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  1. [Signing] Scottie Upshall

    He's learning.
  2. Dan Murphy‏Verified account @sportsnetmurph 2h2 hours ago Upshall deal with #blues expected to be announced tomorrow. Didn't come to Rogers Arena tonight. 5 replies 13 retweets 22 likes Irfaan Gaffar‏Verified account @sportsnetirf 2h2 hours ago Hearing Scottie Upshall is on his way to St. Louis. Expected to sign a contract with the #Blues. #Canucks https://twitter.com/sportsnetirf?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author (Hope I did this right) GL Scottie ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Update (1) Dan Murphy‏Verified account @sportsnetmurph Believe it to be a 1-year deal for 800K 8:02 PM - 28 Sep 2017 Update (2) Upshall on the ice this morning, wearing No. 9. #stlblues — Jeremy Rutherford (@jprutherford) September 30, 2017 Upshall back with Blues on PTO, working on deal http://www.stltoday.com/sports/hockey/professional/morning-skate/upshall-back-with-blues-on-pto-working-on-deal/article_1bd9009e-b69a-5869-9a4a-8b5b8557710b.html (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) Update: 3 TSN: http://www.tsn.ca/upshall-signs-one-year-contract-with-blues-1.872326
  3. [Signing] Lightning re-sign Tyler Johnson

    First it's escrow, which is about 18%. Then it's tax. Finally agent fees, which run 3-6% but average about 5% (2016; 4.8% to be exact). Edit: Doesn't really matter though, it's a lot more than what I make. lol
  4. Guillaume Brisebois | D

    Islanders D Guillaume Brisebois has blended quickly into new team Published on August 30, 2016 Share 0 0 Comment Send to a friend Print © Jason Malloy/The Guardian Guillaume Brisebois takes a shot during Charlottetown Islanders training camp recently in Pownal. Guillaume Brisebois is the new guy in camp for the first time in three years. The Acadie-Bathurst Titan traded the 19-year-old defenceman to the Charlottetown Islanders during the off-season. “It’s weird because I use to play against those guys, but now I’m on their team,” Brisebois said before a recent practice. But the transition to his new club has been smooth. “Every guy has been amazing with me and welcomed me,” he said. “I didn't feel like I was a new guy.” Head coach Jim Hulton said Brisebois’ maturity and respectful nature has helped the transition. “He’s come in with a quiet humility about him that has allowed him to blend quickly into the room,” he said. The Islanders paid a steep price to get Brisebois and 19-year-old defenceman Jake Barter. They sent defenceman Luc Deschenes, a second-round pick in 2017 and a first-round pick in 2018 to Acadie-Bathurst. The picks are the Islanders, but the team has Baie-Comeau’s second in 2017 and Val-d’Or’s first in 2018 from the David Henley trade. Brisebois was a fifth overall pick of the Titan and was drafted in the third round by the Vancouver Canucks. Hulton said they had a good idea of what they were getting as far as a player was concerned and did their homework on his character. “It’s even more impressive. He looks like he’s a better person than he is a player,” said Hulton, the team’s general manager who made the deal. “You can tell why he wore the C in Bathurst.” Brisebois had asked for a trade after playing three losing seasons in Bathurst. He knows there’s pressure coming in as a high-profile veteran, but is glad to be here and just wants to help the team win and go on a long playoff run. Brisebois has yet to play a game for the Isles, but is expected to dress for the final two pre-season games against the Saint John Sea Dogs on Sept. 9 and 10 before leaving for Vancouver’s camp. Hulton said Brisebois’ 200-foot game is better than he appreciated coaching against him last season. “He gets it. He keeps the game simple. He’s very efficient,” he said. “He’ll go through nights where you won’t notice him a lot, but he’ll have done the subtleties of the game to the nth degree.” Brisebois said there are things he needs to improve upon to make the move to the next level. One thing he worked on during the off-season was the strength of his shot and getting it through traffic and on net. The Islanders released five players on Monday. They are forwards Coady Grant, Austin Taylor, Zac Thususka and Evan Gallant and defenceman Jack Desroches. The team is now practising at MacLauchlan Arena after starting camp in Pownal. The Guardian> Sports> Hockey © Jason Malloy/The Guardian Guillaume Brisebois takes a shot during Charlottetown Islanders training camp recently in Pownal. Getting to know Guillaume Brisebois Who – A 19-year-old, left-shot defenceman from Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Que. Team – The Charlottetown Islanders acquired him from the Acadie-Bathurst Titan during the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League draft. Size – Six-foot-two, 190 pounds. Drafted – The Titans drafted Brisebois with the fifth overall pick in the 2013 draft. The first round included present or former Islanders David Henley (eighth), Daniel Sprong (13th), Will Thompson (17th) and Alexandre Goulet (19th). The Vancouver Canucks selected him in the third round (66th overall) of the 2015 NHL draft. Major junior statistics Season GP G A Pts. 2015-16 52 10 16 26 2014-15 63 4 24 28 2013-14 60 3 16 19 Quote – “I can see it’s a great organization and they treat us like professionals,” Brisebois said of the Charlottetown Islanders. http://www.theguardian.pe.ca/Sports/Hockey/2016-08-30/article-4627625/Islanders-D-Guillaume-Brisebois-has-blended-quickly-into-new-team/2 There ya go. reported. lol
  5. "Last week I was trying to be candid with our fans and media about out efforts to improve our team but said too much about players on other teams," Benning said in a statement released by the Canucks. "I have spoken personally to the NHL and the general managers involved to apologize and I accept the league's ruling." http://www.ctvnews.ca/sports/canucks-fined-50-000-for-benning-comments-on-subban-stamkos-1.2965097 So JB has apologized. Having said that, any time a GM would nix a trade that benefits both teams and is rejected just because of something stupid, you have to wonder who the real douchebag is.
  6. [Discussion] Have we bridged the gap?

