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  1. How has your skating improved?
  2. Pure class nothing else to say about that.
  3. Still have no idea why he was recalled after spending two games down in utica. This kid is being mishandled and needs to be down in the minors at least playing 17 mins a night. What type of message is management giving other prospects that Actually have to work for it. I really think somethinng is going on behind the scenes with ownership and the front office. Rumors of Linden stepping down after two years is a joke, makes the organization look terrible. I dont by that he was just a PR move this actually will piss of a lot of die-hards with the treatment of Linden and it goes to show you if he does step down he does not like the way were heading.
  4. Yeah to be honest I'v had the FBV done and felt like there was a lot more glide then bite.. but yeah cant go wrong with a 5/8 thats what I use on regular basis! also its very important that you get your skates sharpened by a reliable place! do not go to "sportcheck"..
  5. Would also recommend that you get your skates sharpened to something thats going to give you less bite in the ice, perhaps Flat Botttom V. Dont have your skates done on a 3/8 thats going to be a little much for a newb..
  6. Don't know how you can lol about not wearing a mouth guard and cage. All it takes is one idiot who has no clue on what hes doing to high stick you and lose teeth.. especially if you play drop-in there is usually more then one of them. I do wear a visor but I know the risks you take.
  7. Hey buddy there is actually a ton of drop-ins being run throughout the Vancouver Area. I would recommend you make a hockey community account and let it be known that you are a beginner trying to find a weekly drop-in group to play some puck. I would recommend you get some used gear before you commit to buying everything brand new just in case you decide hockey isn't for you. Things you would be new would be like Jock, Mouth Guard.. most stuff either used or new if you have money to burn.
  8. Good riddance Joey Bats should of kept that mouth shut
  9. probably not a great Idea giving easy outs regardless of not hitting right now
  10. You still live in your mothers basement bro, "that's what i see from that post"
  11. No you, That was a sick play by JD
  12. hopefully Happ gets it figured out boys!
  13. yeah they have been hitting him hard today, lucky to be up right now. I would start warming someone up asap
  14. Very productive day at work! lol