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  1. he's too far up it to fall out.
  2. AHAHAHAHAHA! @MapleLeafs - We May finally get some May and June hockey! #NHL https://t.co/4j8g0FMR2v — Darcy_Lussier (@Darcy_Lussier) March 21, 2020 We are about to live in a world where the New York Knicks and Toronto Maple Leafs are playing in June. — Canadian Dragon (@majingir) March 17, 2020 Only way the Leafs could play in June — Red (@kylecalloway20) March 11, 2020 For the first time in over 50 years the @MapleLeafs may be playing in June #LeafsForever #LeafNation — J. R. Sproat (@RedLikeReagan) March 14, 2020 The only way @MapleLeafs would ever play in June would be from a technicality like this #leafsforever #NHL @NHL — Hockey Talk (@HockeyTalkNews) March 12, 2020 The Maple Leafs may actually play a meaningful game past April this year,for the first time in 25 years #LGRW — Mike B (@mburkie24) March 13, 2020
  3. Saw this here: https://www.msn.com/en-ca/sports/nhl/social-media-roasts-maple-leafs-we-may-finally-get-some-may-and-june-hockey/ar-BB11FPG2?li=AAggNb9 Hilarious imo. Social distancing explained: You Your friend:
  4. The difference between Sutter 4.4 and Baertschi 3.4 is 1 million Solely based on salary is a really poor, reductive way to look at it. Baertschi is 'dead cap' in the AHL Sutter is your #7 forward Principal penalty killer 2nd lowest ozone starts on the team (to Beagle). Positive goal diffentilal 5 on 5 in that role. Lowest goals against per 60 (2.2) on the team 17 pts in 44 games Even Baertschi - or Luongo recrap aside - there are other players I'd buy out before Sutter (who I'd name if pressed, but they aren't the point).
  5. Not just CTV but media everywhere need to rethink what they seem to treat as either obligatory time and space they give him (hypothetically by virtue of his potus status) , or possibly just as matter of habit/momentum/convention (and chasing the noise) - unwittingly feeding into his constant, desperate drive for attention. Who (beyond his twitter-followers) really cares what he thinks about matters that he knows literally nothing about? Seriously - stop giving him the time and space. It's a cheap and easy space filler - but Faux news aside - why does the global media continue to waste - particularly in these times - valuable time and space on his twidiocy. It's undue - it's unearned - it's part of the problem. If you don't like the man or value what he says and does, stop feeding his craving/addiction for constant attention - it's capital to him. The traditional narrative that the US are default leaders of the world has a momentum and 'hegemony' - ironically still being sustained by a media that he calls his enemy. There's the challenge to the rest of to the media - do your job and create 'real news' - discontinue enabling Faux to define the terms, by relaying and reacting constantly to what Trump says/does. And by extension - myself included - why bother to give him as much air as we do, even in threads like this? I agree with you calling out CTV - there are better things to direct our attentiion to. Make Trump's daily whims a footnote, where it (at best) belongs.
  6. why buy out a 3.4 million contract in the AHL when you can buy out the guy playing the 3rd most minutes on the team? the player with the 2nd most combined hits and blocked shots? your 2nd leading D goal scorer? 3rd in D scoring. 2nd most takeaways on the team? (rare for a defenseman, btw) - I believe he's 12th among NHL D in that category. second unit penalty killer. Likewise with the proposals to buyout Beagle, or Sutter. CDC gonna CDC.
  7. not one in the world, yet, that I'm aware of. I'm not sure what you're talking about / whether you read the chain of posts - it wasn't even impled that they 'should' be closing the border to Canadians.
  8. hypothetically. but i'm not sure Claudius lasts 5 minutes with Cornelius. Putin plays 3D realpolitik chess vs....well.... 'See my friend, there are virtually no cases of Covid in Russia = it was/is a hoax! We continue, biznes as usual!'
  9. I know it's not the same, but one nice thing about technology - we can 'Zoom' or (I won't name some of the others) - but at least there's that / better than nothing (or complete isolation) - to be able to see/speak with family.
  10. Some people nevertheless face 'suicide'. While others think it's a "great" idea to usher czarism into the United States. "I'll be the oversight."
  11. I realize that this is a two-step thought process - that many of Trump's ideological subjects might be immune to, but.... What happens when you go back to 'business as usual'....and over half your country inevitably winds up sick - and many of them, dying? How does your 'economy' look then? Sounds good to me. Let's get it done before there's even capacity to test - let alone produce medicines. Would that hasten the time it takes to get through this? Stable genius no doubt has thought it out for all us lesser minds. I also love the idea of him providing oversight when he slushes out $500 billion - to deal with a 'hoax.' Who said riding contradictions needs to be sophistocated?
  12. yes, I thought that "live in a pair of these" rhymed nicely with "live on your knees". Those socks would be the straw that broke this camel's back lol. And on that note, some ironic, comic relief....to the tune of Titanic.
  13. those are Canadians returning, though.
  14. I saw some 'fake news' interviews conducted by western enemies of the people with alleged Russian doctors - who said that Russia was mischaracterizing / intentionally 'misdiagnosing' Covid as pneumonia to create the (illusion?) that Russia is not as at risk at the rest of Europe and Asia..... I guess Putin bought the hoax....