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  1. This is true. I've been that buddy to a few guy friends and they've all told me that it's helped them.
  2. Was it something that you can compromise on or is it something more along the lines of one wanting kids and the other doesn't? It's possible that your minds have changed regarding the type of future you envisioned before. That's not to say that it may have changed to the point where you're both now on the same page though. You mentioned that you only recently started to think about this ex again. Could there be something else that's going on in your life that could've triggered these thoughts? It might not be that you want to get back together with her per se, but that you're just looking for someone with certain qualities that she had.
  3. I'm also wondering what is preventing you from reconnecting with her? Good reasons would include, she's in a relationship/married, your core values don't match, long distance, etc. Sometimes, love isn't enough to sustain a relationship as other factors may contribute to it not working out in the long run. Focus on those reasons. If you don't have any reason not to, you might want to give it another try. Sounds like you were both young and in a different place in your lives. Perhaps the timing will be right this time around. But also keep in mind that you've both probably changed since, and that relationship from the past is over. You have to look at this as a new relationship. And finally, there are just some people who will always hold a place in our hearts long after the relationship is over. Just have to be okay with that and keep moving on.
  4. While I agree that we don't have any good events here, I also don't have the time to go to the better events. I'll take what I can get lol
  5. My workplace was bought by a new company recently. And I miss my old company more and more each day.
  6. I've stayed friends with a lot of people from high school, met some friends through other friends, and made some very good friends from work. Maybe join a sports league, dragon boating, etc?
  7. I usually do enjoy the dates. What I meant is that nothing more comes out of the date beyond that lol
  8. Haha aww thanks!
  9. I'm drinking watered down Sprite. On purpose.
  10. I have to stay up as late as I possibly can, but then I don't want to get out of bed in the morning (especially on workdays). Unless I'm on vacation. Then I stay up as late as possible and then can't wait to wake up early to get the day started.
  11. Every time someone sees me carrying a box at work, they'd come over and ask "Oh, is that for me?" And it's usually something that's heavy and I just want them to get out of my way so I can put it down as soon as possible.
  12. I like being single and I like being in relationships. I don't; however, like the process of dating. I don't like going on date after date after date that lead to nothing. And it's not that those dates were bad per se (except for the one I mentioned above), but they were just missing something. I definitely don't want something casual; however, I also want something a little different from what most people (it seems) want.
  13. It's not so much the dates (except that one guy), as it is with the whole dating process that I don't enjoy.
  14. My friend bought the tix, but I think we're in the seats section. Didn't want to deal with the GA section since it's an all ages show lol
  15. I think there were 2 types of tickets - GA/floor and seats.