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  1. Hey tm, - am present. Re housekeeping: Lindberg's contract pop up reflects that he's expiring in 15/16 - cap hit is correct but he was extended two years 16/17 and 17/18. Aside from that I don't see anything other than an inconsequential couple 2017 UFAs that are no longer with us (Jackman, Donovan). Thanks tm. Will update my budget and roster soon. Still waiting to see what the resolution to the Sobotka drama turns out to be.
  2. Yeah, and it wasn't long ago that he was getting ripped for not being active enough, not pulling the trigger, etc. Gillis had the same rep - unless a deal really made sense, he was very 'conservative.' I think Winnipeg can afford to be - they're on the right side of a 'rebuild.' On the counterpoint, I love Benning's decisiveness and willingness to take a risk. There comes a point where you need to roll the dice imo, and he correctly assessed that this team was there, so I like the transition to Benning's approach here. But Chevy - must be licking his chops. What's more fun than having a player like Trouba to dangle. He's probably overvalued/over-rated, simply because he's so widely projected as a future Norris candidate. Trouba going public with a trade request may not help his value a great deal, but at the same time it will prompt teams to come inquiring, as opposed to putting Wpg in a position to go shopping him, selling tupperware. I think the dynamic may actually work out better for them - and if fantasy hockey is any indication (I've had Trouba in a number of leagues), there is scarcely a player that invites more inquiries. My only concern would be that it's not the best time to be a seller imo - so many complications with the expansion draft - I almost wish they'd have simply done it incognito already - with teams submitting lists - the draft done - teams informed of who was in que to go. One player one each team would play the season knowing they're headed to LV, but would that be worse than the entire league wondering for a year what's going to happen and jockeying assets with that draft in mind, dividing their interests when they should be squarely looking to improve their teams?
  3. Yes, and counseling Trouba to go on record that the reason he wants a trade is to 'play the right side / maximize my potential' is just horrible advice - or horrible lack of counsel if he didn't advise him not to give that rationale. That in a nutshell is the polar opposite of "I'll do what it takes for my team to win", team-first mentality. Uh, I want to be traded because the coach isn't playing me where I want to play. I actually have a very pro-player perspective - I'm squarely behind the players on issue like lockouts, player safety, etc - I realize the NHL has been and continues to be a harsh business where the reality is that players need to play hardball to protect their rights (and their health, etc). But I'm also very tired of this exact dynamic - of players that haven't earned it - making demands to play where they want, get more ice time than they've earned, sign huge contracts they haven't really earned, etc. It's the opposite end of the spectrum and I'm getting tired of the Drouin, Hodgson types. This particular agent has counselled Turris, Dubinsky, Johansen, Trouba - to hold out - all of them coming off entry-level contracts. I'd almost favour a "bridge" clause in the CBA - the expectation that some of these young players who have had one or two decent NHL seasons command 6+ year terms at huge cap hits is ridiculous and has gotten out of hand. I don't know what is worse - the reality - that Trouba likely wants what was reported before - a huge contract - or this lame window-dressing game about wanting a trade in order to play on the right side. It's obviously more complicated than that, but the bottom line imo is that Trouba is a 22yr old RFA that hasn't reached his potential yet. At the same time, he's been getting 22 minutes a game all three of his young NHL seasons, so what's his beef really about how he's utilized? He deserves a strong bridge contract, and when he approaches UFA status, perhaps he can leverage where he wants to play, but I wish these guys would just buck up and become men before they expect to play where they want or command contracts in line with the NHL's premier veterans.
  4. "I said Salo for Hart when?" "prove you're not full of s" "LIAR" "prove me wrong fn LIAR" 'um, oh... one of those is right. oops. I did say Salo for Hart.' Nothing but quality and professionalism from the Province.
  5. Meh, they were a playoff team the next season with a rookie coach, so...yeah, I'd put a whole lot of it squarely on Tortorella (and ownership's obvious intervention to hire him) plate. Gillis already knew that "major changes" needed to happen - it's simply how you go about that that was the issue. He was going to transition - ie one move at a time - not tear it down - and he started rebuilding the prospect pool with the Schneider, Luongo deals - right in line with the timeline you're talking about.
  6. That makes sense. I hate what the expansion draft is doing to the season with everyone jockeying assets to avoid a loss as opposed to building the best team they can for this season - wasn't factoring it in.
  7. You're simply illustrating my point. If you insist on belabouring it - Trouba does the same, "rotates" on the left side for Winnipeg. Why is that? That's pretty much the point. As is the fact that Lindholm, Fowler, Despres (as a 3LD is sick depth) - and Theodore, another LHD - makes solid sense from Anaheim's perspective. That you feel they need a LW is another issue that doesn't change this point. LW is the easiest position in hockey to fill - and they have the assets to acquire one whether or not they make this deal.
  8. Incorrect. Solves the same thing it does in Winnipeg. Anaheim's left side is currently Lindholm, Fowler and Despres. Add Shea Theodore to that mix in short order. Winnipeg's right side is Byfuglien, Myers, Trouba. To flush that out further: Anaheim's right side is Vatanen, 35yr old Bieksa, and a LHD Stoner. Add Trouba = makes perfect sense. Winnipeg's left side is RHD Trouba, Enstrom, and Morrisey/Chiarot/Postma. Add Lindholm, ditto. So yes, this solves something for both teams.
  9. To Anaheim: Trouba To Winnipeg Lindholm Ducks: Fowler Vatanen Despres Trouba Stoner Bieksa Jets Lindholm Byfuglien Enstrom Myers Morrisey Chiarot
  10. Not Chevy's problem haha. Chevy's problem would become: Ehlers Scheifele Wheeler Laine Little Reinhart Connor Perreault Stafford ---------- Lowry ------------ Dayum. I also think that despite his 'plateau' or whatever you want to call it, Morrisey is gonna be a hell of a player and whether or not Trouba returns a LHD, they'll be alright on the left down the road. Still, probably makes more sense to target a LHD, but Reinhart would sure round out a sick young forward group.
  11. If I'm Cheveldae, I'm back on the phone with one of, if not the NHL's worst GM, targetting Sam Reinhart.
  12. As does Burmistrov and his 21 pts making Hansen a 4th liner.
  13. LW C RW Nikolaj Ehlers Mark Scheifele Blake Wheeler Patrik Laine Bryan Little Drew Stafford Kyle Connor Mathieu Perreault Alex Burmistrov Shawn Matthias Adam Lowry Joel Armia
  14. That wasn't your point. That point makes sense. Hansen - a fourth liner - not so much - doesn't really help make your case that typical CDC is so out of touch.