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  1. yeah, as usual with Sutherland, it reached a point where there should have been a guy with a long stick banging a gong as a cue for him to leave the ice.
  2. 2nd Best Dman in 2018 Draft

    yes, and I'm absolutely fine with that - I'm simply not of the opinion that they're the #2 D in the draft. and if you consider them to go in the 8 or 9 spot, it sounds like you share that opinion. But if I were at 5 for example, and Dahlen were the only D gone.....I'd be taking Boqvist. Aside from his obvious game - I think there's something about him that is being generally underestimated - he'll still be 17 years old after the draft - is very young (with an August birthdate).
  3. it's really ironic that the stockplle pickz crew flip flop like this and apologize for premature rentals with "they haven't broke the bank yet." er, comparing a Boyle rental to acquiring a 24 yr old Gudbranson. You're really stretching to rationalize here. so the narrative is now that the Leafs are "stil rebuilding" eh? even more ironic. In the context of all the pick hysteria around here - simply not sure if you're serious. not your best work 189. if we're being real, you just fluffed a little too hard prematurely
  4. chirp chirp. surprise, look who's chirping, looking to incite - as usual. Not much there with all due respect - the odd one liner and not a single # ironically. But I learned a lot. 3rd strongest qualcomp. 2nd lowest zone starts. 'disappointing'... offense, and allegedly, somehow, unqualified underlying numbers. Funny what was left out. On ice goals against per 60. Pouliot 3.1 Edler 3.0 Del Zotto 2.9 Stecher 2.8 Tanev 2.5 Gudbranson 2.0 Meh, what do goals against matter? Th'analyticz1 Sorry to disappoint - nothing worth making popcorn over. Carry on with the smarm, though.
  5. Kelly Sutherland never fails to suck.
  6. PDF: (P1) Vegas Golden Knights vs. (P3) San Jose Sharks

    The milkhotdogs are going down this time. Free Jannik Hansen!
  7. Aside from the insufferable media in Toronto, and a severely over-rated management group that got a free fluff pass for years running now - there are a few things I like about the Leafs - and almost wish I could get more behind their build. But those two things above are a lot to overcome to simply cheer for their 'Canadian-ness' - which is also diluted by Toronto's wannabe undertones. Babcock - has turned them into a team that is enjoyable to watch in a hockey sense - he rid that franchise of the passengers and one-way wonders that aren't compatible with modern / grown up hockey. Good timing for the Nylander and Marner types who he's helping turn into NHLers that can play without the puck. Always liked some of the Burke era elements of that team - Reilly was a key piece he passed on - and he furnished them with some good 'foundational' mid range two way type players that could have complemented their next 'core' but it looks like the overlap is not particularly well-timed/formed, and they stand to lose a number of them to free agency with nothing coming back for their 'rebuild'. The 'Shanaplan' watergunned their cap space (as opposed to weaponizing lol) - dripping on their spark haha. Back contracts - and 5.4 million in cap overage this year didn't help their cause, if this was supposed to be a 'window' - which is what rentals indicate. Not sure what they're doing out there in Toronto. The direction isn't clear. Get rid of the Shanaplan/LouLam tire pump and bring in better management - and it might get easier to get behind the Babcock turnaround.
  8. Happy Birthday, Alexander Edler!

    still a youngin' has a couple more years of hard minutes in him for sure - which will be great for Juolevi to develop in behind. HBD Alex. Sorry you're losing your countrymen the the Hall of Fame - your turn to lead quietly. Really like Edler. He was great in our contending years - tracking as a Norris candidate before the serious back injuries. Has played hard minutes - and been ridden like a mule at times (particularly by the Torture-fella types) - but he's really held the blueline together, even when he wasn't on top of his game. When he is though, he can be a force - and with the right partner, he's highly effective. Will be interesting whether he pairs up with a pmd in the future - he's always thrived with puck movers - or whether he pairs with a shutdown guy again (he and Tanev have always been highly serviceable - and he looked pretty gud with Gudranson this year as well). He may have been a primary rething player to bring back assets - but I'm also happy to still have him here - he's a great stablilizer on a transitioning team.
  9. 2nd Best Dman in 2018 Draft

    that category - Krug, Hedman, Chara, etc doesn't make much sense. Nor does fixing on a singular trait like size. The thing is - you don't necessarily need more than one guy with size on each pairing. The team had Gud and retains the rights to Tryamkin - who reportedly (good source) indicated an intention to return "when he's ready". So aside from those two you have Edler still here, Juolevi - who at 6'2" will not be an 'undersized' defenseman when he fills out. MDZ is a placeholder, Tanev can be considered relatively 'undersized' but at 6'2, 195 it's borderline splitting hairs as it's his puck retrieval, first pass and elite hockey intelligence and lateral movement that make him effective. Pouliot is 208lbs - not undersized - not a size 'problem;' Really - your one 'undersized' defenseman is Stecher - who plays bigger than he is - also a key factor. I don't see it at all like you do needless to say. The team needs to add the best defenseman period - not the best big defenseman. I think you're overplaying the size issue. For me, I wouldn't hesitate to take Boqvist if we were in a position to. If you're projecting the future -and things change - but based on the present, it's likely Stecher whose spot he'd take in any event - Tanev, Gudbranson, Boqvist. The right side - Edler, rights to Tryamkin, Juolevi, MDZ, Pouliot - no real 'size' problem there either. If anything Boqvist fits the primary need of a fleet, puck moving threat that the team doesn't really have in high end form. We're not really tracking towards a spot to pick him in any event, so it's somewhat of a moot point as the team is likely to pick 7/8 or top 3 if they're lucky. But where a top 8/9 pick is concerned, I'd want the team drafting the best player, not putting size as a primary consideration.
  10. I agree that Matthews is over-rated - he's a Leaf lol - that's what they do. But I don't think he's what's standing in the way of being a true contender. For me, if you want to boil it down to one thing (aside from weak management/team building in general) - it's this (symptom of that): Reilly Hainsey Gardiner Zaitsev Dermott Polak Is that a blueline that would inspire anyone to go out and rent veteran forwards for a playoff run? Wadr, I'd take our right side hands-down over that group - Tanev, Gudbranson, Stecher (Biega) - aiaec. Zaitsev is ok - he takes too much flack from a relentlessly 'jingoing' Don Cherry - but aside from that, placeholders. In addition, their best D prospect - Liljegren - aint gonna make that group any harder to play against. Take out those two placeholders and you have a flyweight blueline without a shutdown element. Beyond Liljegren, that's a lot of hope to pile on Eemeli Rasanen, or fas like Borgman and Rosen. Nielsen will really have to uptrack to be considered a realistic NHL prospect. Shoulda drafted a couple more defensemen with those delusional rental 2nds they wasted. Built that 'contender' on a core of shiny forwards and haven't really added enough to their blueline since the Burke era.
  11. [Signing] Canucks sign F Lukas Jasek

    you must be from the future.
  12. [Signing] Canucks sign F Lukas Jasek

    seriously? Pratt-le jockey eats his shoe again.
  13. haha, Maurice tears up when he realizes how long it's been since he won a playoff series.... down the hallway and half way outta there before he remembered he had to shake hands. I was wondering at the time if he was simply pissed at Boudreau, but he was back out there pretty quick.