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  1. Thanks, that was my point. He doesn't fill the need, but I just typed it wrong.
  2. There is always a grass is greener attitude around here about everybody else's players. We need RHD and better puckmovers. Ghost is a small RHD who is a good puck mover, but we can sign Edler for a couple of years and give up nothing and he is a better all around d who puts scores some points. I just don't think he is good enough to give away a bunch of hard-fought assets.
  3. I would not give up Madden and a 2nd. We can get a FA for free. That is too much for a PMD who is questionable defensively. Remember, there is a reason he is available.
  4. I wonder what the consensus is about Leason. I like him, but there is always that fear of him being an overage draft pick and those rarely work out. If he dropped to us in the second round, would you want him over a RHD? is he worth the risk? I didn't see him play enough to know.
  5. If we get to pick between Dach, Boldy and Cozens, we will have had a very good draft. Dach and Cozens have been between 3-6 on rankings all year. I think Benning's head will pop off if he gets one of those 2. But we'll see. His team always knows what they want.
  6. I think Gaudette is like Kesler. He isn't a high pick did well in college and doesn't excel at any one thing in particular. But they both have a huge desire. Both think they can be better than anyone else thinks. I say in 2 years Gaudette will be looking as close to a 2nd line center as he does a 3rd.
  7. I think we need high end speed and skill. Doesn't matter what position, because at this point, we need a bit of everything. Just use our excellent scouts and pick the highest ceiling, elite skill and speed guy. I think the bpa will be a forward, because it seems like the defence are being pushed up the list for teams looking for a dman. Sort of like Barret Hayton last year. He is a good player but probably didn't belong at 5th OA. I have a feeling the same might happen with Soderstrom, Broberg, etc... But wtfdik?
  8. In this deal most of it is potential. How else can you do it. The only 2 who are completely known commodities are Zucker and Sutter.
  9. To start his career he has been awesome. He has had some injuries and played on a low scoring team and still scored at a very impressive goals per game rate. You are looking at his overall placing and I don't think that tells his story. The goal he scored staring down Carey Price with a sliver of space was maybe the best wrist shot I've ever seen. I think he is a top 10 goal scorer. You can disagree though
  10. So you are proposing we give up a top 10 goal scorer in the NHL, a strong 3rd line centre, Peyton Krebs?, Philip Broberg?, a future #1 goalie, a top 3 defenseman, and another roster player for: A 2nd line LW and Jack Hughes? I would like to nominate you for GM of any team other than the Canucks
  11. I think Gaudette has a competitive fire that exceeds others and he will do what it takes to be a very, very good nhler. I would not give him away lightly.
  12. It would take Zucker, Kaprizov and the 12thOA pick this year for me to even think about trading Boeser and I still wouldn't do it. He has shown he can be a top 10 goal scorer in this league. Those are hard to come by.
  13. It gets so boring reading posts from people who just want to be negative and have absolutely no basis for it. I would think that, coming from an NHL family, he will probably know he needs to get stronger physically and will stay in school 1 or 2 years and work on that. But the way he played at the World Juniors and in college this year, he showed he is a quality talent and he will not wait 3 more years to start getting paid. Anything could happen. You could blow out your knee. You have a lottery ticket, you don't want to wait too long to cash it.
  14. I live in Kelowna and I have seen them play a couple of times. Thompson is very mobile and a strong skater. Has a good shot and seems to be a little more offensive minded than defensive minded at times. Doesn't blow you away but looks very slick and confident with the puck. Seems like a poor man's Ryan Ellis when he was young. Korczak is bigger and less offensive minded. Has better puck skills than I think he gets credit for. Skates well but not great. Uses size well and is a more defensive player than Thompson.
  15. It seems to me that when people are being evacuated and homes are at risk in very extreme conditions, this is a pretty self-centered and petty thing to waste the tribunals time on. Should he bitch about it at dinner parties, yes. Should he whine on social media, if it makes him feel better. But taking up the tribunals time and suggesting that a "human right" has been violated is a bit ridiculous. I do not believe that Veganism is a human right.