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  1. ICBC Situation.

    No idea how you get pulled over so often... you probably shouldn’t be driving.
  2. Charges Laid In Tragic Humboldt Crash

    Do we know what he did? Playing on his phone ???
  3. Here's what we got now !

    Not going to lie but our lineup screams top 3 pick lol...
  4. I’m okay with getting Jay, I would just rather not give him 4 years. These types of players prove time after time that their play style does not age well. If we can slightly over pay for a 2 year term I would be happy with that.
  5. How is JT past his prime he is 27 entering the prime of his career.. you have to pay big to get a sniff at a player that is a first line center at this age. If you have a chance at John Taveres you take it and offer what the market value is. He still has 8 years of topsix hockey left...
  6. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Erik Gudbranson

    Im okay with this signing not like we dont have the cap.. good job JB
  7. [PGT] Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Marky is is not a starting goalie
  8. You still kicking around on here lol

  9. Holy I feel devastated for Brock wonder how he is doing...
  10. Canucks End of Season Media Availability

    Farhan is a moron for even suggesting this.. If he's not the player he once was it doesn't mean hes not the same leader he has always been..
  11. wonder what the conditions are on this pick. The more trades for rentals the more JB did good.
  12. Solid deal for the panthers this actually makes Bennings returns even look better!
  13. Solid pickup apparently he has been the ducks most serviceable fourthliner all year.. Smart move by Jim as this could be a solid addition for the bottom six.
  14. To be honest I can't see them being traded or even having much value at 14M. You have to realize that not a lot of teams can eat 14M in cap or have room to make that type of deal. But if we are to retain salary there could be some value for them, they would help push a team over the top. I think the Canucks owe them loyalty as they have shown it to us in the pass, we can't move out all the vets. we need true leaders to show the rookies.