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  1. and have scored 34 goals in those 6 wins... (gave up 12).
  2. i guess the 1st intermission didn't dumb it down enough....
  3. good option for the Jets imo - Sbisa is good depth / generally under-rated - plays hard, mobile - they could probably use him under the circumstances.
  4. what I learned in the intermission, listening to Sat Shah. EP's is a scoring and a "shutdown" line lol, herpaderp. Gotta love the 'social' media era.
  5. the kind of sideways/indirect, chickencrap little b chirp I'd expect from you. L.
  6. I don't really know what "change.org" was intended to be, but changing hockey goal songs....I can't imagine that's what was in mind.
  7. I won't argue with that - but beyond the 'subjective' issues of agency, there are also the structural (limits) / systemic problems - that are not easy to address with just 'getting involved'. Anyhow - my apologies - but I'm fairly determined not to get drawn into these threads - I get pissy enough with mere hockey talk - so that's probably enough politics for me at this point. Keep up the positive engagement though my friend.
  8. If you mean can't afford in a cap sense, I'd agree - and beyond that, would not want to spend what it would take. Very talented - but still, imo over-rated - and a guy that always looks like an accident waiting to happen. For what it would cost in assets, don't like how vacant he can be without the puck, how risky he is with it (a real injury prone style of game), and furthermore, expiring at age 29 means a long term deal/max term to a guy that is on the cups of 30....it all adds up to a solid no imo.
  9. you know a guy is talented when he's cruising along at a ppg - and most of us 'know'/feel/can see that nevertheless, he's still waiting to break out haha. but it's no mistake imo that Elder is at 6 pts in 6 games - they are keying so much on shutting down EP - and the cross-ice to Boeser - particularly on the powerplay - that Edler is left to let it go - and he is. This is where having those new net-front presences really pays off imo - between Horvat, Pearson, Miller, Ferland - there is a wealth of guys to create screens, feed on tips etc - as Kesler used to when teams overplayed the Sedins - to the point, and Ehrhoff would simply get the puck through. Edler has not only looked great on the powerplay, but I also love the chemistry/fit that Myers provides - and that frees up Tanev to complement Hughes. So many solid additions to the build that imo take the pressure off guys like EP - who can still produce a ppg even when he's not necessarily at the top of his game.
  10. I think it's really encouraging to grind out wins - particularly on the road, against an opponent like that - particularly when your 'stars' aren't necessarily clicking. it was a great, level kind of win where lots of guys contribute - including a rookie goaltender who stepped up and kept them in striking range when St L might have managed that 4th goal that may have sealed it. no real weak spots in the lineup anymore.
  11. Yeah - Motte was in the Hobey Baker running for lots of reasons - as a junior (at 20 yrs old), he scored 32 goals and 56 pts for Michigan (+28) - with all those elements to his game beyond the upside (speed, grit, puck-hounding tenacity). I think a lot of people seriously misread what happened early in his career. First, Quenneville had a lot of belief/trust in him right from the get-go - he wasn't 'given up' on imo, he was coveted by Columbus - and likewise, I suspect the Canucks really targeted him when they had Vanek to dangle to a Columbus team that appeared to have the pieces to contend. Being moved twice means nothing imo - the guy was a great pickup. His 9 goals last year were strictly in hard minutes and on the pk - imo he's the type of guy with a whole lot of uptick potential.