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  1. boots up NHL 96 for the Sega Genesis - oh look, there's Jagr boots up NHL 17 - oh look, there's Jagr
  2. Yeah great, one of the most memorable all-star games ever and now they're banning what made it possible. A smart move if I've ever seen it!
  3. I think you read way too far into my comments friend. I'm not a bandwagoner; I still watch Canucks games every week and cheer them on. I just don't want to spend large amounts of money seeing a team that has a losing record live. That's all I meant by my post.
  4. Kubo and the two strings: interesting (but somewhat depressing) movie with a very cool combination of stop motion and 3D animation. I felt it was a more adult movie overall than not, and it struck home if anyone has had a relative with dementia. I'd give it 8/10, definitely a memorable and enjoyable movie (it had its light hearted parts too!) Finding Dory: mostly riding on Finding Nemo's coattails. The 3D animation and production value were pretty good still though, and the story was serviceable. Not a great type of this movie I've seen in recent history, but I'd toss it a 6.5/10. Worth watching and it's shorter time-wise.
  5. So you basically got trolled easily and now attribute that to the average woman around here. Good work.
  6. Envious. Also, I think this post points to some of problems on why it sucks now. The prices are still just way too silly for the amount of entertainment you get (how much does a beer cost now, $1000?). A mediocre crowd with empty seats, a team that barely scores, why am I paying the money? I used to hit 3-4 games a year but I've felt 0 motivation to do it the last season and now this one so far. It's a really $&!#ty deal.
  7. I hated the trade at the time since Schneider was a legitimate starting goalie and our pick was a maybe. Schneider could even be argued to be top 10 in the league currently, if you consider his stats the last couple seasons + the team in front of him. But Horvat is working out, and I have no doubt he'll be our undisputed #1 C in a season or two. I see him getting 30 goals / 60-70pts a season (which curiously, most analysts were highly skeptical of almost all the way in his early career).
  8. Guys, I think the Leafs' 13th place to our 12th place means they've clearly rebuilt the correct way, while the Canucks are just completely lost.
  9. But I'm sure their advanced analytics are real good.
  10. I'd just like to see them give Jones one last chance before banning him from the league entirely. Honestly, that should have already happened, but the heavyweight division sucks in the UFC and they need him. But he's had what, 3-4x chances at this point? Most pro-athletes would be kicked out of their respective leagues at this point a long time ago, this guy is an idiot. He has millions and millions of dollars to pay people to babysit him and get help, but apparently he won't do it.
  11. I just clicked a thread that was declared a 'dupe' by the mods yet was the top thread on this subforum when I viewed it, because it was a duplicate to this topic. Why does this forum bother putting locked threads at the top, ever? Seems like a waste of time for everyone involved.
  12. I don't hate Toronto, in fact I <3 the blue jays. The leafs have been a terrible team and players like Martin and Kadri on their current roster make me dislike them, otherwise I don't care. I hope Matthews does well and Marner. It's more about players than the city itself.
  13. You aren't the only one. It's really sad how people being homers to a sports team will go so far as to dismiss domestic abuse if it means cheering on the team still. My 1 allowed negative definitely went to one of those posters for the night.
  14. one of the few times I agree with Cherry, the old blowhard. The firing probably ruined the morale of a young team who wasn't even that far out of the playoff picture, coming off a great season last time. I expect to see Florida continue to nose dive after all this unnecessary drama, and I hope that isn't the end of Jagr too.
  15. We need scoring, why would we trade away one of our better scoring prospects? Virtanen is extremely young still.