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  1. Dude, he is 20 years old with 60 games of nhl experience. Take it easy. I stand by my valuation. I think that Tanevs are much harder to come by than Nylanders in today's hockey world. If someone said you could get Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson, you would laugh and hang up. But Edmonton is doing much better and don't seem to miss Hall's scoring. It's a team sport. My point is, if I am trading away one of the best shutdown guys in the league who is a great team guy and is signed at a very reasonable number, I am not letting him go for Kapanen and a 2nd.
  2. I think that we are trading a first pairing right shot defenseman who is one of the best shut down guys in the NHL. I think the value is low. Kapanen is a great prospect but I would go for Nylander. I think he is a better, more proven prospect. I think that, much like with Adam Larson, Tanev is a tough guy to come by and it better be good if we are giving him up. Tanev and Gaunce For Nylander, Bracco, and a 2nd Keep in mind, Tanev and Reilly played great together and will be a first pairing d for them for 7 years or more. The leafs have plenty of skilled fast forward prospects but they don't have anyone like Tanev or even close.
  3. The glass is half full tonight when you see that Bo Horvat, who is most definitely not a first line centre, is tied in scoring with John Tavares, Alexander Barkov, and Ryan Johansen. I guess they aren't first line centres either. (This is sarcasm for those on cdc who jump the gun a bit) I think Bo will finish in the top 20 among league centres.
  4. This team is being built from the net out. Markstrom is read imho. Demko will be in 1 more year. Trade Miller at the deadline for something. Pick up a decent backup for next year and Demko takes over the following year. I think Sbisa is a legit top 4 dman at this point and is only 26 and will get a bit better. Our Defense is solid for years to come. (Depending on the Expansion Draft) Stecher is an absolute gem who I think will have a Brian Rafalski-type career. The Oilers wish they got him instead of Caggiula. Tryamkin sometimes looks like a newborn deer with his long legs, but overall is further ahead than anybody would have expected when he came over last year. This is the perfect situation for Juolevi, Brisebois and Subban. Gives us all kinds of trading options going forward. Depth on Defence Edler Tanev Hutton Gudbranson Sbisa Stecher Tryamkin Larsen Biega Subban Juolevi Brisebois Trade Edler at the deadline, somebody would love to add him for a run and we could get some strong picks/prospects for him. Trade Larsen for a 5th to get back what we gave for him. He can play in the nhl, but our depth is too much for him. Bo has taken over as the team leader. Henrik scored 42 pts in his 4th season when he was 23. Bo is on pace for 54 pts in his 3rd season and is 22. Someone tell me why we still say he is not a 1st line centre of the future? Granlund has been very good for a 3rd line guy. He reminds me of Hansen a bit. A utility guy you can rely on but with a little less speed but better hands. I don't miss Shinkaruk. Baertschi is grittier than I thought. He seems to be willing to got to the dirty areas and there is no denying his skill. I don't miss the 2nd round pick. Sutter is as advertised. Good solid defense. Good solid offense. 2nd line centreman. Was a great addition to allow Bo to take some steps. Don't miss Bonino. Eriksson is not scoring enough. He is a good 2 way player. He contributes in other ways. He needs to produce more. I still like him more than Ladd, Lucic, Backes for his all around game. The only guy who might have fit better would be Okposo, but he didn't seem to have any interest. Virtanen is finally getting what he needed. Time. He will be a good 2nd line right winger behind Boeser in the future. Not a bad combo. Boeser will be awesome. Hansen is awesome, does everything. Do not trade him unless the deal is too good to pass on. You will not replace what he brings for 3 mil per season. He has not declined either. Skille, Chaput, Megna have been decent fillers and have generally done what is needed. If anybody wants them at the deadline, get what you can. Gaunce is a solid 3rd, 4th liner who is only growing into the job. If he is needed as a piece in a deal, maybe, but he is a good one to keep around. Rodin is a wildcard. I think he will be a great addition if he is given some freedom to create and not put on the 4th line to "earn his minutes". At the beginning of the season, the Sedins said that someone needs to push them to become the offensive leaders of the team. That is what they want. Just like they did to the west coast express. Bo and sometimes Baertschi seem to have slowly come around to the fact that they might be those guys. They are playing more and more like offensive leaders every game. I think the future looks pretty good for this team. We have some trading chips and some young players who are looking up. I would say that our biggest need is more speed. We have skill, but our skill doesn't come with enough speed. If we can make a few moves to address that, we will really have something.
