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  1. Thanks for the responses gents. Forgot to mention I live in Alberta (originally from Van), but I doubt that really changes anything. I'm leaning towards not getting the inspection. The Carproof is completely clean: no accidents, no damage claims, no liens, not registered anywhere but in Alberta.
  2. Hey All, I just had an offer accepted for me to buy a 2014 Hyundai Accent with 60,000kms on it. The car is still under warranty for three more years, has a clean Carproof, and the guy is going to show me all the service records (of which he says nothing drastic has happened with the car. I haven't seen them yet). My question is, is it worth spending the $100+ on an inspection when given everything I listed above? I drove the car for about 15 minutes ranging in speeds from 10km/hr to 80km/hr and it runs like my brand new Civic.
  3. The point I was making is you can basically get a similar player to Larsson without giving up your #1 LW
  4. A top 4 defenseman like Demers, perhaps? More points in less games than Larsson this year.
  5. No one, and I'm not saying it. Point is you don't make that trade.
  6. So trade RNH or Eberle instead. Trading a legit top line winger for a top 4 (but not top 2) defenseman who has yet to really prove anything is just insanity
  7. Could've gotten 11m+ if he waited two more days.
  8. Shero legit bent over Chiarelli on this deal. Edmonton got hosed
  9. EDM 4th for Parayko + STL 28th sounds a little bit more even. And I'm not even sure that's enough.
  10. Wouldn't do it. MTL would ask more than I think is fair. Likely Tanev/Edler + VAN 5th + one of our prospects. As well, Subban's contract is 9m for 8 years. Too much money and too much term.