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  1. Good riddance Joey Bats should of kept that mouth shut
  2. probably not a great Idea giving easy outs regardless of not hitting right now
  3. You still live in your mothers basement bro, "that's what i see from that post"
  4. No you, That was a sick play by JD
  5. hopefully Happ gets it figured out boys!
  6. yeah they have been hitting him hard today, lucky to be up right now. I would start warming someone up asap
  7. Very productive day at work! lol
  8. Alright guys stuck at work would anybody be willing to send a link or stream for this game via PM!!
  9. Not feeling good about this up coming inning :/
  10. He can't do that in this market he will be eaten alive by media/fans.. the season hasent even started and we are talking about this.
  11. Yeah he likes to party it's actually well known around Abbotsford..
  12. Decided on getting this. Trying to get back into club anybody need a player let me know.
  13. Is he any good
  14. The way they can work the count is fun to watch!