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  1. Right now he is tied for 34th in RW scoring with Kevin Hayes, Debrincat, and Cam Atkinson. Ahead of Timo Meier and Nino Neidereiter. This puts him in the upper echelon of 2nd line RW. If he finished around there, will this be enough to remove the word bust entirely from the conversation? I think a solid scoring 2nd line RW is a pretty good result from a high draft pick. He might even climb from there.
  2. Hughes is currently tied with Makar and Dahlin all with 10 pts. He is also top 10 I. Defenseman scoring and tied for 1st in rookie scoring. Also has games in hand on most of those around him
  3. Why? Leivo is a solid all around player for a 3rd line but can move up and down the lineup. Great attitude great hustle. No thanks!
  4. I am loving the team, the record, the goaltending, and the crazy good performances in Utica. I think the fact that people, mostly media, keep finding issues with the Canucks whose PK is great, have won 6 of the last 7, have scoring from the d, and have a top line scoring at a ppg rate, just shows how good they could really be. I will predict that they will finish 6th in the West, with 93 pts. They will get great goaltending and be a very tough 1st round opponent.
  5. It's a bit nuts to exaggerate what I said to make this point. Of course I'm not suggesting all of them will be in the nhl. Just that all of them are legit possibilities. 3 of them have already shown they can play in the nhl. A few years ago the only prospect we had with any hope was Frankie Corrado. Now we have a bunch of guys who have a chance.
  6. We are in a great position where we have Tryamkin, Juolevi, Brisebois, Sautner, Rafferty, Rathbone, and Woo charging hard for spots over the next couple of years. This competition is what makes teams great. We don't need to worry about who has a spot where. Just that we have 7 or so nhl caliber defenseman pushing the nhl guys. Just let them all play and pick the best 7 at any time.
  7. With our new defence and if the goaltending holds up, this is a playoff team. The defence is creating more offense and playing increasingly better defensively. The forwards have much more depth and size, tough to play against. Imho Jim has done better than anyone has given him credit for. We only think for the offseason but remember he also added Pearson and Leivo mid season last year for Gudbranson and Carcone. If Kyle Dubas did this the media would suggest a new national holiday in his honor.
  8. I know it's a little childish and means nothing but I noticed that JT has more pts per game than any TB Lightning players.
  9. What happened to Utunen? He is on the roster for Tappara but doesn't appear to have played a single game?
  10. I don't think we want him. He is clearly not what people thought he was. A year ago we were desperate for RHD prospects. Now we have Woo, Rafferty, Chatfield and Eliot. Woo has as much upside as Honka and Rafferty looks like an nhler. Add these guys to Meyers, Stecher, and Tanev. Not to mention that Hughes, Benn, and Tryamkin all like the right side, and we really don't need Honka. The only trade I would consider would be Brisebois, Sautner, Teves or a 3rd or 4th for Honka. Even then I think he will have the same attitude here as he will not play unless there are a bunch of injuries.
  11. I think with new 5 guys Myers, Benn, Ferland, Hughes, Miller playing key minutes and roles, it will take a few games to get used to each other. I thought there were times when we saw some real potential and puck movement, but it will be a work in progress for a bit.
  12. Agreed. When he plays he is pretty productive and scores at a 2nd line rate. Same can't be said for a bunch of other guys. Smart move is Biega, Schaller, Loui sent down. If one got claimed, no worries. Keep Gaudette! It sends a perfect message that you bust your ass, produce, and outperform others, you make the Canucks. That should be what we are known for.
  13. I totally get him having to earn his time. I do worry a bit about his ability to develop his offensive game when he is shuttling between 3 teams, 3 coaches, and multiple line combinations with a variety of players.
  14. No $hit. In an arbitrary opinion based ranking we are 4th out of 31. Could be 7th, could be 1st. Pretty damn sweet position I'd say. Team is being lead by young players and many more coming. Wtf are these people whining about?
  15. Bokk is playing with Hoglander on the 2nd line for Rogle in the SHL. Hope he is really good and elevates Hoglander's game.