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  1. Weak. Has nothing to do with Baer in particular - he is irrelevent. Lu is more important than this team scoring, this team winning. Lame fanbase.
  2. excuse us Baer as we Luoooo a save on you. lame fanbase.
  3. 5 hole for 1000.
  4. Looks good on Rowe.
  5. Recall: the Leafs would like to call up D Mike Reilly. (we believe we have an open spot with Markov and DuMoulin on IR, DeAngelo assigned and only Bitetto recalled earlier)
  6. Yeah - no tampering there at all. "We have good people at the League and they'll look after it. It won't be a problem."
  7. only Eklund would consider GMs talking as deadline approaches to be rumour worthy. E5 fer sure.
  8. Greiss is waaay better than Berube - their problem isn't goaltending. Their second line is Nelson Strome Gionta. Grabovski would be their 3C - but he's injured. Cizikas centers a good fourth line, particularly when they're healthy. They don't really have problems all over the place. They're over .500. They're a mere 6 pts out of the playoffs - and they have 3,4,5 games in hand on some teams. Their biggest problem right now imo is that they have a M.A.S.H unit consisting of Hamonic, Boychuk, Ladd, Clutterbuck, Grabovski. Aside from that, their pedigree star forward prospects are not stepping up - Strome, Dal Colle - and Andrew Ladd is simply not filling the hole left by Kyle Okposo - who's two way game was probably under-rated by most people. For some reason Pulock isn't cutting it either. I'd still give them a slim to reasonable chance of making the playoffs, particularly if they're willing to add to do so - and they certainly have assets (even if some are relatively devalued at this point) they can use to do so. They may actually have an 'advantage' in not worrying about the expansion draft - they can simply get to the business of trying to win games and accept that they're going to lose a defenseman. It may make sense for them to add there - they're currently running with Seidenberg, Pelech and Mayfield on the right side....they want to make the playoffs, not jockey for draft position.
  9. Pass on Strome. Hard pass. The Isles have Hamonic and Boychuk down - and they stand to lose a pretty good defenseman in expansion regardless of how they might shuffle the deck. Boychuk NMC - Hamonic - and beyond them, Leddy. Hickey, DeHaan, Pulock. I could see them adding a D to mitigate the inevitable loss - and spending one of their over-rated forward prospects to do so. They also have late bloomer Devon Toews who may be their best D prospect at this point. Strome is of no interest. Vacant, weak possession player, can't win a draw, lacks grit and engagement - unless they're dumping him, there's nothing we have to protect in expansion on our blueline that I'd give up for him as a principle. Dal Colle and Ho Sang are much bigger question marks than the Isles had hoped. Ironically, it's the "lesser", later wave of Barzal and Beauvillier that bring the most promise.
  10. I gave you a +1 for the warning in the thread title. Much appreciated - that kind of thing makes these discussions more fun imo. However, I'll take it back if you don't post the substance of the rumour instead of a link to that click-bait site - which I won't touch. So, ideally - tell us what the rumour is so we don't have to fish through the thread because buzzzzzing aint an option.
  11. do you have difficulty reading entire sentences?
  12. I'd probably try to move Edler to someone like Tampa. As much as I like him and it would set the team back a step or two, I think in the longer run that might be the best option.
  13. I don't think you're seeing a "high" - he's been improving consistently over the past two years. I think you're seeing the player that Sbisa has become, not just an opportunity to pump and dump. Tryamkin, Gudbranson and Sbisa make this team difficult to play against - I won't be surprised if they find a way to retain Sbisa.
  14. A slight change of tone towards Benning. Not quite as strong an undertone of disrespect.
  15. Pronman is the Eklund of "scouting" imo. Awful list. Where do you start? I'm not gonna bother.