamkos. At the same time they forget Tyler Seguin and how important he was for a team like Dallas. Now I am not saying that Tyler Seguin would've helped Dallas stop 6 goals in that last game lol. Kari Lehtonen is not a Stanley Cup winning goalie Would Dallas have done better with Seguin? I guess we will never know
  2. Dallas lucky to win that one.
  3. Looking at Russell's playoff numbers this year. It hardly looks like that Stars made a bad deal. He has 3 points and is +4. Yea he might not be as good as Dan Ham but he isn't exactly costing them.
  4. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/israel-confirms-it-plans-to-seize-west-bank-land/article28306279/ And the world continues to watch.
  5. I feel quite lucky now that I got 4 free tickets to Surrey Cineplex
  6. The ISIS Thread

    Lol Buddha. Spoke like a true ignorent fool.
  7. So they include Kunitz to keep Crosby line chemistry and ditch Martin ST Louis who is the best play maker Stamkos can ever wish for.