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  1. you know who is not overrated.... MURRAY BARON . The greatest player to ever wear the canucks uniform.
  2. I aint even mad
  3. Go Can-nots Go?
  4. Terrible post is terrible
  5. He was a good player for the team. Scored some big goals. Was heart and soul. However I would not retire his jersey or put in ring of honor. Let's be honest here. Again. Great guy. Only a Good player ...
  6. Is it wrong that Im ok with this loss and a little disappointed we got the loser point? I dont want to just sneak into the playoffs, that emboldens our management team to continue on a road of mediocrity.
  7. I was looking forward to going out however this snow has caused me to not be able to leave Langley. Stupid RSX! So its me, my dog, indian food and the canucks.....
  8. why was that guy yelling?
  9. quite true as we win one game and a dman who is doing well, is now a norris candiate. Lets string two regulation wins in a row before we talk anything
  10. boards boring when the canucks win.....
  11. All i have ever wanted for this team is a real and true number one defence man. Lets find that and we are golden from there.
  12. Someone was watching 1040 to get this poll question...