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  1. honest question: why does anyone follow "Eklund" when he's wrong 95% of the time and why is posting everything he says here OK? I could literally ask any casual hockey fan in my life what trades they think might happen, and probably get the same success rate.
  2. Bo Horvat, what a spark plug. Almost scores an amazing highlight reel backhander upstairs, ends up doing the dirty work and tapping in the rebound when the game was on the line. What's not to like. Markstrom was also really sharp.
  3. wtf, why is Horvat playing with Dorsett?
  4. so am I missing something? One way contract on a guy who's bounced around teams like a hot potato and averages what, like 10 points a season? Not to mention he's pushing 30. I don't get this signing. Edit: A few games in preseason doesn't override his extensive history.
  5. Etem is mediocre, no big loss. Repeated lip service by him that he has to drive the net and do the dirty things to be successful, and then never did it 70% of the games.
  6. yeah, this singular game has shown me that he's massively overrated.
  7. Fantastic accomplishment by Connor McDavid. Without his brilliant aura of skill on display, there's no way Matthews would've been inspired to score these 4 goals. We're truly in a grand new era of hockey.
  8. They won't be the last place team.
  9. I think he was worth the 8mil, Calgary got a very good deal.
  10. Are all the body shaming type comments necessary toward poor Philip Kessel? The guy is an NHL top 3 forward, he's in shape. It's just his body looks slightly more chunky than usual.
  11. What's that, the 2nd or 3rd one? How many can a player take before they have to retire? Major bummer considering his greatest overall international performance I can recall at the World Cup just recently, not to mention coming off of the Stanley Cup. I hope it isn't too serious.
  12. Ha. Hahahaha. Oh man, if you guys would go to live games and see the difference in hustle between Edler and Tanev, that alone would give you a clue. Edler has hit the top of his abilities, is slow, is rarely physical anymore, and is ageing. Oh yeah, let's keep him!
  13. You remind me of the same sort of fans who boast how "they would've totally kicked that guy's ass instead of not fighting if I were him"--yeah right, you have no idea what injuries or other things he's dealing with at the time. Hilariously ignorant.