    “I’d love to have more picks,” Benning said twice. “We had to give up some picks to try and make our team competitive this year, like the (Erik) Gudbranson trade. “Going forward, I want to be like some of these other teams, with lots of picks where you can trade up and down. That’s the fun of the draft.” http://vancouversun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/the-canucks-absorb-some-body-blows-during-draft-weekend
  7. Grade Benning's 2016 Draft

    ..and we have never won a Stanley Cup. Coincidence? ..and I love the later picks as well. Grade A+
  8. I have heard that pieces are a lot easier to move if you throw in a second round pick.
  9. The SkyTrain on the way to a Canucks game has a better atmosphere than inside Rogers Arena during a Canucks game. That's a problem. Over priced munchies is a problem. ...you know I was going to start a big list but I think I'm just being trolled...
  10. Road trip expert cites Utica Comets as best minor league hockey experience Print Email By Lindsay Kramer | lkramer@syracuse.com Follow on Twitter on January 16, 2016 at 6:48 PM, updated January 16, 2016 at 7:33 PM The Utica Comets have a big fan in Sean MacDonald. Actually, MacDonald is a lot more than a fan. He's a sports road trip guru who travels around the country reviewing venues of all sorts. Wednesday, he swung by the Utica Memorial Auditorium for a Comets-Marlies game. At first glance, that arena might not seem like much. But MacDonald was enthralled with the building and game presentation (and beer). "Overall, this is probably my favourite rink in the league, the epitome of what minor-league hockey should be,'' he said. "Having a passionate fan base, a nearby bar that raffles jerseys before the game, affordable food and beer options, ticket exchanges with no fees, and a unique, innovative arena combine to make this a must-see experience for any hockey traveller. It is great to see an organization committed to making its gameday experience the best it can be, something that rarely happens in the big leagues these days.'' MacDonald wrote that he still has ten rinks to go to complete the AHL. "Next month, I'll be seeing all five rinks in California, plus a trip to Portland for the Pirates, and then a flight to St. John's, Newfoundland for the Ice Caps in March,'' he said. "That will leave Grand Rapids, Iowa, and Winnipeg for next season.'' Can any of them knock off the Comets? MacDonald visited the War Memorial last season. Here is his review of that experience. http://www.syracuse.com/crunch/index.ssf/2016/01/road_trip_expert_cites_utica_comets_as_his_best_minor_league_hockey_experience.html I didn't see this posted and thought I would share.
  11. Jannik Hansen

    LOL, I guess Apollo still has some fight in him.
  12. [Report] Mike Gillis Fired

