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  1. I think the question might be referred to the infamous "clutch" thread - and the subject of it - AB. That said - looking forward - Boeser sure appears to have that killer instinct, confidence, sense of space/where to go, a tremendous release and just plain will to be a great clutch scorer.
  2. Happy Birthday, Loui Eriksson!

    It's time. 33. We all saw the Sedins last games. #numerology Loui is about to return, healthy - and bust out this year! The right timing.
  3. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    Seems to me those same mouth-breathers on 650 were railing on and on before the extension as well - as if Benning were on 'thin-ice". Wishful thinking on their part, but they had a fundamental misread on the satisfaction of ownership with his performance. Also arguably no concept whatsoever of team-building. Benning is not on thin-ice. That is the ironic talk of people who want him judged on short term results. It's longer term results that are expected of him - and that's how he'll be assessed imo. In any event - the media can make all the noise they want, but they gain virtually no respect here on these boards, where there is more in depth debate over what the actual "transition" is and why it has taken the form it has. Benning's approval rating here - when it was questioned whether he should be re-signed - was a resounding, near consensus. 92%. (With comparable results in another poll). I think in general people here don't quite find the ice as thin as the drama-peddlars at 650. Personally, I don't expect the team to make the playoffs this coming season (still won't be making judgements on that basis quite yet) - but at the same time I think it will be one of the most interesting and exciting seasons in some time.
  4. [Signing] Flames re-sign Elias Lindholm

    that's a much worse comparable actually. Klatt was a very good forechecker - a guy who scored 24 goals (once) and typically in the 15 to 20 range, which is what you can probably expect from Ferland. Virtually the same size - virutally identical roles - forecheck, hit, create space, go to the hard areas. Klatt was a good winger on the Sedin line, but not the level of talent you'd hope to supply those guys with. Likewise, Ferland is a good player, good forechecker, decent skill level in a tough, mobile guy that can play, and plays in the hard areas - who scored 21 goals on the Flames top line with Monahan and Gaudreau. Like Klatt - someone you're looking to upgrade on - something Calgary achieved in Lindholm - significantly. And just as importantly, someone Calgary - and now Carolina - had no club control of beyond the one year of remaining term. In other words - Ferland could be a Canuck next July 1st lol. Both Klatt and Ferland are highly likeable players, but absolutely no way I pay a former 5th overall averaging 40+pts through his first 4 seasons after stepping straight out of the draft and into the NHL (on a not particularly good hockey team.) If people are expecting more production out of Ferland, they might need to ask how much more productive his linemates will be than the two guys that just scored 84 and 64 pts....
  5. A defense of FA signings/Benning by a Benning hater

    I'm not surprised you're oblivious on both counts - while being both outspoken and obnoxious nevertheless.
  6. I suppose it's natural to want to tell yourself that when your new owner-GM just dealt Elias Lindholm for the Flames' Trent Klatt. And don't get me wrong there - I loved Klatt - and I like Ferland as well - but that part of the deal stands to cause y'all lots of anxiety for years to come. Anyhow, comfort in narratives about a 23 yr old imposter with 188 NHL points, and a 21 yr old defenseman with 6 fewer career points than the 26 yr old winger the Canes got.
  7. [Signing] Flames re-sign Elias Lindholm

    I wouldn't recommend that bet if Lindholm is in fact used as the RW on the Monahan Gaudreau line. In any event, few of us here are fans of either of those teams - in fact Calgary, being a rival, is less likely to get a reasonable hearing on these boards where people are itching to call whatever they do a loss. If we're assessing things at the time they happen, then the bigger risk in Calgary imo was signing James Neal after Ryan (and the cap tightness they've put themselves in) - whereas moving Ferland as the principal in the Lindholm part of this deal - was a no-brainer for Calgary, and absolutely the case if Ferland elects not to re-sign with Carolina. In any event Ferland is 3 yrs older, with half the NHL production, and is a pending UFA. Lindholm has evidenced multiples more upside throughout his career - a heavy price to pay for Calgary's Trent Klatt. Carolina has taken the far more significant risk, the shorter term payoffs, and has overspent on grit, something you just don't use a 5th overall pick like Lindholm to acquire. I really liked the base that Ron Francis built - through the draft - in Carolina - lots of good, young talent that this new management group may be able to coast on, however, I don't have a lot of confidence in their ability to improve upon the trajectory Francis set. The moves they seem intent to make, and the indcations that they're looking for shorter term results / are being impatient with their premier young assets = warning signs imo.
  8. Next up - a 'comparison' of the 'rebuild' efforts of Rob Blake (L.A.) vs Jason Botterill (Buffalo). Both hired in the spring of 2017. Stay tuned for the ermagerds, Botterill is leaving him in the dust!!
  9. [Signing] Flames re-sign Elias Lindholm

