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  1. Not bad. I definitely have a lot more free time now that we're between seasons. LOL.

  2. Hello there how's it going

  3. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    Comment above about Erhoff not stepping up to the plate for Daniel after he got drilled. Old school hockey-wise, I know what you mean. But with this new calm and collected approach, I'm sure Erhoff would've gotten reamed out if they went from being on the powerplay to just playing 4 on 4 (even though Eager would've gotten the initial minor on top of a roughing/fighting, if Erhoff jumped in, anything can happen in a scrum...). But most importantly, if Erhoff gets penalized, we would've lost another one of the top 4 d-men (Bieksa was in the box already). In any case, I think our team is smart enough to know when to go and when to just chill out. I'm sure we won't see a Bieksa fight against Eager unless we've got a crazy lopsided score. I don't think Bieksa fought Marleau because he happened to be there, but because he also recognized that its a pretty fair trade off if they both sit in the box. Whereas Eager sitting in the box is definitely not the same...
  4. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Totally agree with you. Some people just want to celebrate huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge goals like that by skating as fast as they can in whatever direction is open while screaming "don't touch me!! i'm on fire!!". I'm sure it had nothing to do with Daniel. Burrows was just so excited he couldn't contain himself, like when your body is so energized it wants to jump out of its own skin. LOL. Can't wait for Nashville.