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  1. Ive been to the future too, and I have proof! 2019-2020 season... get ready.    
  2. Daniel Sedin and my favorite goal was...   edit. it would be easy to choose nazzy but the amount of abuse the Sedins put up with puts them in a class by themselves
  3. Daniel Sedin: All Time Canucks goal scorer

    Great goal scorer. Great team mate. Great Leader. The league may not respect you, but I do. Great job!
  4. The SkyTrain on the way to a Canucks game has a better atmosphere than inside Rogers Arena during a Canucks game. That's a problem. Over priced munchies is a problem. ...you know I was going to start a big list but I think I'm just being trolled...
  5. Road trip expert cites Utica Comets as best minor league hockey experience   Print Email By Lindsay Kramer | lkramer@syracuse.com Follow on Twitter on January 16, 2016 at 6:48 PM, updated January 16, 2016 at 7:33 PM     The Utica Comets have a big fan in Sean MacDonald. Actually, MacDonald is a lot more than a fan. He's a sports road trip guru who travels around the country reviewing venues of all sorts. Wednesday, he swung by the Utica Memorial Auditorium for a Comets-Marlies game. At first glance, that arena might not seem like much. But MacDonald was enthralled with the building and game presentation (and beer). "Overall, this is probably my favourite rink in the league, the epitome of what minor-league hockey should be,'' he said. "Having a passionate fan base, a nearby bar that raffles jerseys before the game, affordable food and beer options, ticket exchanges with no fees, and a unique, innovative arena combine to make this a must-see experience for any hockey traveller. It is great to see an organization committed to making its gameday experience the best it can be, something that rarely happens in the big leagues these days.'' MacDonald wrote that he still has ten rinks to go to complete the AHL. "Next month, I'll be seeing all five rinks in California, plus a trip to Portland for the Pirates, and then a flight to St. John's, Newfoundland for the Ice Caps in March,'' he said. "That will leave Grand Rapids, Iowa, and Winnipeg for next season.'' Can any of them knock off the Comets? MacDonald visited the War Memorial last season. Here is his review of that experience.   http://www.syracuse.com/crunch/index.ssf/2016/01/road_trip_expert_cites_utica_comets_as_his_best_minor_league_hockey_experience.html   I didn't see this posted and thought I would share.  
  6. Sorry Mods but I this deserves it's own thread (specially Deb cause your pure awesomness). Sure I'll click because I like watching the post game... For Reals?  
  7. Everyone should just vote Corrado into the all star game just to get him some playing time.
  8. Clayton Stoner facing five charges for killing grizzly bear By Greg Wyshynski 14 hours ago Puck Daddy . View photo Stoner Cheeky the Bear didn’t have the same fame in British Columbia as Cecil The Lion did in Zimbabwe, but his demise also made headlines when he was shot and killed in a trophy hunt in 2013. His hunter wasn’t a Minnesota dentist; it was a Minnesota defenseman – Clayton Stoner, now with the Anaheim Ducks, who was photographed holding the severed head of “Cheeky.” Two years later, Stoner is facing five charges related to the hunt under the Wildlife Act, according to the Vancouver Sun: The B.C.-born Stoner is charged with two counts of making a false statement to obtain a licence on May 22, 2013, as well as one count of hunting without a licence, one count of hunting wildlife out of season, and one count of unlawful possession of dead wildlife — the latter three offences allegedly taking place on May 28, 2013. Stoner is scheduled to appear in Vancouver provincial court on Oct. 9. The issue is that hunters need to be Canadian citizens or need to be physically present in B.C. in “six calendar months out of the 12 calendar months” before applying for the hunt. From the Sun: The legal argument is that Stoner did not meet those conditions due to living out of the province as a professional hockey player. At the time of the hunt, Stoner played for the Minnesota Wild but joined Anaheim as a free agent in 2014. Anyone who cannot meet that criteria must pay to hunt with a licensed B.C. guide-outfitter — typically, about $25,000 US for a coastal grizzly. The charges carry potential maximum fines of $50,000 to $250,000. Stoner refused comment to the Sun on these developments. Back in 2013, he defended his trophy hunting: [Yahoo Sports Fantasy Hockey: Sign up and join a league today!] “I grew up hunting and fishing in British Columbia and continue to enjoy spending time with my family outdoors,” said Stoner, in a statement released through the Minnesota Wild. “I applied for and received a grizzly bear hunting licence through a British Columbia limited-entry lottery last winter and shot a grizzly bear with my licence while hunting with my father, uncle and a friend in May. I love to hunt and fish and will continue to do so with my family and friends in British Columbia.” Stoner shot the bear in the Kwatna River estuary, which is an area First Nations had declared off-limits to trophy hunting according to the Sun. Stoner isn’t the only NHL player to get into hot water for trophy hunting a bear. Please recall David Booth, now in camp with the Florida Panthers, who posted a string of photos showing him holding dead animals before posting one of him kissing a grizzly bear (seriously) in a show of inter-species peace. https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/clayton-stoner-facing-five-charges-for-killing-grizzly-bear-073128206.html I hope that helps clear up the confusion.
  9. A good post

    Thank you for posting, I enjoyed the read.
  10. The middle class can go watch you play for dirt cheap and get free parking, free skating, free hot dogs, drinks, free chips, free ticket to cineplex, free ticket to the pheonix zoo, coupon for an extra value meal at Mc Donalds, free ticket to watch the Arizona Diamondbacks, $25 dollars off vehicle permit at the Grand Canyon National Park, Free ticket to Hall Of Flame fire museum, Free ticket to the Mesa Arts Museum, Free ticket to Pioneer Living History Village, Free ticket to see the Chicago Black Sox at Camelback Ranch during pre-season play, and a free nights stay at the Hotel Westward Ho. Oh and it doesn't rain for three and a half months at a time.
  11. 8 mil x 10 years If they match I win, if they don't I win. Canucks are going to be picking 15-25 anyway. Just go for the throat. Offers of 5 or 6 or even seven mil will not get it done. Bet big or go home. Trade Hamhuis and Bieksa for highest picks offered. ohhh how the defense would change.... Edit; He's going to be a franchise denfenseman. Might as well start paying him like one a few years early.
  12. http://www.ottawasun.com/2015/06/04/seven-teams-showing-interest-in-ottawa-senators-goalies Obviously this also affects Vancouvers situation.
  13. "The teams should know by 1 pm Eastern time Saturday afternoon, Sportsnet has learned". "The 6-foot-5 free agent from Boston University has decided on his NHL destination, and will inform each of Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa and the New York Rangers which organization he will sign his Entry Level Contract with". http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/oconnor-to-sign-with-nhl-team-within-48-hours/
  14. [callup] baertschi recalled from AHL

    Irfaan Gaffar @sportsnetirf · 2m 2 minutes ago Stretcher being taken into #Canucks locker room.
  15. [PGT] Canucks @ Blackhawks

    Not sure how they can say the goal was unassisted. Hopefully they change it. Edit: Awesome... they changed it.