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  1. Holy I feel devastated for Brock wonder how he is doing...
  2. Canucks End of Season Media Availability

    Farhan is a moron for even suggesting this.. If he's not the player he once was it doesn't mean hes not the same leader he has always been..
  3. wonder what the conditions are on this pick. The more trades for rentals the more JB did good.
  4. Solid deal for the panthers this actually makes Bennings returns even look better!
  5. Solid pickup apparently he has been the ducks most serviceable fourthliner all year.. Smart move by Jim as this could be a solid addition for the bottom six.
  6. To be honest I can't see them being traded or even having much value at 14M. You have to realize that not a lot of teams can eat 14M in cap or have room to make that type of deal. But if we are to retain salary there could be some value for them, they would help push a team over the top. I think the Canucks owe them loyalty as they have shown it to us in the pass, we can't move out all the vets. we need true leaders to show the rookies.
  7. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    smokey is going to prove everyone right when he leads the league in SO
  8. Honestly if we trade him to a contender I don't think its to much to ask for a first rounder in the deal. He is on a great contract and could become very valuable in the playoffs. One thing is though its probably in our best interest to trade him so we don't lose him to Las Vegas.
  9. Ham and Pineapple how could you not like it lol.. instant class imo
  10. [Waivers] Bryan Bickell

    solid player I would take a flyer on him. We have the money to burn so why not.
  11. How has your skating improved?
  12. Pure class nothing else to say about that.
  13. [Report] Canucks assign F Jake Virtanen to Utica

    Still have no idea why he was recalled after spending two games down in utica. This kid is being mishandled and needs to be down in the minors at least playing 17 mins a night. What type of message is management giving other prospects that Actually have to work for it. I really think somethinng is going on behind the scenes with ownership and the front office. Rumors of Linden stepping down after two years is a joke, makes the organization look terrible. I dont by that he was just a PR move this actually will piss of a lot of die-hards with the treatment of Linden and it goes to show you if he does step down he does not like the way were heading.
  14. Yeah to be honest I'v had the FBV done and felt like there was a lot more glide then bite.. but yeah cant go wrong with a 5/8 thats what I use on regular basis! also its very important that you get your skates sharpened by a reliable place! do not go to "sportcheck"..