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  1. Hmmm. I wonder if Oiler fans would feel the same way about this deal now? Look at what Larsson and Klefbom have done this year and ask yourself if Edmonton is as good a team with Taylor Hall? Not a good year for 'analytics' guys like Yost - rekt himself on this deal.
  2. I can see how some posters mistook that wall of text for an OP and not a quote of an 'article'. You have to ask yourself - 'who would publish this crap?' An article titled 'Don't believe anything so and so says..."? Really? Right of the start it sounds like a he said/she said squabble. We already had the Province and the Sun. This market really doesn't need any more hack media - but to their credit, CA is fitting right in.
  3. are you sober Drew? what did that post have to do with Aquilini, on any level?
  4. Wise Owl was right - Subban not being recalled has nothing to do with Desjardins. It wasn't Desjardins decision to make who's recalled from Utica. That's Benning's call and it has everything to do with who Green recommends.
  5. Oh SNAP!
  6. Duh. Of course you would whiff on the point. Potato.is.the.point. Derp. Too many mashed for you.
  7. I liked how sincerely excited he is. Will bring that energy/enthusiasm on his end - not entirely unlike players stepping up to the next level. Also has a pretty good working knowledge of other team's prospect pools via AHL. Antithesis of a cyncical, lazy ass veteran that didn't show for practice (Torture-fella). Come to think of it, Tortorella wanted Burrows bought out - so much for the 'rebuild' or Dahlen - a lesson that sometimes you don't dump everyone and everything asap to tear it down. Also, ironically, couldn't be bothered to have a single conversation with Green in his year in Vancouver... Full circle.
  8. I en yeah - it sounds like Lowry might not be the guy for Utica.
  9. That was a hell of a presser imo. You can see what Green brings there from an interaction standpoint - he's got presence, engaged, perceptive as hell - quick and fluid thinker - balanced perspective - driven - obviously a good listener as well as able to express himself clearly. Has been gunning for this job for a long time - and waited for his opportunity - to the point he's knocking the door down. Trusted that his hard work and loyalty would be rewarded. Linden and Benning clearly had no intention otherwise. . Pretty evident that this was their succession plan for some time I'm really looking forward to seeing what Green can do with this group (and the guys on the way).
  10. Exactly. That's why 'rebuild' is really not a very good word when you think about it - and really, it is just semantics - and relatively pointless. Transition was perfectly fine. Of course there is room for improvement. When you turn over 19 of 23 spots on your roster, you depend on the improvement of those young players. 3 or 4 old parts? Even the popular mechanics model of the proper rebuild - the 'tear down' / 'just do it like the Leafs' still have guys like this throughout their lineup: Bozak (31) Komarov (30) Polak (30) Hunwick (31) Fehr (31) Boyle (32) Sedin Sedin (no point debating why/whether they are here imo) Edler (31) Eriksson (31) That's it. There is the team that allegedly did not 'rebuild' vs the one that did, that tore it all down.... But but Matthew and Nylander.... But but this team's high pick are on the way. There may not be a Matthews in this draft (and we may fall to 5th again - who knows) but aside from a few high picks already in the Leafs lineup (and I'd love to see where the Leafs would have finished with 450 games lost this year) - aside from Matthews, the differences in these lineups is not as striking as people may fear - and this team hasn't exactly busted their picks in recent drafts. We may have had the misfortune of losing Tryamkin for the time being - but there is no shortage of young talent in this team's system, despite your honda civic analogy.
  11. Gotta say - that interview that Kenward did with Green was very good. He asks good questions. He may not be a 'video personality' (certainly does not present as slick) but Kenward goes about his job like an old school pro - the interview is entirely about the interviewee. Sad that it's the case, but there aren't a lot of those guys left in media.
  12. That right there is precisely the disposition this team's coach needs to take with the Van media. I absolutely love that shot. Anyone know who they're looking at.
  13. Bryan McCabe would be right there alongside Ehrhoff in my books.
  14. "Shanaplan". Wadr I think you're missing a significant aspect of this 'criticism' = the tongue in cheek references to a "proper rebuild" and "stockpiling picks" - and the endless tire-pumping (hey, you're obviously new around here so perhaps aren't really aware of how overdone that's been on these boards) - vs the irony of renting a veteran 4C at this stage. I'm quite aware of what Babcock has done with a talented young group - but I'm also quite aware that there remain holes in their lineup, particularly on their blueline (they could definitely stand to add more blueline prospects to their system, which should be their focus imo as opposed to spending futures on a bottom six forward rental) - and that despite a playoff appearance, they're far from finished, far from a contender, and haven't completed any rebuild. Btw, this is a Canuck forum - trash talking the Leafs is our birthright. And if you're not a new fan, you've got to be aware of all the bad blood between these franchises. I find it funny how sensitive some folks are though about their Leafs - on a Canuck forum.
  15. Bonus points to management - I love who this signing has angered and disappointed.