  5. I think that the coaching staff needs to be careful with the guys who are going well and producing. You can't take away their job to give someone a chance to play. But those who are not producing should be given a rest to see what Rodin can do. Sedin Sedin Eriksson Baertschi Horvat Burrows Granlund Sutter Rodin Guance Chaput Skille Megna should sit a couple of games. He has been with the Sedins and played ok but has not produced which you have to when you are with the twins. I think those are 3 pretty good lines if Rodin does what we think he can.
  6. Let's give Rodin a chance to bring some offensive flair and speed before we go giving away anymore draft picks.
  7. I think Draisaitl is going to be one of the best all around centres in the league very soon. He might be a better long term fix than Nolan Patrick. I am not sure what it would take or what I would do, but if he is available, I hope Benning is giving it a long hard look.
  8. I would take Duchene, Landeskog, Barrie, Mackinnon, and Rantanen. That is about it from that team. We need elite skill. We don't need to be trading prospects or young players for 3rd liners who are 30 like Soderberg. I would not give up everything, but I would strongly consider trades for those guys.
  9. I wouldn't do this trade, but if Benning and his guys think that RNH is the guy for them, I don't think we need to throw in Subban, they should throw in something because RNH is overpaid!
  10. Everybody says that our talent level makes us bottom feeders. Then they Say fire the coach when we are where they said we should be. This is ridiculous.
  11. We don't need Honka, with Juolevi, Subban, Tryamkin, Stecher, Brisebois, Hutton. We need elite scoring. While we could use a true powerplay qb, Honka didn't score anymore than Subban in the AHL.
  12. If the Sedins wanted to go I would trade them to Mtl for Danault, Juulsen and a 1st. would then set about trading Tanev for Nylander and Edler + Hansen for Drouin . Then trade Burrows to a contender for a 2nd. Miller to a contender for a 2nd. Subban for a 3rd. Drouin Horvat Eriksson Baertschi Nylander Sutter Granlund Danault Rodin Gaunce chaput labate Boeser and Virtanen on the way Hutton Gudbranson Tryamkin Stecher Sbisa Larsen Biega Juolevi and Juulsen on the way Sbisa lost in expansion. We go into the draft with 2 1sts, 3 2nds, cap space and some great young players to build around. Now commence destroying me. I just wanted to have some fun.
  13. This conversation is ridiculous . Everybody and their dog predicted the Canucks out of the playoffs and many as low as last. This was based on talent. Willie has them in 24th 2 points out of 17th overall and 3 points out of 5th in the West. so he is either right on track or just behind success. why would he go? our young players are playing way more under him than underway Canucks coach I can remember .
  14. I am glad we are not doing a total teardown down. Benning has layered the team and we have more strong prospects and young players than we have in a long time. Look at all the teams with tear downs and how long they toil. Horvat Boeser Virtanen Baertschi Granlund Gaunce Gaudette Hutton Stecher Tryamkin Juolevi Subban Demko Garteig This is a nice looking young group. tough to compile after all of our success and low picks and trade deadline dumping of picks. Carry on Benning.
  15. He is currently in 24th Place among centers in the NHL. Henrik is 39th and Sutter is 49th. so we have 3 centers in the top 50. interesting IMHO. Bo has proven to be a slow starter so he may finish well above 24th. by the end of the season he may be the number one center we want. Sutter will be around for a bit. This is Bo's 4th year after being drafted and I think that he will have 55+ points this season. Henrik in his 4th season after draft had 38 points. We have a good looking young defence and strong goaltending with Markstrom and Demko . The team is shaping up nicely from Benning's plan. I don't know what he is worth but we need wingers. hopefully Boeser, Virtanen and Rodin can give them the wingers they need.