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  1. So when it was clear Grilli didn't have his game, or at least the batters had his number, why weren't we swapping out pitchers as quickly as the Yankees were? Every one of these games count big time. Heck, at this point in the season I'd have one of our starters out there to pitch a single inning even, if that's what it takes to get the win. Not to mention we chewed through Biagini and Cecil instantly. Maybe we should give Biagini the opportunity to pitch 2 innings next time... I really don't understand the pitching changes sometimes.
  2. yes, they're so good they lost 3/4...
  3. Pretty much. He's big... and that's pretty much it at this point. He lumbers around the ring, practically telegraphs every single move, and has the speed of molasses. Big country looked pretty comfortable against him. When you're being beaten up by a fat guy in speed, time to retire.
  4. Brutal 2 errors by Donaldson, I felt sorry for Dickey. Dude came in at a key time, didn't pitch too badly, and suddenly boom, two brutal errors and game over. Time to move on and aim for that wild card spot I guess..
  5. I lol'd
  6. Not sure. I still have a soft spot for Jim Hughson, he's still one of the better play-by-play guys out there. But I agree, he tends to tow the Toronto Maple Leafs line these days since being their announcer. Craig Simpson just has no chemistry with Hughson and it's irritating when he keeps droning on at times, often just saying the same sort of things with slightly different phrasing. I miss Shorty and Garrett -- they at least have some good chemistry, as do the Blue Jays announcers. It makes the game so much more easy to listen to when the play-by-play + colour are in sync and playing off each other versus "oh, it's Craig Simpson making several dumb comments while Hughson tries to cut in and actually call the game as it happens.."
  7. I wish there was a way to mute just one of the broadcast's voices. I can't stand Craig Simpson, but muting the game also sucks. "They had a hat trick of goals in the 2nd!" UGH. I swear, he just blathers on and loves hearing himself speak.
  8. Not the usual show I'd dig into, but it's a show about african americans in the atlanta lower income suburbs, a man trying to become a rap artist and the protagonist tries to manage his career. I had a really good time watching it so far actually. It has a lot of absurd comedy in parts and even some surreal / dream like elements to it, I found it entertaining so far (it's 2 eps in). trailer: critic analysis:
  9. and then people will realize tea is better.
  10. enjoy your retirement mansbridge, always seemed like a dignified and good journalist.
  11. Henrik deserves nothing less, he's a generational player for Sweden and is a class act all the way. Great to see him and hopefully Daniel get some huge recognition in this tourny.
  12. that's what the announcers even said, not sure why there was so much confusion
  13. It was an ugly inning to be sure. But at the end of the day, Sanchez had 0 earned runs against, which is superior to both what Estrada and Happ accomplished. Sanchez is back baby. This guy is going to be a pitching super star for years to come.
  14. So have the incidents of dog attacks risen in recent years? They cite one incident, that's hardly reason to create a new, sweeping law. I'm not totally against the idea, but something tells me that negligent owners who raise their dogs improperly and who make it on that registry as a result of not restraining them properly... probably won't care about the law. Their precious dog is surely just misunderstood, or they don't care, etc.
  15. Presumably hijab wearing Mounties won't be on the first line of offence against perpetrators in hand to hand combat? I suppose the argument could be made that every officer should be as capable as the next to perform such actions, but it simply isn't the case. I actually partially agree. If you're applying for a job in a government organization that has a set uniform you need to wear, I think everyone should wear it or not be qualified, as long as it's safety based concerns. It's a tough issue. Is using a turban instead of a full brim hat going to affect your job as a mountie? probably not. Are certain garments that give criminals extra ability to beat you in extreme situations where your safety is threatened acceptable? I'm less open to that. It's not a citizen in public walking around wearing what they want and doing whatever, these are people who have to fight dangerous criminals.