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  1. [PGT] Anaheim Ducks vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Dang, Alfstonker with 8 posts of tears in a row, that has to be a new record. The loss tonight was pretty disappointing for sure. We have no chance against a healthy-ish Ducks team unless our goaltending is above average, which is surely wasn't tonight. I'm not letting Edler off the hook even if he wasn't on the ice for most of the goals, I saw the guy make several TERRIBLE, non-NHL level pass attempts not to mention they inexplicably always put him out on the PP and he loves 1) to never pass to Brock Boeser unless it's a total garbage pass he can't receive, and 2) if he DOES have a good pass available to Brock on the PP (you know, our top goal scorer? the guy who can shoot, literally the only one on our PP right now practically?), oh no, he's going to take a terrible shot himself RIGHT into the opposing player so it bounces out of their zone and we lose it. Great. Take that guy off the PP, his hockey IQ especially on the PP is a joke. Also agree with others here that the Sedins are just far too slow now, they need to be split up. They can still pass OK sometimes, they just can't skate anywhere near the speed of most good teams' skaters anymore, it doesn't make sense having both of them out there unless we want the other team to skate circles around them.
  2. Dorsett not returning to active roster

    Dorsett was a great 4th liner and will be missed. He was brave as all get out, would grind for you, and this season even potted some nice points. Really sad to hear his career has ended, but I'm sure he's setup for the rest of his life and I wish him and his family the best of luck.
  3. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    Not sure I'll pay >$20 monthly just for that (unless I looked up the wrong site or something), but thanks for the suggestion nonetheless. Edit: Guess I can just PVR Jays in 30 every day. But in my experience Shaw's "Guide" indicating a channel is on Jays in 30 is only correct 50% of the time, half the other time it's just sportsnet central or something lame.
  4. [BOXING]Related discussion here!

    So... is that social media poster a 14 year old? Because it reads precisely like that. "#yolo #boxing #lol <laughing cry face 80x> lmao!" Sorry, can't take that sort of $&!# seriously, at all.
  5. **Unofficial Golf Thread**

    Guys, it's possible Woods took meds or a combination thereof that he didn't realize would affect his driving significantly. He was pulled over when they found him, not actively driving. Playing the devil's advocate here, but let's see what facts come out in the legal system before condemning him as the spawn of Satan perhaps? I think it's likely he messed up big time, but things do happen. The comments about him hiring drivers to taxi him around are spot on though I'll admit, especially after this point, there's no reason he shouldn't be doing that. Edit: Just some personal experiences where people claimed certain drugs (say, Gravol, things like that but it applies to any prescription drugs too) did them right and they had no after effects, whereas I tried them and was wiped out completely for a day afterward. Drugs affect people differently than others, I'd like to see the evidence from an investigation before passing judgment.
  6. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    Q to Blue Jays fans here: is there a good place to watch a solid 4-8 minute clip of highlights for each Jays game? I never see any barely on youtube, and the blue jays' site always just have like a string of 20-30 second clips showing some key plays in a playlist, often completely out of chronological order (why?). PS: I like "Jays in 30" on Sportsnet but often miss it or aren't around an actual TV with cable.
  7. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    Biagini 6 innings and 2 runs. Reporters swarming him with questions about being sent back down to the bull pen. Bloody hell, which side are they on? This guy has stepped into a far greater role and has been a potential season saver for the Jays if they can climb back up in the standings. He still handled it with his usual joking attitude, but that's just his personality. I don't think it's helping him any the media ganging up on him like that. Who else was going to step into Happ, Lariano, and Sanchez's shoes? It's a tough situation, the narrative seems to be "why didn't you allow 0 runs?". Please. This is Toronto Maple Leafs level crap. Maybe it's time to wonder why massively popular and well rostered teams in that area have repeatedly failed to win championships for many, many years? Maybe all the negative press and the incredibly disrespectful atmosphere surrounding the athletes.
  8. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    Nice to see the bats have heated up. Biagini as a starter is entertaining too, I think he has what it takes in the long run to be a decent starter, and it's great to see him picking up the slack and gaining some MLB starter experience.
  9. 'Canada's Team': Why do we all hate each other?

    Welcome to sports and stupid, semi-arbitrary rivalries. Many posters must be new.
  10. Norris Trophy finalists unveiled

    Fair enough, but I think Brent Burns literally turns the Sharks from an OK team into a really good one. Their core is ageing and he got 73pts from the back end, that's ridiculous and in line with the top NHL forwards' offensive stats on the season. He also was +19 so he wasn't a massive defensive liability.
  11. Norris Trophy finalists unveiled

    Burns here. I haven't seen such a high scoring D in a lot of seasons that also packed a +19 rating in the plus-minus dept. It was one of the most impressive years I've seen in recent history by a d-man by far, the guy is a beast.
  12. Vezina Trophy finalists unveiled

    Holtby or Price are clearly the best in that group, given Bob's performance. I think by the time the playoffs are done the NHL might kick itself for not nominating Rinne though.
  13. Selke Trophy finalists unveiled

    Does anyone else feel like the Selke has gone the way of the Norris? The Norris massively favours offensive d-men ironically despite being the top defenceman award, but whoever gets the most points wins. Likewise, the Selke tends to be who was good defensively but still scored many points for the centermen. It seems silly.
  14. Selke Trophy finalists unveiled

    Unfortunately it seems like the Selke is more a popularity contest these days amongst centers who happen to be good defensively. I totally agree it should be Bergeron's though.
  15. Selke Trophy finalists unveiled

    Give it to Bergeron again. He has a superior +- to Kesler plus was on the far inferior team. Also, acted as a catalyst for the (sigh) amazing season Marchand had. Seems like a no-brainer.