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  1. canucks losses warm my heart
  2. Dear everyone after Daniel henrik and Hansen. Do something. Or not I don't care really
  3. Memo to the Vancouver Canucks. You are allowed to play in the other teams zone when it's not the Sedins out there but seriously when the Sedins are on the bench there is absolutely no push in the others team zone
  4. Would not be missing him if he did get suspended... ah well a do nothing speared a means nothing
  5. Yeahhhhhhh the Prust spear was junk. And as much as we hate Marchand let's be real we show him up more by winning. We pooped the bed pretty hard tonight and the duo of Prust and dorsett just look foolish. They are playing pretty uninspired hockey and it will be tough to watch this next while. But as always we will be there to watch and pop in here after to complain.
  6. It was an NHL team playing an ashl tier 7 team. Don't think Weber could have played on the bayside tigers ... Also. That team is just terrible
  7. This certainly does help my bet that sutter doesn't get 40 points. ... Canucks luck as always
  8. If those cannots could hit the net they would win more hockey
  9. Do you even English bub?
  10. Never go full retard
  11. Let's talk about stupid, Jim. I'm gonna put this in a way that even someone like you can understand. Remember the story of the little boy who cried wolf? In case you forgot, he was a little boy who cried for help because he said there was a wolf after him. Each time the people of the village came running, and each time there was no wolf. Eventually they got really tired of it. So when he calls for help because there's a real wolf after him, nobody takes him seriously. Nobody comes, because nobody cares. Do you see where I'm going with this, Jim?
  12. The internets
  13. What a game to flip to between parks and recreation reruns ... Yes
  14. You have won today. A gentleman and a scholar
  15. I like hockey. Are you the real Eric Carlson?