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  1. Just planting the seed with the player that you're interested and in the market for them.   May even impact their willingness to re-up with a team if they are dealt before the deadline, having an idea who is interested come July 1st.  Spending serious assets on the other hand...no.
  2. Reductive alien. The question is not what your planet can do for you, but what you can do for your planet.
  3. Your starting lineup of Canucks who were traded

    Lol at the Hodgsons and Grabners. Pretty obvious who the kids are.
  4. I wouldn't worry too much about it. It's Dreger.  He's a garbage source where this team is concerned.
  5. I think aside from what you're attempting to look at - with the forwards in particular there is more to their specific contexts. Higgins - injury mitigates it.  Player is not healthy - teams don't want to commit a roster spot.  Higgins had two fairly serious injuries this year and hasn't really been up to speed from day 1. Can be to the advantage of the waiving team - the timing - allows them to assign and retain the asset with the potential of dealing them or recalling them later if/when they regain their game.   Similar dynamic with a guy like Kassian that teams were unsure of, cleared, but then was dealt once he was in the A. Prust - ditto.  Won't be surprised if he is flipped closer to the deadline. Weber - undersized upside D who isn't bringing the upside. Not surprised there were no claims.  A lot of comparable D cleared waivers this season.   In addition - literally half the league is on the bubble - uncertain whether they're buying or selling and waiting to see their team's performances in the crucial coming stretch.  
  6. But what UFA would ever want to come here if they do sell a veteran for futures? And after what we just did to Weber and Prust? OMGM the optics!
  7. Yes.  And management has historically been equally defeatist. 'Meh, why bother selling any assets - we can't draft anyway.' What will the Canucks do this year? Meh, I'm leaning towards giving up and e-moping on a hockey forum.    
  8. My wager: Peyton in for another world of hurt.   Carolina's pass rush dictates that he has to get rid of the ball in a hurry - Peyton doesn't have the time / is unable to exploit the Panthers' secondary.  Can Denver's O-line protect the immoblie old guy?  I'm betting no.  If Denver fails to handle the pressure - as they did against Seattle - or if Carolina scores on D as they have the previous few weeks, this could get downright ugly. Cam and the balanced running/air attack just too much for the Broncos D to hold off all day.  The Broncos D probably need to come up with a score or two, or at least a couple key turnovers and field position....I don't think they'll manage to do so. Denver's D keeps it respectable, but this one's all Carolina regardless, with the distinct possibility of a blowout.
  9. CDC Puck 2015/2016

    Bring back the minus. and....  
  10. [Waivers] Yannick Weber

    Imagine that. Bottom six forwards and 6/7th D that lost their spots to other players. How humiliating for the GM. This stuff simply doesn't happen to every team in the NHL.   Just the Vancouver Canucks.
  11. [Waivers] Yannick Weber

    Nope. You're trying too hard here without bothering to reference the facts.  If you'e talking costs to ownership - there is absolutely no cost added there - both of them have identical 2 million salaries this season. http://stats.nhlnumbers.com/player_stats/1077-prust-brandon http://stats.nhlnumbers.com/player_stats/1644-kassian-zack GMs can't be expected to Nostradamus injuries like those Prust and Higgins sustained. Weber's contract is splitting hairs.  He scored 11 goals last year but isn't the same player.  The cost of doing business. Complaining about Vrbata's cap his is a stretch - that was an excellent, arguably below market value signing - he left money on the table in order to play with the Sedins.  Scored 30 goals last year and helped 'ownership' enjoy the gates of some playoff home games. 
  12. [Waivers] Yannick Weber

    Actually qwib, what you did was lump a handful of guys, including Burrows, into your waiver wire crap bundle - and here you are ironically riding a laughable contradiction - crying some crocodile tears over the perception of how this team is treating veterans - vets you refer to as waiver wire junk. Which way would you like to have it? I support the decisions to waive Weber and Prust.  Yannick has been outplayed by Biega.   Prust hasn't performed since his ankle injury - may return an asset in a few weeks if he can evidence he's healthy.
  13. [Waivers] Yannick Weber

    Considering they weren't claimed by anyone, I'm not concerned to wonder how pending FAs might view these moves.   Grownups understand the nature of a competitive business like this - and sometimes new/other players merit roster spots. Your attempt to stir something out of nothing (with an ironic contradiction thrown in) = fail.  
  14. [Waivers] Yannick Weber

    LOL. From the guy that refers to these assets repeatedly as waiver wire garbage with no value whenever they're included in Habs proposals - now here to defend the honour of veterans who've lost their spots to injuries or youth.   That's rich qwib.  You never fail to entertain/agitate.