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  1. its not televised at all. caucks.com is streaming though
  2. this is why /r/canucks is a much better nucks forum. Thread trolling for no reason.
  3. would love to see virtanen boeser goldy
  4. when will they release the lineup??
  5. Jakes going to have a big game today! I can feel it
  6. clickbait -1
  7. wheel snipe celly boys
  8. Dorsett a heavyweight???? he gets ragdolled everytime he takes his gloves off
  9. thanks for this! didn't see the game. Much better than comments on FB
  10. I hope the Lightning get knocked out in first round so Stamkos wants to get the hell out of Tampa.
  11. Jim Benning (JB) name count.....13 well done.