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    Feeding the trolls the nutrition they so rightly deserve: Vitamin VA (Verbal Abuse).
  1. This thread is so epic. Somebody get this dude a trophy.
  2. I'm gonna need to get me one of those machines that go "Bing!". If this makes no sense to you, watch more Monty Python.

  3. Lions are playing decently for once. And are winning.

  4. I predict we'll be seeing the "trade CoHo" and the "bring back Kes" threads popping up around mid-October.

  5. Just finished watching "The Room". My god...

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    2. Newsflash


      It's a masterpiece.

    3. The Hornet

      The Hornet

      Thats BS I did not hit her! I did NNNAAAUUGGGHHHTTTT! Oh, hi mark!

    4. The Wizard of AZ

      The Wizard of AZ

      You are TEARing my a part Lisa

  6. Loves Jim Carrey.
  7. Banned for not asking.
  8. If Marco Sturm falters even a little bit this upcoming season, he'll become the CDC's new Aaron Rome. No pressure.

  9. Caps game cancelled today. Well that was a load of nothing. Thanks rain.

  10. Banned for hating a city whose NHL team hasn't even taken off yet.
  11. Needs to do some grocery shopping for me.
  12. Is making me hungry.
  13. Banned for being your own lawyer.
  14. Is watching CFL right now.