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  1. Tough matchup for the Canucks, will be a huge test for the young guns. This is a bonus to be playing meaningful hockey, if they have any chance they will need Hughes to maintain the level of hockey he has been playing at. O’reilly will be a tough matchup for Petterson you can almost guarantee they will match him against Petterson. The Canucks are going to get some good experience but I still think the Blues will prevail in 5 games. We need to remember that this will be good for us moving forward and hopefully get us ready for when we are a contender.
  2. The only positive spin I can put on last nights game is that we are two more losses closer to a 12% chance at first overall! I hope JB’s time is done for cap crunching us and he gets shown the door. Green should be fired and replaced with more experience... I hear Peter Laviolette Is available? I have the wild in 4 games, they are just a better team and it showed. Did Green already put a positive spin to last nights disgrace of a performance? Man I miss the Sedin era they at least could win a series or two.
  3. Could really use JV 18 goals right about now lol.. Green is a an idiot thinking he dressed the best lineup.
  4. Not sure what to think. I don't think we are a playoff team without Marky he masked a lot of our problems.
  5. Miller playing like the goat. Demko lost this with those first two goals.
  6. Petey looks like crap. Burning out just like last year.
  7. You still kicking around on here lol

  8. game freak!

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      hows mommys basement

    4. WillyFox


      not bad hows giving your roomys BJs?

  9. hey just thought id say your a Flamer

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      lol not even i've watched barely 1 episode

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      still hahaha joking its okay you live in calgary alot of them gay cowboys eh ;)

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      shut the frack up you ride your bf's chicken like no other

  10. yes just haunting CDC

  11. yeah my PlayStation broke lol.. no more leading our club :P

  12. umm ur a scrub.......

  13. hahah im just wondering if i should now lidstrom is a beast :)

  14. Yah Ill give you Kronwall and a 1st :)?