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  1. I didn't. The titles - and a quick scan was enough. Pass.
  2. Haha - saw Gretzky commenting that he'd be playing if he were Nylander. newsflash Wayne - you're not Nylander, Toronto will try any stunt imagineable to manipulate circumstances. Good luck with this working.
  3. Nothing to worry about re:Pettersson. The team has no top line right now, period. Horvat is forced into shutdown service, Baertschi is out, Boeser is out. Pettersson's line is isolated - and the rookie does not have a full complement, period. Not only Sutter and Beagle absent to stem the opposition and produce territory, but likewise on the blueline - and it all adds up to an exhausted, depleted young group of players stepping up into roles they're not all ready for. Nothing of real concern - aside from the health of the club. This will pass. Not even mad. These guys are hanging in there pretty well, considering. Very impressed with them, nearly to a man.
  4. I don't think that's it's simply a pressure issue - I think it's a cumulative effect. The other scoring line...is absent. Horvat is having to play shutdown minutes. There is no Boeser and no Baertschi. It's pretty easy to key on shutting down Pettersson's line. The shutdown centers - Sutter and Beagle - are both out of the linep. So the overall ozone starts that Pete's line are going to get - are limited as well. (ditto where the blueline has been concerned = limiting the overall effectiveness of each unit). And then there's all the additional weight and minutes that fall to the young players still standing. They're in the midst of a pretty concentrated part of the schedule, with a couple lengthly road trips. They're likely pretty spent in general. I kind of expected them to hit this kind of threshold under the circumstances. It may put more pressure on Pettersson in the sense that he's facing a steady diet of the top shutdown units of the opposition, particularly on the road where the opposition can dictate matchups with the last change - but I think the overall difficulty in scoring is a cumulative effect that I don't necessarily expect to get much better until they gain their veteran shutdown centers and thereby a second scoring line (assuming Horvat and the rest of the forwards still standing remain healthy lol).
  5. depends on the situation on some levels. one thing Hutton has - is a beast of a heavyweight partner who wrecks people down low, clears the front of the net, etc. Pouliot has been playing with solid guys like Stecher and now Tanev, but none of them have the weight that a guy like Edler does. I'm looking at DP in the context of trying to handle essentially 1a minutes, with a finesse shutdown partner = no easy task by any stretch.
  6. right. obsessing over a whipping boy. what a life! I'll try to contain the envy.
  7. lol - can't be bothered to read beyond these two laughable words. cheers 'bud'
  8. haha. Clutterbuck is an elite milkhotdog.
  9. perhaps one of their worst games of the year - and really it's a one goal game, with a b.s. kick in and a pair of garbage goals. whatever. it's a back to back, in game 20 of a depleted grind.....young guys must be spent.
  10. you guys make a litterbox of every GDT.
  11. think longer term not only Edler, but Juolevi and Hughes will make you feel a lot better. Pouliot and Hutton are very good 3/4 guys.
  12. if it gives you the illusion of feeling better about yourself....
  13. Still one shot away from being right in this game. who's gonna take it?