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  1. clickbait -1
  2. wheel snipe celly boys
  3. Dorsett a heavyweight???? he gets ragdolled everytime he takes his gloves off
  4. thanks for this! didn't see the game. Much better than comments on FB
  5. I hope the Lightning get knocked out in first round so Stamkos wants to get the hell out of Tampa.
  6. Jim Benning (JB) name count.....13 well done.
  7. Dubois goes before Nylander 100%
  8. I think Matthews and the Finns slot into NHL lineups next season.
  9. they played together at the WJC tournament as well! or if we drop to 5th Boeser and Tkachuk played at WJC too!
  10. does anyone know if he is leaning towards turning pro next year and coming to Van? Or does he want another year in college?
  11. with SJx2 ANA LA ...Its entirely possible dare to dream