    I just don't get it. On one hand I have to admit that I figured this season wold be a wash before the season even began for a bunch of different reasons. The salary cap being lowered was the biggest. It's a year of parity. I get it, and I also understand that as the cap goes up this will seperate us from some of these dbag cities that shouldn't even have a team. That's not Gillis' fault. but... The lawyer in Gillis has been coming out lately and wow! What a snake in the grass. that 1040 crap the other day pissed me off. I hate that we seem so slow to jump on great players as well. I have no idea what goes on behind closed doors, but when I see great players go for cheap... players that we can use, I have to wonder why we didn't pay that little bit more to land him. The examples are plentiful so take your pick. Luongo stuff made me angry as well. He's so calm all the time, a little emotion would be refrershing. Not be a snake and do it in monotone...drives me up the wall almost as much as that thing he got growing on his face. I guess I don't think this year is his fault but I'm glad he's gone anyways. He was good at signing players though in my opinion, so it's a coin flip for me if his replacment will do better. I'm not that old where I don't think change can be a good thing. I'm excited to see all of the stuff that going to happen this summer. Is the new GM going to want to make a big splash right away? Is he going to have big nards? I guess at this point the worst that will happen is a rebuild. Well, I just happen to think that we need a rebuild right now so what the hell. Wait a little bit and see what the new GM can do. This could be fun.
  13. [Trade] Canucks Trade Luongo to the Panthers

    HOLY CRAP! Sorry for caps, but... HOLY CRAP! Just heard it on Prime Time Sports with Bob McGowan if some of you are looking for sources. Just confirmed by Roberto himself.
  14. Text Size http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=438808 Many have asked: why on earth is it taking so long to announce Shawn Thornton's suspension? On December 7, Thornton pulled Brooks Orpik to the ice from behind and punched him a few times in the face for good measure. Orpik was taken off on a stretcher, and having suffered a concussion, hasn't played since the incident. The scene was reminiscent of Tie Domi on Ulf Samuelsson, and to a lesser extent Marty McSorley and Todd Bertuzzi. Thornton's hearing will be Friday, almost a full week after the incident. It's not a surprise this one is taking time. The weight of the NFL concussion lawsuits, the recently filed NHL concussion class action and the Boogaard lawsuit are likely weighing heavily on the decision making process. The league may be looking at this one very carefully to ensure they send the right message, not only to players, parents and fans, but also to potential jurors. And that message is this: we are taking all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of our players. The league will want to be seen as being proactive when it comes to protecting the brains of players, and that means firmly addressing unnecessary risk on the ice. Hockey is an inherently dangerous sport and that will never change. Still, contact that is not part of the game will be scrutinized. It seems unlikely that NHL vice-president of player safety Brendan Shanahan will be working alone on this suspension. This will be a group effort with lawyers intimately involved. This incident raises complex legal issues and will be considered with care. Ultimately, the suspension is less a hockey decision and more a legal decision. So whatever the ruling by the NHL, the assumption needs to be that the league will actively consider the legal angles before making its decision. This is an important time for the league. The discussion about violence in sports has been rising over the past few years as the public becomes more aware of the potential long-term impact of headshots. Indeed, there seems to be a trend emerging: concerns over violence in sports have become part of the narrative of the game of hockey and they don't seem to be going away anytime soon. And, in part, those concerns are now being expressed in lawsuits. A Crime? One more question that is raised: were Thornton's actions a crime? The answer lies in the issue of consent, which is your starting point when assessing whether a hit on the ice is elevated to a crime. In hockey, when a player steps on the ice, he is agreeing to some form of bodily contact and the risk of injury that flows from that contact. Hockey is understood to be an inherently violent game and injuries happen. At law, this principle of consent is called voluntary assumption of risk. Players assume risk when playing and can't turn around and sue for the harm that comes from that type of fair and expected contact. However, a distinction should be made. Players are only consenting incidental contact (or contact that is part of the game like body checks). Players are not consenting to acts that are outside the scope of what is acceptable in the game. When that happens, you start asking if a crime has occurred. We did that in cases like Bertuzzi on Moore, McSorley on Brashear and Alex Perezhogin on Garrett Stafford. And we are doing that with Thornton on Orpik. It's tough to argue that Thornton's actions constitute incidental contact. Pulling Orpik to the ice from behind and punching him repeatedly in the face is not contact that is accepted as part of the game. So to characterize the incident as an assault is not unreasonable. And just because it happened on the ice doesn't change anything. Assault is assault is assault. That being said, the incident wasn't bad enough to warrant charges and that's why we didn't see any materialize. Finally, as far as length of the suspension, my best guess is 12 to 15 games. Anything north of 15 games will signal an acknowledgement that times have changed.