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  1. Ben Scrivens is the best thing the Oilers have going for them.

    1. Peaches


      Yup, they finally have solid goaltending. Too bad they have an AHL caliber blueline and forwards who don't know the definition of backcheck.

    2. Zach Fucale

      Zach Fucale

      I don't see them being a contender for a playoff spot till 2020

  2. Would rather get Girgensons and Zadorov/Ristolainen.
  3. Tanev might have a sex change. Probable, no... but possible.
  4. [Official] Minor Signings Thread

    I ain't even mad
  5. [Official] Minor Signings Thread

    Yeah, the people who throw a little shi!tfit every time they see a thread that's been started for a minor/depth signing. I mean, is that really something to get so upset over? "Blockbuster move" "Plan the parade" Please
  6. [Official] Minor Signings Thread

    This should appease all the whiners...
  7. The troll population on this board seems to have increased since the draft...

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    2. Baka


      I'z not trollin! I iz Boxxy you see?!

    3. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Bring out the big sticks, lots a trolls to hunt >)

    4. In the Slot

      In the Slot

      I love how people who think are called if you're a sheep then you're a hero..says alot about the brainpower on cdc

  8. A multi-year commitment from Alex Semin... Whoda thunk it?

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    2. stexx


      i think tsn is irony impaired: title of report CEMENTING SEMIN

    3. Aladeen


      ^I think TSN just wanted Semin blasted on their front page.

    4. Captain Aerosex

      Captain Aerosex

      Something like 30 mill invested in 4 players for the Canes...

  9. Now that surgery has been confirmed for Booth... time to go after Morrow?

  10. Jason Garrison so far?

    He needs time to adjust, just like any other player who joins a new team and is expected to assume a large role immediately. You have to remember the human side to hockey players, the guy who's trying to fit in somewhere in the locker room dynamic, trying to make friends - it's a workplace. I don't get the sense that he's not a personable guy, though. Seems as though he's already 'in' with the group. I do think we'll end up regretting that 4.6 AAV, though. Hope I'm proven wrong.
  11.'s headlines are the PUNNIEST

  12. Brace yourselves... the Zack Kassian bandwagoners are coming.

    1. Blackberries


      not me, liked him since seeing him at the WJHC

    2. EmployeeoftheMonth


      who cares let them come. It's nice to have support rather than doom and gloom all the time.

    3. Drew1


      hes earned it

  13. Don't post in the [NEWS ONLY] Luongo thread if you don't got news!!!! #nerdrage

    1. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      ^^^ What this guy said!!!

    2. Heretic


      What happens if you do? Will you e minimodded to death?

    3. Peace Bond
  14. I have a mini-aneurysm every time I see that someone's posted something new in the Roberto Luongo News Thread and it just turns out to be spam or an idiotic 'Lp' comment.

    1. :D


      People are still doing that LP thing?

    2. Jaku


      Yes sadly.

    3. Aladeen


      May want to have that checked out by a medical professional. As mini as they are Aneurysms shouldn't be ignored!