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  1. I disagree, Linden was paid handsomely the least he could do is share some insight on what transpired. At the end of the day without fans these guys are not getting paid..
  2. lol not suprised on this boring interview, no one caes about your boring fitness venture... give the fans what we reeally want/deserve.
  3. [Report] Canucks recall Adam Gaudette

    Great now he can get beat up and injured!!
  4. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    Dirty hit dont like how he used his stick to can open EP40 and throw him head first into the ice. I’m sure like most of you the thing that bothers me the most is the lack of response from the players. I dont think it was nescessary to jump Matheson but I would of expected that having your 19 year old rookie body slammed would bother you. If that happend in a beer league game I almost guarantee Matheson has to physically defend himself. Lets all pray EP40 is okay and not badly concussed, it will be a shame if this hit affects his rookie season. I hope the players learn from this the next time this happens as they have been crucified rightfully over the lack of response.
  5. Its okay guys Tyler Motte can play next game
  6. Where is the response... this team is full of pansies..
  7. He is a offensive weapon he drew Peteys goal. You have to realize that goldy will more than likely be a defensive liabilty.
  8. Hutton is so frustrating you have to clear that on the PK... you know he makes plays like that which keeps him in Greens Dog house for a reason...
  9. Did Goldy get benched? Dont like that if so..
  10. I take it all back Roussel...
  11. If Roussel scores I take all the bad things I said about him lol
  12. Damn the second PP unit is useless