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  1. how so? It's business - that's all. Arbitration, negotiation whatever - nothing silly or humiliating about it.
  2. Dallas gonna regress hard this year.
  3. Not exactly a 'modern' D / analytics darling. Odd choice of signings for the young GM wizkid. Will be interesting to see what a great coach like Tippett can get out of him.
  4. Can't be bothered to read. Undoubtedly a waste of time.
  5. ah, speakin' of throwbacks, you don't see many Bucky Dent types anymore. who chokes up anymore? and that hunchback stance... vintage.
  6. Not the city, pffttt.....the hockey team. (Otherwise I'm guessing you're about 14 yrs old...or have a short memory.)
  7. EE sports a serious upper cut, period.
  8. G-zus that's some awfully strong koolaid you got yourself into. He hasn't been proven guilty - but knowing absolutely nothing, you're suggesting the equal and opposite ignorance to assuming his guilt.
  9. yeah, what's 50 or so K for a guy that may not have much of an NHL career? (probably worth it).
  10. To take a play from your book - that's been covered already.
  11. Aha. I'm just wreckin' with you apollo. You both invite it and generally take it really well. (But it's true - virtually no one outside Puck will know what you're talking about). Also - if everything you post is a joke, maybe don't take the responses too seriously.
  12. Virtually no one out here - in the forums - have any idea what you're going on about apollo and probably don't care. Might want to save the weak trash talk for our fantasy thread - and good luck with that btw.
  13. That's a great point that makes complete sense.
  14. Not really a report - it's Kuzma guessing what may be in the cards for him - not as though he's pretending to have any source updating him with any real information.