    I don't think you're missing anything. This is a 23 yr old with 188 NHL points, averaging 40+ pts as a 19,20,21,22,23 yr old. He was their third leading penalty killing forward. He was 54.5% in the faceoff circle. Had 24 even strength assists. And the Carolina side of the story here appears to be that he's 'soft' - however there were only 4 Canes with more hits than him (he had 98) - so if he's 'soft', what does that say about that team as a whole, and what are people's expectations of him? I always prefer to look at the general objective outcomes of a player over anecdotal stories about a single aspect of a player's game. I can see why Canes fans might want to comfort themselves though - trading this player at this stage was a huge risk, particularly when the return was a less talented and older pending UFA. Hard not to like this trade for Calgary, and regarding the contract - all indications through a large sample of 374 games as a very young NHLer are that this is a very talented young guy who is worth these terms - consistent production, good underlying numbers, already a career 52.7% faceoff guy (thousands of NHL draws), and a solid two way player who hasn't touched his prime yet. By comparison, Backlund was just establishing himself in the NHL at this phase of his career.
  10. [Signing] Predators re-sign Ryan Hartman

    His agent appears to be a pushover. 30 goals and 63 pts in 2 NHL seasons....60 of them at even strength...playing 13 minutes.
  11. You're disingenuous - and/or confused - by the difference between the Leafs never-ending rebuild - and the most recent stage known as the 'Spamaplan'. Simple questions: Are rentals consistent with 'rebuilding'? When did the rebuild end? When did it begin again? LOL. Is this the Spamaplan's second 're-rebuild', or are we still in the original Leafs rebuild?
  12. I'm not sure I'm as smart as an 8th grader, but I'm guessing the difference is that a Torpedo is man-made. Ie Buffalo, Edmonton, Toronto.... The others are 'acts of God' / nature - ie Vancouver.
  13. [Signing] Blue Jackets re-sign Ryan Murray

    I like Murray. Still only 24 - has never really had any momentum / consistent health. Still - decent underlying numbers in primarily dzone starts, solid defensively, great shot blocker, mobile, reasonable production 72pt in 262 games..... Good price for a guy that typically plays 18+ or even 20 or more minutes. One of those things where that misfortune could aid the CBJ if he emerges and is affordable like this, particularly if their window opens....
  14. Derp. That is the usual mindless straw. It's like saying McDavid is a great player, but teams win Championships, not a few shiny core forwards. As evidenced, ironically, by Edmonton, repeatedly. What it is - a 'comparison' to teams that actually have contending bluelines. People haven't 'disregarded' the Leafs - they've put things in context and repeatedly referenced the limits to their 'rebuild' - something you're oblivious to - and have pointed out two things - 1) that they still have work to do to be considered a 'favorite'- better than teams like Tampa, Winnipeg, Nashville, Washington.....and 2) this is an absurd 'comparison'. The Canucks peers were Chicago, Boston, L.A. etc. The Leafs peers were the Coil, the Sabres - the perenially bad, tanker teams that have stocked up on a decade of top 10 picks. But carry on with the daft willful blindness. The Leafs should be working on Cup #3 if anyone listened to you. The rebuild was done. They were the next dynasty. Now you're back to try to revisit the fact you stung yourself playing a fool's game. Some people look beyond a core of 4 or 5 players when they're picking 'favorites'. The Leafs have a handful of high end forwards - and a great coach. They still have work to do - and Babcock would undoubtedly be the first person to point that out. If anyone can put lip stick on that blueline, it's him. But still, the best makeup job still got them eliminated in consecutive first rounds. Hilarious to listen to you tankers fluffing first round exits while 'still rebuilding', apologizing for wasted 2nd round picks on premature rentals while citing the stockpile the pickz #proper-still-rebuilding, and riiding appeals to the authority of Bodog projections. The contradictions are endless - and absurd.