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  1. I like most of it but Burr beats out Gelinas and Jovocop has to be top 6.
  2. They have 8.9x the population and 28 times the cases. This means 3 times the number of cases per capita. The problem isn't trying to convince too many people, it's when your narcissistic sociopath leaders lie and mislead and pander to the lowest common denominator and divide the country risking lives.
  3. I don't blame him. Our Forward corps are pretty deep. He won't be a first liner so he would find it hard to crack the roster.
  4. I most enjoyed watching 1. Rypien 2. Bieksa 3. Coxe 4. Brashear 5. Odjick 6. Butcher I am not a fighting expert, but I rank them this way in terms of most entertaining to watch for me.
  5. Let's be clear. The Chinese took it seriously after first denying it and punishing the doctor who warned everyone really early. If the Chinese took it seriously when they should have this would be a much smaller issue. When they finally did act, they did a good job. The US is lead by a narcissistic child who has no capacity to understand this.
  6. I get that, but the Oilers wanted Toffoli as well and JB got him. The reason he could is because he has compiled a great stable of prospects and young players so he could afford to do it.
  7. I think Toffoli is a much better player than Athanasiou. I think JB deserves some props for this trade. 2 2nds for AA is much worse than Madden and a 2nd for TT. I would argue that after adding JT Miller this summer, he now added the most complete player at the deadline. Miller EP Toffoli Pearson BO Boeser Sutter Gaudette Virtanen Rousel Beagle Motte Eriksson, Leivo, MacEwan, Bailey, Baertschi, Goldobin. That is excellent depth. Also a well balanced lineup.
  8. Nothing we can do about it. Demko has a chance to establish himself. Domingue is an adequate backup. Let's win some games!
  9. How about Stecher for Vatanen straight up. They get a cheaper, younger guy under control as an RFA. We get an older, but not too old, who is a better player for a playoff run. Both smallish right shot dmen. With Severson and Subban on the right side, they probably wouldn't re-sign Vatanen anyway. Edler Vatanen Hughes Tanev Benn/Fantenberg Myers
  10. Simmonds for Brisebois and Baertschi(retain to make salaries match). Both can play for them right now. I wouldn't give much more for him.
  11. Don't you think most teams would have a serious dent in their defense if they lose 1 of their top 3 guys?
  12. If we are going to add a dman, imho, we need to make it a great one. If it is just another 4-6th dman, don't bother. It isn't worth the cost. Our d is pretty deep with Fantenburg, Brisebois, Rafferty, Sautner, OJ and even Tryamkin a possibility. I wouldn't give up anymore prospects or picks unless it is a top 3 dman and then I say go for it. I trust the management. They seem to have a plan and the gonads to execute it. I won't question them, but it just seems unnecessary.
  13. I was at the game in Kelowna. Game was terrible. Poorly played beginning to end. However, Woo looked like a real leader. Head up, directing traffic and in the right place at the right time. Physical but not out of position. Head up, good passer. Focht definitely has game, but would be in the AHL for at least 3 years to develop into an NHL player. He is a long shot, but a good skillset.
  14. I for one was happy with the Miller trade and am now happy with this one. I am a fan, but mostly I enjoy watching my team play exciting games. That means playoffs. I liked Madden and was really disappointed to hear he was going, but understand that you need to give something to get something. The Lightning set the market with the Coleman deal and we actually got a better player for less. I am glad that our GM is trying to improve us and get us into the playoffs.
  15. Aside from the obvious penis jokes, Rath of Khan, Rathbo: First Blood, Bonecrusher would all work but hockey players have no creativity so he will be Rather or Bonesy.