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  1. Columbus. So I don't feel bad when Johansen signs with us.
  2. The worst thing about Sbisa is that not only does he suck, he's also a coward that doesn't do anything when the goalie gets run. Just stands there like an idiot.
  3. Miller is inferior to Lack Sbisa is terrible Dorsett is our 2nd worst forward Vey is our worst forward Clendenning is not an NHLer right now Bonino is a good 2nd line center but he's equal to Santorelli who we let go for nothing\ Vrbata signed here because of the Sedins Benning hasn't done $&!#.
  4. Benning is not the reason we're in the playoffs.
  5. They both &^@#ing suck
  6. What a &^@#ing joke. Benning is the worst GM in the NHL. I can't believe this guy is actually this stupid. This imbecile is going to drive this team into the &^@#ing ground.
  7. The entire point of my post went right over your head.
  8. I would rather take a chance with the 2nd than have a mediocre player like Vey. We have a lot of potential 2nd/3rd liners anyway.
  9. Bonino is easily a 2nd line center. People just have unreal expectations of a 2c because of Kesler.
  10. Hilarious. No playoffs for them. &^@# those cock sucking piece of $&!#s.
  11. I don't care if there weren't players available that were clearly better than Vey. If Vey reaches his potential he will be an ok player. We need high end talent more than we need ok players, and a 2nd round pick is a chance at getting high end talent. I know getting that in the 2nd round is not likely but the draft is basically a lottery, the more kicks at the can we have the higher chance we have of striking gold.
  12. Even if Miller is ready you start Lack. Lack>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Miller
  13. Ryan Miller to San Jose for 7th round pick.
  14. I will laugh when he inevitably gets scratched for Baerstchi and/or Vey.
  15. Vey is a mediocre player. We would be better off using that 2nd rounder to get a player that has a chance of being better than him even if its not as safe as trading it for Vey because Vey is an easily replaceable player. We need high end young talent and a 2nd rounder has the potential to get you that (even if its a long shot).