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  1. So are there any major promises he made during campaigning that he hasn't basically dropped or in some cases, actually done the opposite? Not very impressed with Trudeau at all so far, from all I've heard.
  2. My point was CNN and other heavily left-leaning media outlets were plastering unsubstantiated news all over their front pages, while rarely drawing attention to the fact that it was unsubstantiated. Meanwhile, look at this: 6th paragraph is of special interest. We're being distracted by "news" that may or may not be true, whilst certain news organizations are essentially under reporting if not turning a blind eye to some seriously messed up stuff, that actually is happening. Apologies if I wasn't very elegant in how I presented that point in the earlier post (you cut off my Edit: portion which I tried to make that point in). It just is frustrating the news is being dominated by hearsay and assertions without evidence, meanwhile civil rights are being stripped bare and that isn't the main news.
  3. The kicker for me is he is breaking his own rules, that he himself spearheaded. (from: With this kind of crap, his approving of pipelines he seemed initially against to get elected, and his other seeming inability to accomplish his promises (marijuana still not legal for recreation despite him smoking it himself!)--I'm very disappointed so far in his term as prime minister. Still a lot of time to be proven wrong, but man, these allegations of pay-to-play and his about face on issues is leaving me jaded.
  4. That sounds pretty cool actually, will give her a watch.
  5. It's sad since I read CNN for years, but yes, they're that bad now--these are the idiots who were crying and reporting about "Pepe the frog being a white supremacist symbol" instead of the DNC email leaks (and incredibly soft reporting on it if at all most of the time) showing them blatantly undermining Sanders. Just because "BuzzFeed news" or whatever that tabloid garbage is pulled the trigger on the dossier while they and literally every other respectable newspaper admit the claims are unsubstantiated doesn't mean it's news. Those claims aren't news, they're rumours at this point until evidence says otherwise. They're doing it for clicks and viewership and because they have a highly partisan agenda. Please recognize that. Let's hate Trump because of the actual things he does when evidence proves it, not this. If we're going to trash him because of rumours and shady "facts", that just fuels his narrative that the media is crooked and the left is against his followers. It's literally helping him. I'm reminded of the rumour Obama wasn't born in the US that the left-leaning media railed against when the right-wing media kept beating that drum back in the day. It works both ways, let's be objective over it instead of lowering the standards of journalism to gain clicks and ratings. All this talk about fake news is highly ironic given the abysmal standards the mainstream media is holding itself to right now, in my opinion. Edit: I failed to mention my main objection: namely that, the dossier 'being out there' isn't just what CNN and The Guardian and others are reporting, they're plastering it all over their front pages and repeatedly chanting the allegations while maybe the odd time mentioning it's unsubstantiated. They are helping spread the rumours.
  6. Nationalize the country's oil reserves (if we must do that, renewables are quickly becoming superior and will be within our lifetimes) and use the money to invest back into it. Some people seem hilariously against collectivist gov't policies on these forums, while simultaneously living a country that has it in several areas and while benefiting from it. Why is selling off our resources to foreign companies and millionaires preferable to actually using our resources fully to our benefit? We have absolutely ridiculous gas prices and skyrocketing costs of living, while our public transit system is in tatters and holding referendums to beg people to pay more into it. Yet this country is sitting on billions of dollars in oil... something tells me we're getting the short end of the stick on that one. Edit: the critique wasn't aimed at you specifically, just this thread in general.
  7. Oh yeah, I saw that too. I'd give it 8/10 just because I was in the mood for it after the aforementioned trilogy and saw it in VIP lounge. Maybe less enjoyable otherwise.
  8. A few actually. The original Star Wars trilogy, "despecialized" versions (i.e. they're far closer to the original theatrical releases as opposed to Lucas's continuous butchering of them with CGI and other modifications). You can find them online if you know where to look, but it's probably against rules to say here. 9.5/10! I hadn't seen them in a decade probably and they were very entertaining.
  9. I think he might be an OK candidate? He's experienced the Canada immigration process first hand and has experience going through it. That seems like a good credential to have. Remember, he's ultimately answering to his party and Trudeau, it's not like he's going to go off the grid against their wishes and do something they wouldn't have been doing anyways. I also, however, echo Rypien's comment. OP was just asking other people's opinions (even mixing in platitudes) on a person who spent their entire childhood in a terrorism riddled country being appointed to control immigration in Canada. He's right, some circles will find that disagreeable. How is that racist? I'm pretty left wing, but this shouting down all opposing opinions and dismissing people as racists or ignorant whenever they disagree with you is a very, very tiring trend and one of the reasons I believe many Western nations are shifting right. It's not helping guys.
  10. This whole situation stinks of BS and there's something sketchy going on behind the scenes I suspect.
  11. Yeah, funny how we're always seeing pro-oil ads on TV etc. I wonder why.
  12. lol cute, $25-50mil a year. A spill will cost hundreds if not thousands of times that to "clean up" and probably permanently damage the environment. Also 95%+ of the profits will be going to executives and to an American corporation. Sweet, some new token jobs while we ship out our natural resources and enrich the already obscenely wealthy foreigners. Imagine what our gas prices would look like if we actually kept our oil. The BC liberals are just conservatives.
  13. Good luck dude. I've had noisy neighbours (barking dog all day every day, kids screaming at video games, etc.). It's highly unpleasant, I can't imagine how I'd feel if that was actually going into the night and waking me up frequently too.
  14. Don't give them first PP minutes, the Canucks have been terrible on the PP for multiple seasons now with the Sedins getting every single opportunity imaginable on it. Something needs to change. But also, they aren't 3rd liners, at least not on this team, let's not get ahead of ourselves!
  15. Hahaha, typical response confirming my original post. Thanks for the chuckle. Hint: when everyone else is the jerk and can't take a joke, it might just mean you're a word I'm not allowed to use on this forum, I'll let you fill in that blank there sparky.