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  1. I like Biech too, but I'm not a fan of attempts to assess a player on a few reductive stats. Ppg is always worth looking at in context - some teams have half a dozen ppg players, others none. Western Michigan was not a high scoring team - 33 pts in 40 games doesn't necessarily tell us much. Also not a fan of the idea that 'based on pGPS, 1.8% of comparables went on to be NHL regulars'. These kind of metrics give you next to no idea of the actual translatability of the player's skillset/attributes - a relatively meaningless statistic and essentially claim. He was the 2nd highest scorer on a relatively low-scoring but pretty good college team. Stecher's college numbers wouldn't blow people away either - college production alone does not necessarily indicate a player's potential or eventual production. Anyhow, the Canucks amateur scouting obviously saw some things they liked - and like you point out, he could help Utica immediately.
  2. Yeah, Boeser sure as hell doesn't look like a guy that just turned 20 years old - he has a sky-is-the-limit kind of ceiling. Labate works hard but he's going to be in tough. Sedin, Sedin, Horvat, Eriksson, Sutter, Granlund, Baertschi, Boeser, Goldobin, Boucher, Rodin? = 11 potential top 9, at least 10. Gaunce, Dorsett, possibly Virtanen, Chaput = that's 15 forwards, (possibly 13 if we assume Rodin isn't back or healthy and Virtanen is in Utica) Still leaves players like Skille, Shore, Megna out of the question - if any of these depth guys come back.... or should a guy like Dahlen come over and push his way in. I think realistically, Labate is near Megna around the 17/18 spot - if the team is at all healthy - but Megna did start this year in that range on the depth chart and the ridiculous M.A.S.H. season opened that many spots up, so who knows. But even with Hansen and Burrows moved, there is still a fair amount of viable depth to compete with.
  3. Yep. Like you say: Boeser played 2.02 of the last 6:34, a full one minute shift after the 5:34 mark and his last shift ended with 2:24 remaining. Boucher played 2:37 of the final 7, including a 1:37 shift ending with 2:48 remaining in the game. http://www.nhl.com/stats/shiftcharts?id=2016021120
  4. Yeah, we can certainly agree there. I've never really seen a good source regarding the Coiler rumours.
  5. No one got a shift in the last 20 minutes. http://www.nhl.com/stats/shiftcharts?id=2016021120 Willie is an idiot.
  6. I'm not sure I agree with this - and it might actually depend upon who you replace Price with - but regardless, a goaltender simply cannot be expected to propel a bad team like the New Jersey Devils into the playoffs. Judging a goaltender on this basis is a recipe for having no idea how good that goaltender may actually be. Dubnyk never managed to get Edmonton into the playoffs, therefore Dubnyk is judged to be no good. Bobrovsky makes the playoffs 1 of 5 seasons in Columbus = Bobrovsky is no good. A pair of present top 5 goaltenders in the league. Obviously does not work that way.
  7. I'd ask myself why would WD play Goldobin with Sutter and the most obvious thing that comes to mind would be that he might be best suited to shelter him - or develop the other side of Goldobin's game. Why would he not want to play Goldobin with the Sedins? What jumps to mind is that line getting absolutely owned - particularly on the road - without the puck/in their own end of the ice. I don't know - some people feel that experimenting and failing isn't a problem, and I'd tend to agree - Goldobin with the Sedins or a Sedin might have their moments, but are you setting them up to fail? Maybe - and the type of group the Jets have might not be the best time to test that matchup? Goldobin with Horvat/Baertschi might seem another option, but really, there are no ideal situations in the present. Sutter, ideally, forms a shutdown line - but presently, he's got Labate and Goldobin, so they do their best. Breaking up the Baertschi Horvat combination doesn't really seem like a sound idea, particularly when they have the luxury of being able to vet Boeser there and get him some solid minutes - and he probably has a more developed game than Goldobin despite giving up a year. And then there's the in-game matter of losing Stecher, which broke up the 4th line and leaves Desjardins with one less bottom six - against a heavy, physical team like Winnipeg, in their building, playing the 3rd game in 4 nights with a makeshift lineup. They're also trying to find minutes for Boucher (nearly 15 tonight) - when I look at that makeshift forward group, it's not really an easy one to patch together. They don't really have a matchup line, and they didn't really have a fourth line tonight - I thought WD's improvisations were pretty good under the circumstances. Granlund, Hansen, Eriksson, Dorsett, Burrows.... I'm actually surprised, continue to be surprised, that the team looks as respectable as it does.
  8. No scout, pro or amateur, would judge a player in a team sport by their team's ability to make the playoffs. So I had to edit your post to I as opposed to "we", because I can't imagine there being a "we" - you're really just speaking for yourself of course.
  9. 6 of one Chris. The deal took place with NJ about to pick - the Canucks knew Horvat was on the board - they dealt Schneider for Horvat. Not sure how you see it otherwise.
  10. We have no grit back there without Gud and Sbeezus. Why down on Luca?
  11. What's suspicious though. The organization called 'uncle' - and reasonably so. Desjardins has never had a problem playing young guys - as long as they show the signs of being ready. Hutton was a rookie top 4. Stecher ditto. Tryamkin likewise. Horvat a teen top 6. Granlund a top 6 in his first full season here. Baertschi earned it in about a half season. I'm not surprised to see Boeser getting minutes - he's a hell of a player, a quick study, he takes care of his responsibilities at both ends of the ice, knows where to be - it doesn't really take long to realize how intelligent and developed he is as a player.
  12. Hutton seems to be gaining more of that confidence he had as a rookie.
  13. some guys are ready, some are not? Stecher, Boeser = ready. Others need a little more conditioning, coaching, seasoning.