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  1. Non-CDC Based Games

    So I am starting a ESPN Fanasy Hockey League and looking for anyone interested in joining. Private Message me if you are interested in joining the league make sure to give me your email so I can send out the invitation. It is a league of 20 team at max. The league is a H2H and the draft date is not yet confirmed.
  2. Stop making Bruins threads, and if you can't help you self making these bruins threads go to the Bruins board, you Bruins fan

  3. Disregard the first comment.

  4. is it okay if i use the same sig as yours.? if not i will change it please let me know thanks.:)

  5. i got locked out because i had a new e-mail address and i had forgot my username and's a senior's thing.

  6. Hi! what happened to your old account?

  7. i'm smithers joe again.

  8. i forgot to ask you wheredid you get your sig from and is there any more sigs like that.?